Fall 2017 Workshop Schedule

Regular Adult Workshops are Wednesday evenings.

However, we can repeat the activity on Monday at our Open Class or schedule a special time for your group on Thursday evening.  Teens are welcome. All classes are 6:00 – 10:00 p.m.  Workshops are $20 unless stated otherwise. Open Class is $5.00 + the cost of your bisque. Snacks & drinks are provided at all classes and workshops when available.

Date Nights are the First Saturday

Workshops are scheduled for couples (teens and adults) They are $25.00 for both people unless stated otherwise. If you choose to make something other than the featured items it is $10.00 + the cost of your bisque. Snacks & drinks are provided at all classes and workshop when available.

Kids Krafts are Friday evenings

The scheduled workshop is a featured activity but kids (3 to 93 years old) may use the time as an Open Class and work on something else. All classes are 6:00 – 8:00 but older kids may stay longer if needed to complete their project.  Most younger kids do not have the attention span to work longer than this. Many projects can be done by preschoolers buy they will need assistance. Workshops are $10 unless stated otherwise. Open Class is $5.00 + the cost of your bisque. Snacks & drinks are provided at all classes and workshops when available.

Note: Pictures and posters will be available later. You can find most of these items in the catalog — just pull down the catalog tab on the menu bar.

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Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

September 1
Leaf dish Crystal glaze
September 2
Duncan chess set Glazes
September 6
Apples of Autumn bowl or plate Club David underglaze
September 8
Cute Critters stain
September 13
Fall harvest jar Fashenhues
September 15 KIDS KRAFTS Little Witches  
September 20
Wine & cheese board
(on cutting board)
David Hoff WS
September 22 KIDS KRAFTS Football player or cheerleader small $10.00; Smiley $15.00 stains
September 27
Button-jointed witch Stains, buttons, strings
September 29 KIDS KRAFTS Halloween Jar lid covers stains
October 4
Fall inserts Fashenhues
October 6
Pumpkin head kids or skeleton babies stains
October 7
Beer steins Underglaze
October 11
Soft ghost or turkey stains
October 13
Pumpkin cup glazes
October 18
Witches boot Stain & flowers
October 20
Nutcracker candle holder stains
October 25
Sunflower plate Duncan WS
underglaze over matte
October 27
Shell soap dish or fish dish glaze
November 1
Indian angel Fashenhues
November 3
Turkey bowl or s/p Glaze
November 4
Pilgrim mouse boy & girl stains
November 8
Baked potato bowl or corn bowl glaze
November 10
Indian toby mug underglaze
November 15
fruit basket teapot Multiple glazes
  (optional pitcher, etc.)  
November 17
Bells that ring Silkscreen & clear glaze or use colored or crystal glazes.
November 22
Holiday hat silkscreens
November 24
Nightlight tree $15.00 glaze
November 29
Music box soft tree Stains
December 1
Santa or Snowman tea stack $10 OR Snowman Snack Stack $15 underglaze
December 2
Pair of large elves stains
  Hershey 0188
December 6
Bell plate underglaze
December 8
Santa cookie plate underglaze
December 13
Old World Santa Fashenhues
December 15
Santa with Bag stains
December 20
Ornament Sale  stains
December 22
Ornament sale stains
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Caroler Set

Featured Item

Holland 0683 to 0690 Caroler Set (CC)This is the Holland Caroler Set 0683 to 0690. The molds are on the pouring table right now for three orders. If you want to make this let me know while the molds are still out. This is our sample, painted with Fashenhues. Bisque is $30.00 per set or $40.00 cut out with light kit. Please specify whether to cut out the windows when ordering.  [Laura, Gail, & Joanne — cut out?]

Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

CC logo

Other holiday sets will become  featured items in the next few weeks!

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Link fixed


Some of you have noticed that the Oh Tannenbaum link [Oh Tannenbaum] took you to the wrong page. It has now been fixed. Translated “Oh, Christmas Tree” , it is where you will find all our trees. Please order your trees as early as possible.

