Fall Holidays

It’s a little late to be starting things for back-to-school and Halloween. But check out these links to our catalog pages and let us know ASAP what you want poured and when you will be working on it.


African-American Kids catalog or better yet, check out the Facebook page African-American kids & Friends or our Etsy store https://www.etsy.com/your/shops/AfAmKidsnFriends/tools/listings Of special interest are the kids with lunch boxes and the sports figures. Even though you missed the start of the school year you may want to paint something as a Christmas gift using the kids sports uniforms for inspiration. The sports figures come in black kids or white kids. You can even paint some of the black kids white if you don’t think they look to ethnic to do so.


Check out the Trick or Treat page for all the Halloween items. Trick-or-Treat (October)


Check out the Gobble Gobble page for thanksgiving and other more generic gall pieces. Gobble, Gobble (November)


There are so many different Christmas categories that you will need to scroll through them to find what you are looking for.

In addition to these categories that we think of for Christmas, just about anything on the other pages make nice gifts for your friends, your family, or yourself. Get started now to have enough time.

Carol’s Carousel Creations

Where having Fun is why we come!

If you are still leery about coming to class during COVID
we can pack up your bisque and paints
and you can pick up, or we can deliver or ship them to you.

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Clay Puzzling

“What the heck is this?” you ask. Clay puzzling molds are two piece molds held together with a Velcro strap. Rather than pouring in slip, you press clay into each half of the mold, then insert a coil of clay to seal the seam with a special tool. The piece can be removed almost immediately and either squished to make a different form, used for add-ons such as fish fins or pumpkin leaves, or just used as is.

Anything made with clay needs to be completely dry before firing or it will explode in the kiln. This usually takes one to two weeks depending on heat and humidity in the room.

We have molds for balls, vases, pumpkins, and more. Some molds are just a foundation for creating shapes such as cones for trees and gnomes; and bowls that can be used on the inside or the outside.

We made a birdhouse using a soda pop can as a base during the IADCCT 2021 virtual convention.
We made an ugly fish using a vase puzzle mold during the MVCT retreat in June 2021.
I made a spider using a ball mold at the Midwest Show several years ago.

Michael Harbridge creates and demonstrates puzzle molds. Check out his Facebook page or his webpage LearnFiredArts.com.

So come and play with clay!

  • In the studio this Monday (10/4/2021) we will practice making puzzled pumpkins.
  • On Facebook Live this Thursday (10/7/2021) we will show our viewers how it’s done. Tune in to Carol’s Carousel Classes group on Facebook. (ask to join).

Carol’s Carousel Creations

Where having Fun is why we come!

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The Party Van

We are starting to do remote classes again. We recently went to a preschool class [who did cupcake banks and boxes], a primary class [who did donut banks and boxes], and a nursing home [who silkscreened flowers onto plates].

We have scheduled a workshop (disabled adults) doing crystal glazes on leaf dishes.

And we have tentative reservations for the places we went to recently doing leaf dishes with preschool, silkscreen leaf designs on a plate for primary, and shaving cream pumpkins for the nursing home. Also a group of teachers doing a Fashenhues project, either the harvest jar (pumpkins with squirrels) or the large scarecrow.

DO YOU KNOW a group that would like to have us come out? If so, please have them send a message or call us at 330-219-8001 We need enough time to pour, clean, and fire the bisque so schedule early.


  • nursing homes
  • senior centers
  • preschools
  • schools & workshops for disabled
  • birthday parties
  • baby or wedding showers
  • group homes
  • other groups

What you need

  • accessible space
  • tables & chairs for painting
  • 10+ painters (negotiable)
  • at least one staff person to stay
  • enough staff for individuals needing help
  • one check (or cash) for the whole group
  • cost: small projects $5-$10, larger projects $15-$20

What we bring

  • rolling cart
  • water bowls
  • sponges
  • paint brushes
  • aprons
  • towels
  • bisque (ready to paint)
  • paints
  • plastic table cloths
  • additional supplies as needed for projects


  • we are vaccinated
  • we will bring masks if needed
  • we can bring hand sanitizer

Other Notes

  • pieces that are stained (acrylics or Fashenhues) will be sprayed and left at the facility
  • pieces that are glazed will be taken back to the studio for firing and returned 1-2 weeks later.

