Star Wars PYOP

Disney has granted a limited license to Chesapeake Ceramics to make and sell Star Wars bisque . The intent is for ceramic studios to offer “Paint Your Own Pottery” events. Strict licensing literature goes along with this and is available in the studio. We purchased bisque so that our local Star Trek club, USS Renegade, can paint them.

The Star Wars mugs were out of stock at the supplier so we purchased the following to get us started:

  1. Darth Vader bank
  2. BB-8 bank
  3. R2-D2 bank
  4. Death Star bank
  5. Chewbacca planter
  6. Light Saber vase

Other bisque is now back in stock at Chesapeake and the mugs arrived just yesterday on our front porch .

  1. Darth Vader mug
  2. Chewbacca mug
  3. Classic Star Wars mug
  4. Boba Hutt Helmet mug

All ten items are available for you to paint. May 4th is Star Wars Day so we will be painting some during our Live on the Carol’s Carousel Classes Facebook page. If you get your bisque and paints ahead of time you can paint along with us.

The planter and vase are glazed on the inside so that you can paint them in stains. The banks can also be painted in stains. However, all of the mugs must be glazed and fired if you intend to use them.

I have lots of pictures, both professional and snapshots of the ones I painted. For some reason this program says the picture files are all too large to upload. However, you can check them out on CarolsCarouselCreations Facebook page or go to

Carol’s Carousel Creations

Where having Fun is why we come!

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Fashenhues Dealer

I finally did it ! I just became a dealer for Fashenhues transluscent stains.

This is a non-fired product that works especially well on very detailed pieces. You can now purchase your Fashenhues colors from our studio. The investment was substantial and I am hoping that my studio and virtual customers will support me in this new venture.

This was our very first Fashenhues workshop.

The ladies painted Welcome Iris stepping stones for their gardens. This was the first time they used this technique. Didn’t their projects turn out nice?

Other stepping stone designs.

We have taken this project to several nursing homes. It is easy to do, doesn’t take a lot of dexterity, and gives them something to display in the gardens around the facility.

Summer projects include our collection of fairy garden homes and many garden critters.

Fall projects include the harvest jar and the scarecrow on a pumpkin.

These girls painted their Old Worls Santas with Fashenhues.

Fashenhues color charts

Posters for several Fashenhues workshops we have done in the past.
We are anxious to do these again so please let us know what you are interested in .
We need at least a week’s notice to get your pieces poured, cleaned, and fired.
We can do a workshop here in the studio OR we can bring it to your home or facility.

Carol’s Carousel Creations

Where having Fun is why we come!

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Spring has Sprung in 2021

Hope everyone had a happy Easter and are enjoying the warmer weather. Our daffodils are blooming here in Northeast Ohio and some of the yellow tulips came out today as well. The daffodils were not too happy with the snow last week and drooped clear down to the ground, but they have straightened back up again.

Stepping Stones

Let’s start thinking about getting outdoors and in the garden. Next week’s Tuesday Facebook Live is about gardening and we will be painting stepping stones for the garden with Fashenhues.

Ceramics for your Garden

  • We have bird houses and butterfly houses and things to use for bird feeders.
  • We have a realistic rabbit family with two large rabbits and three bunnies.
  • We have squirrels (pretty big) and a chipmunk.
  • We have a turtle, a frog, and lots of ducks and geese.
  • We have a mama and baby raccoon.
  • The deer that we have are not a natural size but would still look nice in your garden.
  • We have a rooting pig.
  • There is a Ziggy chameleon, a baby Ziggy, and Droogie the dragonfly.
  • There are some statues 14-15″ tall that could be placed in a garden.
  • We have a Nibble Nook mouse house and two different teapot fairy houses. There are also several Christmas Village structures and lots of accessories such as fences, bridges, and walls that can be used to make a fairy garden.
  • There are flower pots and watering cans for your patio.
  • There are hanging ashtrays and cutout lanterns, also for your patio.
  • There are lots of picnic items, too but that is for another day!

It looks like we need to update our online catalog with these garden items. Meanwhile, if you are interested in any of them, just ask in the studio or send an email to We will reply with a picture, description, size, and pricing from our studio catalog.

Carol’s Carousel Creations

Where having Fun is why we come!

If you are reading this and are not getting it in your email inbox, please type your email address in the box on the top right side of this page. You will get the weekly blog, usually done on Sunday. You will not get other additions or changes to the webpage but those will be referenced in the blog with a link to the changed items. Thanks for reading this and thanks for your support.