Also, please inform me of any other problems with links, errors in presentation, or missing items. Only with your feedback can we make corrections. Thank you.

Next Week

  • Sunday @ 1:00 Pumpkins & Mums WS $20
  • Monday @ 6:00 Open Class (limited seating)
  • Tuesday @ 1:00 Carousel Center visit # 3 (painting Baby Ziggy)
  • Wednesday @ 1:00 Community Skilled Nursing in Warren (Make-A-Mug)
  • Wednesday @ 6:00 Pumpkins & Mums WS $20; Open Class (limited seating)
  • Thursday @ 6:00 Kids Krafts ($10) with Gateway Residents (Make-A-Mug) [full]


We have been busy pouring and painting the Football Trees. Joanne is working on her Steelers tree. I painted three Steelers trees and a Browns tree for an order. And then started on an Ohio State tree.  We have two more in greenware which I will paint for other orders as soon as they are fired. Remember, you (or I) can paint any logo on the tree. We have several team decals available  — however,  if you use a decal the tree must be fired two more times. I painted my trees with stains and painted the logos myself, tracing a picture I found on the web.

Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

CC logoSo come on over, paint a pumpkin picture, or order a tree.
Gets you out of the house, away from the chores and the kids.
It’s less expensive than therapy and,
I’m told, even cheaper than going to Bingo!

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Football Trees

This is a recap of the Football Trees I and my students have made.  If you would like to order a finished tree they are $45.  There are decals available for some of the teams, but we usually just find a logo on clipart, print it out, and trace with clay carbon. If you want to make your own they are $35 in bisque.



Nowell 1139 tree with cutout (scene)

The oval in this tree can also be cut out to reveal a wood-grain floor on  which you can put a small scene — a nativity, or a snowman, or a dancer, and so on.


There are many more trees available and they can be done in glaze, regular stains, or Fashenhues.  Please plan what trees you want to make this holiday season. We will try and keep up with orders as they come in, but close to Christmas we get really backed up. Oh Tannenbaum is the link.

Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

CC logo

Make a Christmas tree or two, one for a gift and one for you!

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Swan Dish with Real Gold Trim

swan dish in white with gold

Finished! Clear glaze on fired bisque; then gold on fired glaze with third firing. Easy to make something elegant. I think there’s “Seven swans a swimming…” Watch for this piece in the Twelve Weeks of Christmas Specials.

Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

What a beautiful, easy-to-make, elegant gift.
You can make it yourself!

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Twelve Weeks of Christmas coming

Here are a few of the items that will show up during our Twelve Weeks of Christmas Specials: Doves and Swans and Ladies Dancing.

Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

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You should be starting your Christmas gift
giving list now if you plan on making anything.

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Twelve Weeks of Christmas

I have been putting together a Twelve Weeks of Christmas Special using many of the ceramic bisque items in our collection.

First we will feature the Twelve Days of Christmas Bears (9/17)
Then the Twelve Days of Christmas Bell ornaments (9/24)
Both are preview item sets  as the actual 12 weeks starts on October 1st.

Twelve Weeks of Christmas — Week 1

Duncan 0230 partridge in a pear tree trivet

October 1 to 7 is the Partridge in a Pear Tree Trivet. This is a ceramic piece done in black glaze and underglazes. It sits on three small feet to keep it up off the table. A cute seasonal item that is also useful all year round for putting hot dishes on the table, it makes a nice Christmas gift for a friend. This item can be purchased finished for $12.50 or in bisque for $6.00. Colors and techniques may vary on finished pieces.  Colors to match your kitchen upon request.


These specials will be advertised on our Facebook page, in Buy-Sell-Trade ads, and on ceramic group Facebook pages. Prices stated are valid that week only and will increase by 20% following the special. Must be ordered and paid for during the week they are on special.

the last day to get the Christmas in July 20% discount
on trees is this Monday, July 31st.

Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

CC logoThis post is just a preview of what’s to come.
Watch for announcements every Sunday on this web page.






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