New Workshops

Duncan University Classes

Sheryl and Laura show off plates made at the Majolica Snowman class at Lynne’s studio in Butler.  The Aspen Leaves class was here in the studio later in October. The Country Holiday (poinsettia plate) class was taught in the studio by Duncan Ambassador, Larry Knight. Then Playful Penguins and Snowy Night were classes at Johnna’s studio is Monessen, PA. Dru Woodward, Duncan Ambassador from Florida, taught the rest of the classes as well as some Essentials classes for new teachers.

Casual Country Snowmen

four snowman platesJust a reminder that this workshop is the week after Thanksgiving. So far we have 23 painters registered.

Paint a Grinch Day!grinch cartoon for poster

This workshop is the first week in December:  Sunday 12/2 at 2:00, Monday 12/3, Wednesday 12/5, and Friday 12/7 at 6:00. Trace clipart pictures onto mugs, bowls, or plates OR paint a pair of ball ornaments OR make a lighted Grinch logo tree. Prices vary and are listed in the Facebook Event. We already have 7 signed up after posting for only 24 hours.

T-day is Tree Day! 

Tuesdays and Thursdays in December
12/4 & 6, 12/11 & 13, and 12/18 & 20. Oh Tannenbaum

  • mini tree with mini tea light
  • nightlight tree with 7.5 watt bulb
  • 7-8″ lighted trees — spruce or regular,
    green, white, and pink or blue for baby’s first tree
  • 11-12″ Holland trees, lighted or specialty
    (peppermint, candy cane, gingerbread, gingerbread man, princess)
  • soft trees, one with music box
  • logo tree for military, sports, or holiday theme or cutout for nativity scene
  • 15, 16, 19, 22″ large trees — poured to order only
  • snowman tree and penguin tree
  • Christmas tree salt & pepper shakers
  • tree or holly candy dishes
  • stack tree lighter & ashtray set

clipart Christmas tree

You can work on trees anytime.
But these days are set up just for trees,
especially for new students.

Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!




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November workshops

Wow! November is next week already!
Here is a reminder of our upcoming workshops.

Country Holiday Poinsettia Plate

poinsettia plateDuncan Ambassador Larry Knight is teaching this Duncan U course for us on Sunday, November 4th at 2:00. Cost is $35.00 including the bisque. Please let me know if you are coming and whether you want the Bell Plate OR the Oval Platter OR an 11″ round Dinner Plate.



The African American CollectionAfrican American Collection WS posterWe are introducing our African American Collection
with this workshop on the SATURDAY before Thanksgiving.


Casual Country Snowmen


We will be teaching this workshop created by David Hoff the week of November 25th:
Sunday 11/25 at 2:00; Monday 11/26, Wednesday 11/28 , & Friday 11/29 at 6:00.
There are quite a few who have responded “interested” but I need a definite answer and also need to know which day you are coming. We have already purchased two cases of plates but will need to order more to accommodate everyone who is interested.

Carol’s Carousel
Where having Fun is why we come!

Come to one of our November workshops
and get a head start on your Christmas gifts.

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Game Room Update

pool tableWe decided to go ahead and get rid of our pool table since it only gets used for storage these days. All the kids and grandkids are grown and the greats are too little to use it.  Those of you who have walked through the game room to get to the studio know just how much was piled on it. So I tired myself out the last couple of days moving carousels and molds and paints and books and so on. Not everything was ON the table, much was UNDER the table (and is still there), or on the floor BESIDE the table (on the ends). We advertised on Facebook and had about a dozen inquiries. I hope that the fellow coming tomorrow takes it, despite a couple of repairs that need done (mentioned in the ad). If not, I’ll go to the NIL (next in line).

We have not yet decided how to use the space but at least will have room to set up a table or two when needed. There is still some wood, bins of books, and things to be repaired that need a new home.  But things are moving along.

Back Porch

painting easter bunnyMost of the holiday decorations from the back porch have been handed out to family and friends. If you have not yet taken a look, there is still some 4th of July and Easter decorations, a bluebird set I used for August, and quite a few bird feeders. I guess it’s what folks do when they get old ~ it’s called downsizing. Fact is that I LOVE to decorate for the holidays and had one, two, or three bins for each month. But we don’t have that many visitors and it is just too much work for me to get everything out and  pack it away again. Besides, I would rather show off the ceramics that we make in our own studio. Another bonus is more room in the shed. Hmmm, wonder what I can use that for? Maybe some ceramic molds!