We are still having classes on Monday and Wednesdays at 6:00.

Facebook Lives: unusual holidays on Tuesdays and Fishing Fridays both at 7:00.

If you haven’t been watching these, please tune it.
If you aren’t available for the Live then watch the recording at your convenience.
These are on the Carol’s Carousel Classes Facebook page.

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Logo Trees

We have had many inquiries about this tree. It is Nowell 1139 XMAS TREE & BASE FOR SCENE. We usually use it for a Football or Baseball tree for your favorite team or for a Military tree. Actually, any design can be painted, decaled, or decoupaged onto the oval. It can be done in stains, underglazes, or glazes. If the oval is cut out, there is a wood grained “floor” where you can put a ceramic “scene” such as a nativity. It stands 13” high. Bisque only is $35.00, bisque with light kit is $40.00, Design added to ware + $5.00, finished is $50.00. All orders are plus shipping or you can pick them up in our Austintown Ohio studio.

To order please send an email to with your team. colors, logo, your email address for billing, and your street address for shipping. OR you can PM me on Facebook if that is easier. Please do NOT leave orders on this page.



Cutout for Scene


As you can see, this tree is very versatile.

Fishing with Friends

I am going to make a special tree for the upcoming MVCT Retreat in June, Fishing with Friends. Can you guess what it will be like? I got a fishing pole, some fish, special stickers, and more. I think it will be a cutout tree with scene and will try and remember to post a picture when it is done.

IF YOU TUNE IN for the Retreat you will be entered into a special drawing for the tree. More info on that later but it is only $20 to tune in and watch, you supplying all of your own ware and paints. Other options are to come to the studio or have supplies mailed to you ahead of time. The Retreat is June 11, 12, and 13 on Zoom but you will be able to watch the video later if you miss any of it live.

Carol’s Carousel Creations

Where having Fun is why we come!

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Finally Back Online Today!

We have been unable to get into the web page for some time now. I finally got help from WordPress and from my techie and am now back. That means that I was not able to keep up on our weekly blogs. So they will start again this Sunday.

I responded to several recent messages, then deleted all of them. If you are on Facebook it is easiest to reach me with a PM. If not, please send an email to

We have a number of online features and will be updating them and adding more in the near future:


Here you will find our weekly blog as the home page. Please give us your email address and the blog will come directly to you without having to sign in.

from the menu bar you can access three different catalogs and other information:

  • CAROUSELS has our carousel horses, other menagerie pieces, and carousel related items such as wall plaques and cookie jars. Horses come in a variety of sizes. please go to our Etsy store to order CarolsCarouselShoppe
  • AFRICAN-AMERICAN KIDS includes our extensive collection of African-American molds, mostly Clay Magic and mostly children. Please go to our Etsy store to order AfAmKidsNFriends (we added some white kids, too)
  • CATALOG has everything else. You can pull down the catalog menus or just click on the tab. This will get you a Table of Contents which includes links to each of the pages in the catalog. To order please send an email to Include your email address for billing and your street address for shipping. Be sure to state whether you want bisque to paint yourself or finished.
  • CLASSES includes several pages of interest to folks coming to paint. It has silkscreens, color charts, and so on. Nothing to order here, just information to help you plan your projects.
  • ABOUT introduces Jim and Carol Warneke, owners.
  • CRAFTS shows some of the other carousel items that we do. However, we are so overwhelmed in the ceramics department that this has been pretty much neglected. It includes quilts, machine embroidery carousel patterns, and woodcrafts. We also make carousel charm bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.
  • CAROL’S STORE right now just has Confections. We can do cakes, cookies, candies, and cupcakes with a carousel theme. We aren’t really doing anything with this right now but inquire if interested. We have candy molds, cookie molds, cake ideas with a cardstock roof and carousel candy animals.


  • Carol’s Carousel Creations
  • Carol’s Carousel Classes This is a group for online Facebook Live classes, Tuesdays at 7:00. Includes promotions, videos, history page documents (under files), and pictures.
  • Carol’s Carousel Studio Group (closed, for our students only)
  • Carol’s Carousel Shoppe is information about the carousel collection and goes along with the Etsy store by the same name
  • African-American Kids & Friends is information about the African-American collection and goes along with the Etsy store by the same name.
  • MVCT Mahoning Valley Ceramic Teachers is a local chapter if IADCCT (International Association of Duncan Certified Ceramic Teachers). the group is closed to members only but the page is available to the public. this features events and activities of the chapter. Many of the se are open to the public.
  • Carol’s Teapot Collection is just that. Pictures of teapots I have collected, including those for which we have the molds.
  • Math & More Tutoring is closed down as I am retired. However, I do have a PhD in Education and if you really need me, I can help tutor in math and sometimes other subjects.

