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The slip pump is burned out and there is a new one expected to arrive on Monday. Now that we have slip mixed and are ready to pour. GRRR! Until the new pump arrives we have to pour with a pitcher so that limits us to the smaller molds.


  1. 8 Old World Santas for Sunday’s Fashenhues workshop 1:00-5:00
  2. 9 Baby Ziggys for Thursday’s Kids Krafts Workshop 1:00-3:00 or 6:00-8:00
  3. poured assorted ornaments to add to the craft drawers (small molds)
  4. postponing all Football Tree orders (need 12 trees) until the pump arrives
  5. postponing the Penguin Tree
  6. will be working on other bisque ordered by students in class
    (as soon as I locate the molds)
  7. will be pouring mugs for the first Party Van excursions (10 painters X 3 weeks)
  8. anxious to pour our  NEW MOLDS :
    1. the Penguin Tree (like the snowman tree),
    2. Large Top Hat (ice bucket or for flowers),
    3. 15″ Oval Platter for our Pumpkins & Mums workshop,
    4. 8″ plain round bowl (for silkscreen,traced designs, or decals)
    5. Dogwood Cross (a Fashenhues project), and
    6. Baby Ziggy (makes 3 at a time)

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So if there is something you need poured, please
remind me and we will get to it as soon as we can.


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clipart Mailbox-blue-mail-clip-art.jpgLetters

We have been getting some responses to the letters sent out last Friday. So far, we heard from a workshop for disabled adults, a senior center, and a nursing home.   So it looks like the Carousel Party Van is a new addition to our business.

Since it is impossible to take everything in the van, these events will need to be “workshops” where everyone is doing the same medium, on a selection of several similar pieces. Our first such workshop is a Make-A-Mug using Concepts with sponges, rubber stamps, and brushes. Each painter will end up with his/her very own, personalized coffee cup.

clipart old world santa sceneREMINDER:

Old World Santa Workshop is next Sunday. You need to register and to order your Santa. Old World Santas This is a Fashenhues workshop.

Kids Krafts Every Thursday 1:00-3:00 or 6:00-8:00

schedule through the end of August

  • 7/27     Baby Ziggy (acrylics)
  • 8/3       Mommy & Me Tea Party (repeated; decals)
  • 8/10     Make-A-Mug (Concepts, rubber stamps)
  • 8/17     Clay Flower (handcrafted clay)
  • 8/24     Cartoons (Power Ranger, Disney; acrylics)
  • 8/31     Birthday Plate (Concepts, trace pattern)

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Posted on Facebook page today:

clipart Mailbox-blue-mail-clip-art.jpg

Sending out letters today to local facilities for disabled adults and senior centers. Would also like to include nursing homes and senior residential facilities. We are offering workshops either at our facility or at theirs for groups of up to ten painters. Please help spread the word by sharing this information with folks that you know.

clipart craft showI have been considering various ways to expand our business: sell finished pieces, either online or at craft shows OR sell bisque online or at craft shows. Neither of these ideas has any appeal. We tried craft shows in the past and it is just too much work for us, especially with the long days involved. (However, our granddaughter might do some shows for us.) And I always answer online requests if someone is looking for a mold that I have. However, pouring and cleaning is a necessary chore, not something I actually enjoy doing.

algebra-teacher-clipart-clipart_teacherSo I ask myself, What DO I enjoy doing?
The answer, I AM A TEACHER.
First and foremost. It doesn’t matter whether it is math, or study skills, or ceramics. What I really like to do is share what I know with others. So today’s letters and today’s post are an attempt to expand our student base and reach out to groups that might like to do ceramics. If the groups are not able to come here, we are willing to go to them. Please tell your friends and any groups you might belong to. And tell me if there is a place I should contact, either by letter or phone.

P.S. We also do scout troops, 4-H, homeschoolers, church groups, baby showers, bridal showers, and so on.

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So please help us out if you can. Refer a group that you know about.
Or set up a workshop for a group that you or your kids belong to.







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Jan-Jun 2017

tax-clipart-sales-tax-clipart-1Today ends the first half of 2017,

time to take inventory and pay the sales tax to the State of Ohio.
I am unsure whether everyone realized that sales tax is included in the price of everything they buy.  Compared to the same time last year, we did almost the same amount of business. However, it was down quite a bit from two years ago. Time to rethink our marketing plan.

What did we accomplish?

  1. We participated in the Ceramic Competition at the Midwest Ceramic Show in April. We had 24 entries with ribbons on everything at some level. Three of us came  home with trophies as well: Judy in ADA, Bianca in Preschool, and Carol (me) in Professional. In fact, I won the highest award they give out, the Peggy Award, for my teapot.
  2. Jim and Carol both took Duncan Certification Classes, Carol at the show, and both at a workshop in Ravenna. This enables us to learn new techniques to teach our students.
  3. Jim and Carol both received CDT (Certified Duncan Teacher) certificates for the training we did way back in 1974. Now we can join IADCCT (the International Association of Duncan Certified Ceramic Teachers).
  4. We started Clay Club where Jim is teaching a series of classes using clay and clay puzzling molds.  These classes will continue throughout the summer.
  5. We introduced Christmas in July to enable students to get an early start on their trees and gifts.
  6. We purchased four ten-drawer craft racks for ornaments and are in the process of filling them with ready-to-paint items.
  7. We organized the paint racks and added many new crystal glazes and semi-translucent glazes to our inventory.
  8. We also organized the discontinued glazes and obtained a color chart that shows most of them.
  9. We added Fashenhues metallic and iridescent colors to our inventory and took classes on how to use them.
  10. We purchased a small portable kiln (110) which will allow us to do small firings and also take the kiln with us if needed. This is good for decals and overglaze where we don’t have a full load to make firing a large kiln cost effective.
  11. We have most of our outdoor yard decorations finished and on display in our front gardens, including fairy houses and woodland critters.
  12. We purchased several new molds, some upon request. We also purchased quite a few clay puzzling molds, designer mats, and tools for the Clay Club.
  13. We have three full-height shelves for displaying finished pieces. Of course, we still need more and building them is on Jim’s to-do list.
  14. We are making progress on the bathroom. When finished, we will have a beautiful, new, wheelchair accessible bathroom on the same floor as the classroom.  The decorating theme is carousels so you will find wall plaques, a lamp, and other carousel items on display.

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Some weeks things are slow, and some days no one shows up at all.
But that’s okay, Life happens and ceramics is not the only thing people do.
However, it is a break for you, a time to get away from the stress of
work or chores or kids and have some “me time”.

So plan oncoming and make it a habit. It’s good for you.

Whether you have a gift list, or want something special for your yard or your kitchen, we have a little something for everyone. That is what Open Classes are for.

However, if you want to learn a new technique (Fashenhues, silk-screening,
and more to come) that is what the Workshops are for.

Also, we entertain  groups, wedding showers, baby showers,
and birthday parties. We can come to you or you can come to us.
Days, times, and pricing is flexible.

Hope to see you soon. Get your trees ordered & Bring a friend.



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4th of July Reminders


Friday, June 30th — Mommy & Me Tea Party — still a couple of seats available

Saturday, July 1st — Christmas in July Tree Sale begins today (20% off)

Sunday, July 2nd — Sunflower Plate Workshop (repeated Wednesday)

Monday, July 3rd and Tuesday, July 4th  — CLOSED

Wednesday, July 5th — Open Class (and  sunflower plate upon request)

Thursday, July 6th — Open Class

Friday, July 7th — Clay Club — glazing the Cabbage Roses

Sunday, July 9th  — Metallic Turtle Fashenhues Workshop

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Come on over. Bring your friends and the kids
and get a head start on Christmas.

Not ready for that? We still have lots of garden bisque and other things on the shelf.

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Christmas in July

Tree Sale

Order your trees anytime between July 1st and July 31st and get 20% off.  August 1 prices return to normal.

  • See Oh Tannenbaum (link) for selection — pictures, description, sizes, and prices. Prices listed in the catalog are before the discount.
  • Prices include stain or glaze, snow, and light kits. Mother of Pearl is extra and also requires an extra firing.
  • Sale trees must be completed by August 30th. Otherwise, price will revert to that in the catalog.
  • Deposit of 50% is required when ordering trees. Balance due after your tree has been poured. Trees will be poured as orders are received.
  • There is a new Penguin Tree this year, similar to our Snowman Tree.

Old World Santas

  • See Old World Santas (link) for our selection of 45 Old World Santas. Most are $10.00 in bisque which includes paints and supplies but not the session fee.
  • Sunday, July 23rd, 1:00 – 5:00 is a Fashenhues Old World Santas Workshop for $20. Workshop fees include the lesson, bisque, all supplies, a snack, and an extra session if needed.
  • If you have already attended a Fashenhues workshop, you can paint yours during regular Open Classes. Also, you can use traditional acrylic paints of Old World Santa if you prefer.


Christmas Ornaments

See the following links for descriptions. Most ornaments are $2.00 which includes the cost of painting them. There are nearly 100 ornaments in each collection. We have purchased several sets of craft drawers to make our ornaments easily accessible.

  • Alberta Ornament Collection, two-sided mouse, duck, bear characters with hole for hanging. Includes other holidays and careers.
  • Cookie-Cutter Ornaments, flat one-sided ornaments that can be used as gift tags or magnets as well as hung on a tree.
  • Assorted Ornaments, icicles, 12 days of Christmas flat bells,  angel bells that ring, and many other odds and ends that do not fit in one of the other categories
  • Mini-Molds, small figures that can be used as ornaments by insertion of a hanger.
  • Carousel Ornaments, Kimple carousel animal collection includes 16 different pieces. There are also other small carousel animals suitable for ornaments.
  • 12 Days of Christmas Bears could be used as ornaments but may be a bit heavy.

Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

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So come on over, bring the kids, and have some fun
getting an early start on Christmas this year!

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Open Classes for Adults & Teens

  • Monday evenings, 6:00 – 10:00
  • Tuesday evenings 6:00 – 10:00 (except 2nd Tuesday)
  • Thursday evenings 6:00 – 8:30 Kid Krafts (adults welcome till 10:00)

Open Kids Krafts Classes

  • Thursday afternoons 1:00 – 3:30
  • Thursday evenings 6:00 – 8:30

Kids Krafts Workshops

  • Sunday, June 11th 2:30 – 5:00 Garden Critters, cost $15
  • Friday, June 30th 6:00 – 8:00 Mommy & Me Tea Party, cost $15/pair
  • others TBA on open Fridays

Clay Club

Select Friday evenings @ 6:00, cost $25 per project

  • 6/23 build cabbage rose flower
  • 7/7 glaze cabbage rose flower
  • 7/14 build ugly fish
  • 7/28 glaze ugly fish
  • 8/4 build spider
  • 8/8 glaze spider
  • 8/25 build garden ball
  • 9/8 glaze garden ball

Summer Workshops

Sunday afternoons 1:00 – 5:00; repeated Wednesday evening 6:00 – 10:00, cost $20.00

  • 6/17 & 6/21 Paint Your Own Fairy House (Fashenhues)
  • 6/25 & 6/28 French Quarter Watercolor
  • 7/2 & 7/5 Sunflower Plate
  • 7/9 & 7/12 Garden Turtle (Fashenhues)
  • 7/16 & 7/19 Singing Bluebird Plate
  • 7/23 & 7/26 Old World Santas (Fashenhues)
  • 7/30 & 8/2 Butterfly Wings
  • 8/6 & 8/9 Sapphire Shimmer & Metallic Magic (glazes)
  • 8/13 & 8/16 Pumpkins & Mums platter
  • 8/20 & 8/23 Halloween Silkscreens
  • 8/27 & 8/30 Mr. & Mrs. Pilgrim Mouse

NOTE: All scheduled workshops have been posted on Facebook and an Event has been created. If you are on my Carousel Creations Group List you should have received an invitation to each event. They are also being posted on local Buy-Sell-Trade pages closer to the time of the event. Always make sure I know that you are coming so we have enough pieces ready. It takes a week — a day to pour, a day to clean, and a day to fire if nothing else is happening.

There are too many posters to put here. So I will make a tab called summer workshops for all the posters. click here:  Summer Workshops

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Where having Fun is why we come!

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