Carol’s Carousel
Where having Fun is why we come!

So come on over and have some fun.
Bring your friend, or daughter or son!


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Duncan U Classes

I am so excited to be having Duncan Ambassador, Dru Woodward, return to our studio. If you recall, she was here in July to teach the first half of Duncan Essentials. Here’s what we are doing with her:

  1. Saturday @ 2:00 Aspen Leaves ceramic box with glass frit. This is a Duncan U Class and CDTs will get credit towards advanced training. We are all set up and awaiting her arrival.
  2. Sunday @ 2:00 More Mandalas, dot designs on an 8″ plate. Although not a Duncan U class, this is a new technique for us using Cover Coat underglazes. We base coated our plates so they are ready to go.
  3. Sunday @ 6:00 , IADCCT charter meeting of a brand new chapter at the Austintown Denny’s Restaurant. The closest to us now is in the Toledo area. To be a member you must have completed the Duncan Essentials training and joined the national organization.

Carol’s Carousel
Where having Fun is why we come!

Bringing  in Duncan Ambassadors
gives us the opportunity to learn new techniques.

We can squeeze in a couple more seats
if anyone else wants to come.


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Page updates

Earlier today I posted the new Alberta Carousel molds that we made yesterday. After updating the page I took a look at our African American Collection and saw that it needed updates as well. Here is a collage of the pictures. Refer to the page for sizes and prices. These pieces are available now and we will be pouring bisque for the shelves.  African-American Collection

Clearer images will be posted after we get our samples made and take some pictures.

Carol’s Carousel

Where having Fun is why we come!

You might consider making some special gifts for your African American friends.
And encourage them to come make their own pieces here
or to schedule a workshop at their home or meeting place.

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New Alberta Carousel Molds

Tracie & Paul JohnstonYesterday Jim and I went to Smyrna, Delaware and learned how to pour plaster into the mold masters to make carousel molds. Tracie & Paul Johnston purchased all of the Alberta Carousel Masters and we are gradually trying to fill in our collection. Unfortunately, Tracie is off helping Florida hurricane victims but we had a great time with Paul learning his craft.

So today I added the new molds to our carousel catalog.

New Carousel Critters

We have two new horses, a camel, a rooster, and a polar bear.


Alberta 1109 Ornament Carousel Canopy & Pedestal

This carousel takes the small Alberta Carousel Ornaments. We already had the canopy, but added the pedestal and the round base. Check out the Carousel Ornaments page to see what we have that goes on this carousel.







This carousel takes the MB (music box) size carousel horses and other animals. It is shown with the center round base and first ring which holds 5 animals. The next picture has two rings (10 animals) and the last picture has three rings (17 animals). We are waiting for one last mold to be shipped (after election day but before Christmas). Then we can pour this for you. You may have seen the carousel Jim and I made many years ago sitting on the pool table. It has two rings ~ we bought the greenware for it and the animals at Red Barn (which is no longer in business).


He we have the Organ Grinder with his Monkey and the Balloon Man.
Alberta has a few other accessories as well, such as a man & woman on a bench and a ticket booth. We will probably add those molds later.

Carol’s Carousel
Where having Fun is why we come!

So come on over and make a carousel ~ for yourself or for a gift.
Or buy a gift certificate for a friend to come and make their own.

Come and Ride the Carousel poem


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We just added four more new silkscreens to our collection: Steampunk, Faceted Designs, Kitchen Utensils, and Science. Check out those previously in stock at this link: Silkscreens

Remember that silkscreens can be used on any plain piece — plates, bowls, cups, vases, pitchers, plaques, canisters, piggy banks, whatever you can find. Designs are 20% larger than pictured.

We usually transfer the design using black Concepts but any color can be used. For example, I used a dark brown for the cat on the yarn bowl shown below. I always like to add color to the designs and enhance by adding other images such as flowers, grass, sky, etc. In case of the yarn bowl pictured I added several balls of yarn.

Carol’s Carousel
Where having Fun is why we come!

If you haven’t used silkscreens before, come and give it a try.
Good for seniors and handicapped with limited fine motor skills.

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