Carol’s Carousel Creations

Where having Fun is why we come!

So this time, let us load the van and bring the party to you!

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Show Competition

Please check out Midwest Ceramic Show pieces on the MVCT Facebook page.

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Midwest Ceramic Show this week

The show is Friday and Saturday, September 10th & 11th from 10:00 to 4:00 at the Butler County Fairgrounds in Hamilton, Ohio. Admission is only $5.00. There are classes, vendors, demonstrations, and the ceramic competition.

Our demonstration booth poster.

  • Watch us demonstrate silkscreen designs.
    We are painting bowls for a service project.
  • Take a complimentary silkscreen transfer.
    Prepackaged, choice of several designs.
  • Make your own silkscreen transfer.
    Choose from our extensive collection
  • Apply a silkscreen to purchased bisque.
    Support the vendors or bring your own.
  • Apply a silkscreen to an “empty bowl”
    (Available to purchase for $10 donation to the Empty Bowls Fundraiser. All money goes to a local food pantry. Then paint, glaze, & fire at home)
  • Enter the Drawing
    Top Hat with Snowman Silkscreens is being given away. Just leave your name, email, & phone in the hat. Drawing is Saturday afternoon.

MVCT (Mahoning Valley Ceramic Teachers) is a local chapter of IADCCT
(International Association of Duncan Certified Ceramic Teachers)

Laura and Sheryl + husbands; Jim and Carol are all going to the show.

Our Museum of Ceramics Display

We are taking the display of plates that we made for the 2019 IADCCT Convention. Members of MVCT recreated many of the designs we saw when we visited the Museum on a field trip. Posters show photos of the life-size diorama in the basement of the museum.


It’s not too late to sign up for classes with Dru Woodward and Ruth Ann


Your entries need to be at the studio by Tuesday evening as we must enter them by 7:00 p.m. Wednesday. So far I have entries from Lucretia and Laura. Expecting some from Linda B, Mary, and P.J. And maybe Amber, Jeremy, Linda S. and Alice. Of course, I have a whole boxful from myself and will choose items to enter that don’t compete with others. Classifications (you) and Categories (the ceramics) were listed last week so just scroll down to read them

Carol’s Carousel Creations

Where having Fun is why we come!

Hope we come home with some ribbons this year!
Maybe even a trophy or two!

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Playing with Clay

Do you want to come and Play with Clay?

We made Birdhouses during the 2020 IADCCT virtual convention.

We made Ugly Fish during the IADCCT Fishing with Friends Retreat.

We have patterns to make Flower Bowls for the Empty Bowls fundraiser. (Postponed from October to sometime in the spring.)

And, we have purchased a collection of Clay Puzzling Molds for bowls, vases, pumpkins, and more. Workshops can be created to suit your schedule. Please note that pieces need to dry completely before firing (1-2 weeks)l then you can decorate with stains, glazes, or underglazes.

Carol’s Carousel Creations

Where having Fun is why we come!

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Midwest Ceramic Show Competition

The Fall Show is Friday & Saturday September 10th & 11th in Hamilton Ohio. Doors open at 10:00 and close at 4:00 both days. There will be classes by Dru and Ruth Ann, vendors with bisque and supplies to sell, and the ceramic competition.

Pieces being submitted need to be entered before 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 8th so we will go down that morning and take everyone’s pieces. You need to have them to the studio no later than Tuesday evening, September 7th.


This is about you, school grade or age category and ceramics experience. You will enter this on the registration form along with your name and contact information only once.

  1. PRE-SCHOOL – Categories A, B, C, and D only.

 2. ELEMENTARY – Grades 1 thru 3.

 3. ELEMENTARY – Grades 4 thru 5.

 4. MIDDLE SCHOOL – Grades 6 thru 9.

 5. HIGH SCHOOL – Grades 10 thru 12.

 6. ADA DISABILITY – A. Adults.

 7. ADA DISABILITY – B. Child.

 8. NOVICE – Doing ceramics 1 year or less.

 9. AMATEUR – Doing ceramics 1 to 5 years.

10. ADVANCED AMATEUR – Doing ceramics more than 5 years.

11. SENIOR CITIZEN – 62 years young who have not taught.

12. SEMI-PROFESSIONAL – Employees who work in a shop other than a teaching capacity, who sell or have sold finished ceramics and/or supplies.

13. PROFESSIONAL – Shop owners, store front or home, teacher, past or present, which have or have had a license to sell.

14. SENIOR PROFESSIONAL – 62 years young, shop owners, home or store front, teachers, licensed sellers, past or present.

15.  MASTERS – Has a degree in Art, has authored a book or has won three major awards such as Peggy, Best of Show, Masters, etc.

16. BLUE RIBBON – Any Blue Ribbon Winner from any show since January of Previous Year. Must Have Ribbon Attached.

Categories & Subdivisions

This is about the piece or pieces you are entering. You may enter several pieces on the same entry form. My recommendation is to enter three pieces in different categories.

A. ORIGINALS IN CLAY                           4. Metallics                  

     1. Sculpting                                               5. Textured Stains       

     2. Slab                                                       6. Dry Brush               

     3. Wheel Thrown                                      7. Free Hand Design             

     4. Flowers (hand made)                               A. From Pattern

         A. Porcelain                                             B. Original Design

         B. Ceramic                                             8. Miscellaneous 

     5. Coil                                                        9. Chalk

     6. Raku                                                     10. Decoupage

B. GLAZE                                                     11. Lace/Fabric Draping

     1. Glaze Combination                            

     2. Glaze Control                                      

     3. Art or Crystal Glaze   

     4. One Glaze Only                                E. PORCELAIN    

     5. Majolica Technique                              1. Commercial Blank

     6. Granular Glaze                                         A. China Paint

     7. Chalks on Glaze                                       B. Stain

     8. Miscellaneous                                          C. Free Hand Design

     9. Raku                                                         D. Pattern

C. UNDERGLAZE                                            F. Miscellaneous

     1. Translucent                                              G. Chalk

     2. Opaque                                                2. Cast

     3. Miscellaneous                                          A. Bisque

                                                       B. China Paint

     4. Free Hand Designs                                  C. Stain

         A. From Pattern                                       D. Free Hand Design

         B. Original Design                                    E. Pattern

     5. Translucent & Opaque                             F. Underglaze

     6. Polished                                                   G. Miscellaneous

D. STAINS                                                        H. Chalk

     1. Opaque                                                    I. Lace/Fabric Draping

     2. Translucent & Opaque           

     3. Stain & Glaze Combo               

The Midwest Ceramic Association Show

F. OVERGLAZE                               K. AIR BRUSH                                            

     1. China Painting                               1. Glaze

     2. Decals                                            2. Opaque & Trans Underglaze

     3. Fired Metalics                                3. Glaze

     4. Miscellaneous                                4. Overglaze

G. GREENWARE                                  5. Miscellaneous


     1. Cut Out, Pierced, Carved          L. GOOF-UP

     2. Sprigging                                        No Trophy

     3. Embossing, Texture,                 M. GLASS

         Build-Up                                         1. Slumping

     4. Clay Lift                                          2. Jewelry

     5. Miscellaneous                                    A. Hand Decorated

     6. Sgraffito                                             B. Fused

     7. Mold Adaption                                3. Commercial

H. STONEWARE                                        A. Hand Decorated

     1. Bisque                                                 B. Decals

     2. Decorated                                        4. Dichronic

     3. Miscellaneous                                     A. Hand Decorated

I. HOLIDAY                                                B. Fused

     1. Glaze                                                     

     2. Stain                                                 

     3. Nativity Sets                                   

     4. Miscellaneous                          

     5. