Leprechaun Boot

The Boot

Lerprechaun Boot Bank CC (6)I can’t believe I forgot the boot! This is one of our most-liked Irish pieces, about ten inches tall, and can be made into a bank or not. This happens to be the one I painted, but it is amazing to see how it turns out differently when painted by students.

Color Me Irish

Irish girl & boyI am working on transferring clipart designs to plates and other plain pieces. The first two are going onto decorative plates. But done in underglazes they can be used in the kitchen. The other designs I am still thinking about — maybe a top hat, or a large brandy-snifter vase.

Send me your own clipart or personal design
and we can print it out the right size for your piece.

Carol’s Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

May the Luck of the Irish be with you!



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March is almost here

Note: This post is from two days ago but somehow ended up in the “draft” folder!

march 2018 calendar

Now that our 50th Anniversary Celebration is behind us we are gearing up for a busy month in March. We will have about six weeks of classes, workshops, party van events, and pouring. It is time to make some plans.



St. Patrick’s Day is  Saturday, March 17th

We have figures, boxes, ornaments (magnets), napkin rings, and many plain pieces such as dolls and the top hat, that can be made for St. Patrick’s Day. Please order your bisque soon so that we can have it ready for you. Luck of the Irish

Easter is Sunday, April 1st

We have Easter baskets, chocolate bunnies, ceramic eggs, bunny carts, deviled egg plates, and lots of other Easter pieces. Please order your bisque as soon as you can. Maybe even schedule a time to bring the kids!  Easter Parade

March To-Do-List

  • choose pieces for entering in the Midwest Ohio Ceramics Competition and give to Laura with your entry form
  • order bisque for painting in class, especially anything you want to paint with glaze or underglaze that will need to be fired again
  • order bisque for painting at home during shut down. (April 15 to June 1)
  • let Alice know if you want to paint in the studio during shutdown as she will be in charge of classes.
  • schedule birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers for March
  • schedule any party van workshops for March
  •  order bisque by mail as soon as you can (if you are not a student)

Carol’s Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

So come and march with us this month!

CC logo


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Kiss Me, I’m Irish!

At least a little of me is Irish. Today’s Facebook post is about painting things for St. Patrick’s Day. Here’s the link to the catalog page if you want to check out sizes and prices. Luck of the Irish

We have decanters and beer steins, cups and mugs, and you can put shamrocks on bowls and plates, spoon rests, and teapots, too. Remember that these pieces must be glazed to  make them food safe.

These little pieces are ornaments to be hung from a pull-chain, or a kitchen cupboard handle, or a doorknob. They can be added to a picture or to a wreath for your front door. The first are two-sided, the second picture is all flat cookie-cutter pieces and they also make nice refrigerator magnets. All can be done in stains and taken home the same day.

Here we have some small trinket boxes — jewelry, or change, or perhaps a little candy. They can be done in glazes or in stains, your choice. The lower-left picture shows the boy lid for the jar on the right.

Our Irish figurines. Here’s Peter, our 13″ tall Irish boy. And you can dress up any of the dolls by giving them a skirt with an Irish flair. (We do not have this particular doll, but do have several others that would work just as well.)

For that corned beef and cabbage dinner . . . here’s a potato bowl and cabbage leaf!

Carol’s Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

What a unique way to share Irish heritage with the kids!
Most of these pieces can be easily painted by children,
some even by toddlers, like the shamrock box, mug, or cabbage leaf!
And keep in mind that every Friday is Kids Krafts Night!

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2018 Ceramics Competition

The Midwest Ceramic Association is holding their Annual Show
and Competition on Friday and Saturday, April 20th and 21st.
Entries must be submitted on Wednesday, April 18th by 5:00 p.m.
Jim and I are unable to attend the show this year.
However, Laura Gilbert will be taking our entries. 

This information was downloaded from www.midwestceramics.org and a copy is posted in the studio. 

Competition Classifications [the painter]

  1. PRE-SCHOOL – Categories A, B, C, and D only.
  2. ELEMENTARY – Grades 1 thru 3.
  3. ELEMENTARY – Grades 4 thru 6.
  4. JUNIOR HIGH – Grades 7 thru 9.
  5. HIGH SCHOOL – Grades 10 thru 12.
  6. ADA DISABILITY – A. Adults.
  7. ADA DISABILITY – B. Child.
  8. NOVICE – Doing ceramics 1 year or less.
  9. AMATEUR – Doing ceramics 1 year or more.
  10. SENIOR CITIZEN – 62 years young who have not taught.
  11. SEMI-PROFESSIONAL – Employees who work in a shop other than a teaching capacity, who sell or have sold finished ceramics and/or supplies.
  12. PROFESSIONAL – Shop owners, store front or home, teacher, past or present, which have or have had a license to sell.
  13. SENIOR PROFESSIONAL – 62 years young, shop owners, home or store front, teachers, licensed sellers, past or present.
  14. MASTERS – Has a degree in Art, has authored a book or has won three major awards such as Peggy, Best of Show, Masters, etc.
  15. BLUE RIBBON – Any Blue Ribbon Winner from any show since January of Previous Year. Must Have Ribbon Attached.

Most of our painters will be in these categories.

Categories and Subdivisions  [the pieces]

categories 1categories 2categories 3


Entry Fees

Midwest Ceramic Show VCompetition Entry Fees

Entry form

This entry form must be completed and submitted with the appropriate fees to Laura Gilbert. Please put the form and cash in an envelope marked with your name and what pieces you are entering. Entry forms are printed and available for pickup in the studio. Please note that each painter needs their own form BUT there is room for five pieces from each painter. Laura and I will help you complete the form.

 entry form


Do not be afraid to enter because you think your work is not good enough.
Last year our studio received many ribbons and several trophies.

First place trophies went to:

  • Judy Collingwood (ADA adult) for her ladybug shoe planter
  • Bianca Rumbalski (preschool) for her crystal-glazed leaf dish
  • Carol Warneke (senior professional) for her mixed media fruit basket teapot.
    This piece also won the Peggy Award.

Carol’s Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

CC logoSo let’s get those entries ready.
We have all of February and March to paint something new.
Pick something you have done since last year’s competition.

April 1 is our studio deadline.

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Gift Certificates Mailed

The winner of our “Follow the Carousel” Drawing was Jessica Briggs. Congratulations! Gift certificates were sent to the email addresses following the blog before Christmas.

If you did not receive yours, I may have mistyped the address so please leave a reply or send a PM.

Also note the expiration date is April 1st so get your orders in as soon as you can.

Thank you all for participating.

Gift Certificate Follow the Carousel VOID


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This Week in the Studio

(posted on Facebook January 21, 2018)

Open Classes Monday Wednesday Friday 6:00-10:00

  • let me know if you are coming
  • let me know if you need something to work on
  • no new bisque on the shelf
  • pouring boxes for next week
We can do Mancala OR Glaze Raking OR Snowman silkscreen plate or mug OR Cranberry Bubbles OR Clay Angels.

We are not scheduling and advertising any special workshops at this time but would love to do these techniques during regular class times.  Just ask.

Bring the kids and bring your friends!

Carol’s Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

CC logo

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Happy New Year 2018

I am finally back online and will update this blog as soon as possible.


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