Carol’s Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

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Back to work . . . .


The studio reopened this week with Open Classes on Monday & Wednesday at 6:00. Turnout was rather light but we had fun and I already sold the Valentine tree I was working on. Please let me know when you are coming but keep the COVID at home.


We have a couple of returns to fix because the buyers ordered the wrong thing. And we are getting back to pouring later today. There are 23 orders here just from the Etsy shop and a few more form the catalog. If you will be coming to class and need something poured please let me know as soon as you can.

Facebook Live

We are calling it Carol’s Carousel Classes and the first two are already behind us. Check out the Carol Warneke page or the Carol’s Carousel Creations page and you can still watch them, Monday was National Milk Day and Friday was National Hat Day. For this month’s schedule of events scroll down to kast week’s post. I will post pictures after the pieces are glazed and fired.

Next broadcast

This week we are learning to paint and shade different skin tones on Monday, Martin Luther King Day. Wednesday, is Penguin Awareness Day and we will be taking a look at Robin and Linda’s Penguin Family. Please tune in and please like the video.

Like reading the blog?

There are three boxes on the upper right of your screen when you first sign in.

Search lets you enter a word and brings up where it appears in the catalog (with a link) and also any place it is mentioned in the blog.

Email lets you sign up so you don’t need to go online to the website each week to see the blog. It comes directly to your email inbox. These are primarily on Sundays unless there is something urgent to tell you about. If you are reading this, please go to this box and give us your email.

Facebook is a link directly to our Facebook page.

Carol’s Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

Thanks for being a loyal fan. See you again next week.

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Carol’s Carousel Classes

It’s Holiday Time

I think the hardest thing for me during 2020 was missing family time on the holidays. The calendar says that they came and went but it was just another work day here. We played cards once a month with friends, attended Star Trek meetings once a month with Jeremy, and usually have the family over for holidays. We even missed the annual Cookie Exchange Christmas Tea this year!

So I have looked up some usual and some unusual holidays on the internet and decided to “celebrate” them by having an online Facebook Live class. Because they often occur on different days of the week, the schedule will be somewhat erratic.

1/11 Monday = National Milk Day — we painted cartoon cows on a milk jug today with Concepts underglazes. You can see the video on Carol Warneke or Carol’s Carousel Creations pages. I have attached the article on National Milk Day in the comments section and here.

1/15 Friday = National Hat Day — we will be working on the Mayco Top Hat which is a plain piece and which lends itself to lots of different designs and techniques. We also have an adorable Snowman Snack Stack who wears a top hat. Tune in at 3:00 to see what we’re up to.

1/18 Monday = Martin Luther King Day — we will be discussing our extensive collection of African-American molds (nearly a hundred). We will demonstrate how to paint these figurines and take a look at our “I have a Dream” pieces. Join us to see what it is all about. We have an Etsy Store AfAmKidsNFriends where you can purchase bisque or finished pieces. [The friends are Caucasian] We also have a Facebook page African-American Kids & Friends where we discuss new products.

1/20 Wednesday = Penguin Awareness Day – we will take a look at the various sizes of softie penguins and discuss various ways to use them. One of our students did a penguin family for a Christmas gift and we had over a hundred comments on the picture we posted. If you are interested in replicating her project you can order the penguins and a to-go kit.

1/25 Monday = Bubblewrap Appreciation Day — learn how we wrap and pack your items for shipping and the costs involved.

1/27 Wednesday = Library Shelfie Day — tune in to see what a shelfie is. We will be doing a leather technique on book bookends.

1/31 Sunday = National Hot Chocolate Day — we will be making hot chocolate cups today.

Carol’s Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

Please leave a message here letting us know if you are watching the videos. Sometimes there will be a prize drawing for those who are watching.

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Special Order Christmas Trees

I do not often see responses left on this page. The best way to order something is to send an email to OR pm me on Facebook.

There were several inquiries about the Harley Davidson Tree. They are $50 + shipping which depends on where you live. Usually about $25. I was trying to send a reponse to each message but that doesn’t seem to be what I accomplished. We will be happy to make one for anyone still interested when we reopen January 11th. I need your email address for billing and your street address for shipping. Send me an email. Do NOT respond on here.

  • Sheilah Connolly
  • Marie Flesher
  • Andrea
  • Angela

There was also interest in the Ohio State tree (Pat Carpenter) and in some Santas (Pat Franz). Again, please email me with your order and information of you are still interested.

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2020 End-of-Year Wrapup

With all of the COVID restsrictions this year, life has changed considerably for people throughout the world. Jeremy, Jim, and I got some COVID Christmas shirts. We had a quiet Christmas with just the three of us, then our kids are visiting us on different days. Gifts for grandkids and greatgrands were sent home or mailed. No big family gatherings this whole year.
We hope that you all had a great day despite the restrictions and that you have a safe and healthy New Year.

What happened in 2020

  • No studio classes for awhile, then reopening the studio with social distancing and sanitizing so we can paint safely. We offered to-go kits so people could paint at home, even offered to deliver or ship but there was no interest.
  • No nursing home classes, then we did have one in a residential building near year’s end.
  • Facebook Live “classes” (which turned out to be only demonstrations as noone was interested in ordering the kits that we had available).
  • Sample Sale on trees was somewhat successful but the other Facebook sales we did were not productive.
  • Etsy stores were busy with people doing online shopping for the holidays. We were swamped with orders and a few are still not fullfilled.
  • Catalog orders came in but we don’t have a very efficient way to keep track of them and some information got lost.
    [If you thought you ordered something and didn’t get it please send an email to or call 330-219-8001.
    I ended up with an extra Af-Am caroler set painted, an Ohio State tree, and an extra set of naughty turtles. If you ordered these please call asap.]

Industry Closings

  • DUNCAN SOLD it’s ceramics division to Mayco who will produce a limited number of Duncan products. We have used Duncan products exclusively since we started in 1970. We are both Duncan certified and members if IADCCT (International Association of Duncan Certified Ceramic Teachers) and MVCT (Mahoning Valley Ceramic Teachers, a chapter of IADCCT)
  • OCS CLOSED Ohio Ceramic Supply is in Ravenna. We have dealt with them since we opened our first studio in Salem in 1972. Now we must order from Buskeye Ceramics near Columbus and have it delivered to the OCS building for pickup.

What’s Coming in 2021

  • CLOSED until January 10
  • MVCT meeting and class with Larry Knight on Sunday, January 10th This is open to everyone.
  • Studio classes resume Monday, January 11th with a special project. Did you know that January 11th is National Milk Day?
  • January themes are snowmen and penguins so watch for workshops both in the studio and online.
  • January also has MLK Day so look for a special I have a Dream project.
  • Janauary 29-30-31 is the IADCCT convention on Zoom. We went to Las Vegas for this last year.
  • Christmas cards went out to all 2020 customers with a coupon. Some people who ordered at the end of the year probably didn’t get one so please let me know by email or PM on Messenger.
  • Letters to nursing/assisted living facilities are going out. They have a special offer for first-quarter classes either at their facility or online with to-go kits being delivered.
  • New Bisque:
    1. new hexagon plate mold is already here
    2. several new African-American Kids molds are ordered
    3. Star Wars banks are ordered and on their way.
  • FEBRUARY had Valentine’s Day and some other “holidays” so watch for special classes here, too.
  • MARCH has St. Patrick’s Day and we need to prepare for Easter on April 4th.


  • answer all inquiries on the webpage. I never even saw these messages.
  • rearrange studio shelving
  • finish bathroom
  • install ceiling fans

Carol’s Carousel Creations
Where havinig Fun is why we come!

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Countdown Continues

This week in the studio we added designer bling, acrylic paints, metallics, and jewels to glass and plastic ornaments. There are still a few available if you want to stop by this week. Perhaps we will make some with snowmen in January and hearts in February. Who says ornaments are only for Christmas?

Footprint Plates

Baby plates are unique gifts with footprint or handprint pictures. We did a Facebook Live class on these with a PowerPoint presentation showing lots of ideas. Here are a couple students made. First plate was made this year. Other one was based on the FB picture shown here — we did Killian’s footprints.

Hmmm. We can do more plates like this for other themes and other holidays. In fact, MVCT plans to have kids do fish handprint pictures at the Midwest Ceramic Show in April. We did Daddy’s Grilling Plate for Father’s Day.

Christmas Vacation

We will be closed from Christmas Day to Sunday, January 10, 2021. We are having an MVCT meeting that Sunday and all are welcome to come do the Duncan U project with Larry Knight. It is a cake plate with pedestal but we decided to do it on a regular plate since that one is discontinued.

Here is a Christmas scene plate that I painted this year.

Carol’s Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

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