Open Classes for Adults & Teens

  • Monday evenings, 6:00 – 10:00
  • Tuesday evenings 6:00 – 10:00 (except 2nd Tuesday)
  • Thursday evenings 6:00 – 8:30 Kid Krafts (adults welcome till 10:00)

Open Kids Krafts Classes

  • Thursday afternoons 1:00 – 3:30
  • Thursday evenings 6:00 – 8:30

Kids Krafts Workshops

  • Sunday, June 11th 2:30 – 5:00 Garden Critters, cost $15
  • Friday, June 30th 6:00 – 8:00 Mommy & Me Tea Party, cost $15/pair
  • others TBA on open Fridays

Clay Club

Select Friday evenings @ 6:00, cost $25 per project

  • 6/23 build cabbage rose flower
  • 7/7 glaze cabbage rose flower
  • 7/14 build ugly fish
  • 7/28 glaze ugly fish
  • 8/4 build spider
  • 8/8 glaze spider
  • 8/25 build garden ball
  • 9/8 glaze garden ball

Summer Workshops

Sunday afternoons 1:00 – 5:00; repeated Wednesday evening 6:00 – 10:00, cost $20.00

  • 6/17 & 6/21 Paint Your Own Fairy House (Fashenhues)
  • 6/25 & 6/28 French Quarter Watercolor
  • 7/2 & 7/5 Sunflower Plate
  • 7/9 & 7/12 Garden Turtle (Fashenhues)
  • 7/16 & 7/19 Singing Bluebird Plate
  • 7/23 & 7/26 Old World Santas (Fashenhues)
  • 7/30 & 8/2 Butterfly Wings
  • 8/6 & 8/9 Sapphire Shimmer & Metallic Magic (glazes)
  • 8/13 & 8/16 Pumpkins & Mums platter
  • 8/20 & 8/23 Halloween Silkscreens
  • 8/27 & 8/30 Mr. & Mrs. Pilgrim Mouse

NOTE: All scheduled workshops have been posted on Facebook and an Event has been created. If you are on my Carousel Creations Group List you should have received an invitation to each event. They are also being posted on local Buy-Sell-Trade pages closer to the time of the event. Always make sure I know that you are coming so we have enough pieces ready. It takes a week — a day to pour, a day to clean, and a day to fire if nothing else is happening.

There are too many posters to put here. So I will make a tab called summer workshops for all the posters. click here:  Summer Workshops

Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

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What’s Up Doc?

We haven’t been blogging for a while but you can watch what’s going on by checking out the Facebook page.

Here’s what’s  happening now:

  1. Garden critters —  A  popular item this time of year. We have frogs, turtles, raccoons, rabbits, geese, and more to come. They can be painted in stains or glazes.
  2. Stepping stones — These go nicely in the garden, too. We recently had a Fashenhues workshop with the stepping stones as that technique brings out the fine details.
  3. Fairy Houses — We have the soft mushroom house and the Nibble Nook Mouse House from before. We just picked up two Teapot Fairy Houses at the show. And there are lots of little critters and accessories (such as a picket fence and a bridge) to put in your garden. We also have a set of three fairies but the scale is different than our fairy houses.
  4. Kitchen Accessories  — click this link to see pictures. In the Kitchen We have been pouring and making samples of scrubby (SOS) holders, baking soda shakers (for the fridge), and spoon rests. Yet to come are napkin holders and salt & pepper shakers.
  5. Tea Sets — Scheduled for last week but we had no power for several days and didn’t get the pouring done. The Mommy & Me Tea Party will be rescheduled soon. Watch for it!
  6. Power Rangers Super Hero This workshop is scheduled for tomorrow night. Due to busy baseball schedules we are also repeating the workshop next Tuesday. Still time to sign up.
  7. Star Trek & Other Super Heroes — We have been making R2D2 mugs, Captain Jane way “coffee” mugs, C3PO and Darth Vader magnets, and YSU planetarium penguins for the USS Renegade (the Youngstown area Star Trek Club). Of course, anyone can make these for themselves during class.
  8. Bathroom — We are still working on it. There seem to be so many other interruptions but one of these days we will have a bright, carousel-themed, handicapped bathroom just inside the mud room. When it’s done we will have a celebration!

Here’s what’s coming soon:

  • Clay Club — This is where Kids of all Ages will make critters and decorations out of clay. We do not use a wheel for this, but rather Clay Puzzling molds for the basic shapes, then accessorize. See the tab “CLAY” for some pictures.
  • New Molds — We ordered include the Dogwood Cross, Penguin Tree, and Top Hat. They should be here in about six weeks.
  • Spring Workshops — These will include some of the pieces we did at the Midwest Ceramic Show last month. Watch for announcements coming soon.

Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

  CC logoThere’s lots of new stuff going on.
If you don’t see what you want, check out the
catalog and ask Jim  to pour it for you.

Duncan 0071P baking soda bearAnd we are waiting patiently for some of our
former students to come out of winter hibernation!

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New Page: Club David Projects

Please check out the new page for ideas of projects we can do in class. Club David Projects

Here are a few of them

Carousel Creations
Where having FUN is why we come!

CC logoPlease let us know which workshops you would be interested in.



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MCS17 Purchases


  • Ann Original SANTA PLATE (open pour) 9″ bisque $7.50
  • Clay Magic 3951 CHARMING TEAPOT FAIRY HOUSE, 8″ T x 9″ W, bisque $16.00
  • Clay Magic 3952 ENCHANTED TEAPOT FAIRY HOUSE, 11″ T x 8″ W, bisque $16.00


  • Clay Magic 1824 & 1825 PENGUIN TREE, 14″ T, bisque $35.00 (ordered)
  • Creative Paradise 3688 DOGWOOD CROSS 11.5″, bisque $10.00 (ordered)


  • large tree lights & medium stars
  • football decals (more teams) & mini tea-set decals
  • brushes
  • clay puzzling molds & mats
  • 11″ bisque coupe dinner plates & medium brown stain
  • Fashenhues metallic opaque paints

We will also be making a supply run to Ohio Ceramic Supply in Ravenna within the next few weeks. If there is something you need that we might not have in stock, please let us know as soon as possible.

Carousel Creations
Where having FUN is why we come!

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We try to have all the supplies on hand
that you need to complete your pieces.

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MCS17 Classes

We attended seven classes at the Midwest Ceramic Show last week. Laura Gilbert, who is one of our students, attended the show and also took a class. This post shows what we made. Watch for upcoming workshops on all of these projects.


Sunflower Plate is a Duncan Certification Workshop taught by Dru Woodward.  The background is a light blue satin glaze which we applied before the design. After we traced the design onto the ware, we painted it using underglazes. Mine is on the left and will be more brilliant after it is fired.  This was painted on a 16″ plate but the designs can be put onto any plain piece — a smaller plate, bowls, vases, teapots, and so on. (Carol took this class.)

French Quarter Watercolor wine cooler is also a Duncan Certification class taught by Dru Woodward. This design was painted with E-Z strokes onto a plain piece of bisque. Mine is waiting for the kiln. After firing, it will be clear glazed on the outside and color glazed on the inside. This was a lot easier to do than expected. For example, did you know that you can paint your buildings solid and then erase the windows with a white pencil eraser? (Carol took this class.)


Bass Fish Advanced Fashenhues Class. This class showed us how to use metallic paints and blending to obtain gradual shading between colors. I purchased a complete set of 23 Fashenhues opaque metallic colors to supplement the few that we have from Duncan. Metallic stains are not wiped back and can be used with our inventory of Duncan opaque colors as well as with the Fashenhues. No, I do not have the fish mold. However,  we can teach this technique on another piece. (Carol took this class.)

Fashenhues metallic turtle WS MCS17


Garden Turtle Advanced Fashenhues Class. This class also used metallic paints which were applied with a sponge and blended to achieve this unique design. This turtle is a little different than ours but the technique will work just as well on ours.


Lauras dogwood cross


Basic Beginners Fashenhues Class. Ruth Ann Jackson Perkins is our distributor and the one whose classes I attend. She offers an assortment of crosses and of fairy houses in her beginner Fashenhues class. Laura Gilbert attended this class and this is her Dogwood Cross. Yes, I ordered the mold.  We will offer this workshop at the end of June after the mold comes in. Watch for it.


Clay Club

Clay Flower Workshop with Michael Harbridge. Carol took this workshop last year (left) but her flower blew up in the kiln. What the flower is supposed to look like when finished is in the center. And then there is Jim’s flower that he made on Friday. It will not be dry enough to fire for another week. Then he will add color by glazing and refire it.

Clay Puzzling with Michael Harbridge. In this technique you press clay into two-piece molds to get your basic shapes. It eliminates the need for a pottery wheel. Then you embellish the molded piece with additional clay.

Jim made a fish and Carol made a spider. However, they are not quite finished and are currently wrapped in plastic so they don’t dry out.  Above are some pictures from Michael’s Facebook page.

Here are the clay puzzling molds that we purchased. You can see the small ball opened on the lower right corner. The clay puzzling tools show some leaf mats and an extruder. We bought some pattern mats last year to use on the flowers and have some other tools for modeling.



Here is a picture of open weave garden balls that are made with puzzling molds. Instead of inserting solid pieces of clay you use long
“snakes” that you roll with your hands. These can be made with the same molds.



clipart The Clay Club

We expect the kids will especially enjoy playing with clay.  So plan on a clay workshop Friday evenings at least once a month.  Jim will be teaching these classes and Carol will assist as needed.  Class size is limited to eight due to the space required and number of molds available.

Carousel Creations
Where having FUN is why we come!

CC logoEach year at the show we learn something new.
Just so we can bring it back to you.




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MCS17 Competition Awards

The Midwest Ceramic Show was held at the Butler County Fairgrounds near Dayton, Ohio on Friday, April 21 and Saturday, April 22, 2017. Pictured below are the entries and ribbons won by our students.

Carol Warneke, Classification Senior Professional, Category B-1 glaze combination. Carol’s basket teapot won the subdivision, the category, the best of classification, Best of Show, and the Peggy Award. The Peggy (vase) is the highest professional award in the fired arts industry.

Bianca Rumbalski, age 2, Classification Preschool, Category B-3 art or crystal glaze. Bianca’s small leaf dish  won the subdivision, the category, and the classification.

Judy Collingwood, Classification Handicapped, Category C-2 opaque underglaze. Judy’s ladybug sneaker planter won the subdivision, the category, and the classification.

As shown in the photo, all three won ribbons and trophies.  Congratulations!

rabbit Gail MSC17

Gail Esker, Classification Senior Citizen, Category B-4 one glaze. Her rabbit won first in the subdivision, and second in the category.

Laura Gilbert, Classification Amateur, Category D-1 opaque stains, her Carousel giraffe won 1st in the subdivision and her Lead Carousel Horse won 2nd in the subdivision. Category D-6A stains, dry brushing animals, her eagle picture and her lion family both won 2nd place subdivision ribbons.

First Award Ribbons went to the following painters for excellence in their subdivision:

  • Sheryl Wilder, Classification Novice, category I-2 holiday, for her Grandma Bunny
  • Bonnie Channels, Classification Senior Citizen, category C-2 opaque underglaze for her Snowman People
  • Tona Warneke, Classification Amateur, category D-2 translucent stains for her harvest jar (done in Fashenhues)
  • Carol Warneke, Classification Professional, Category C-1 translucent underglazes for her child’s dinnerware (silkscreened)

Second Award Ribbons went to the following:

  • Bonnie Channels, Classification Senior Citizen, category D-6A opaque stains dry brush animals for her owl clock
  • Kazik Rumbalski, Classification Junior High, category D-1 opaque stains for his chocolate bunny
  • Zofia Rumbalski, Classification Elementary 4-6, category B-3 art or crystal glaze for her medium leaf dish
  • Gail Esker, Classification Amateur, category B-2 glaze combination for her garden turtle
  • Deana Warneke, Classification Amateur, category D-1 opaque stains, for her fairy
  • Carol Warneke, Classification Professional, category D-1opaque stains, for her harlequin clown

Third Award Ribbons went to the following:

  • Jen Williams, Classification Amateur, Category B-3 Art or crystal glaze, for her garden frog.
  • Alice Morey, Classification Senior Citizen, category C-2opaque underglazes for her cat ashtray
  • Deana Warneke, Classification Amateur, category D-2 translucent stains for her God Bless American plaque (Fashenhues)
  • Carol Warneke, Classification Professional, category D-11 lace/fabric draping for her Dottie figurine
  • Lesa Rumbalski, Classification Novice, category B-1 glaze combination for her heart dish

We are very pleased to report that all
entries from Carousel Creations won ribbons.
Way to go Carousel Team!

cake from Laura MCS17.jpgThose who came to class Monday night celebrated with
this lovely cake brought by Laura Gilbert. Thank you so much.

[Please note that corrections were made the next day to typing errors and
errors in classification and categories. All awards were as originally stated.]

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Page Update

Looking for animals to put in your yard?
See Woodland Animals for frogs, turtles, deer, raccoons, squirrels & chipmunks, and realistic rabbits. Page updated this morning. We also have stepping stones, comical critters (Ziggy the Chameleon and Droogie the Dragonfly), bird & butterfly houses, and statues.

ALSO NOTE: We are back from the Midwest Ceramic Show. We entered a rabbit, turtle, and frog that all won ribbons! Watch for the upcoming post.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?
Simply type into the search box on the first page when you go to the website. It will give you all the pages that have that item, including both catalog pages and blogs.

Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

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So come on over and make something for your yard.
These are easy enough for the kids
(and adults who think they can’t paint)!

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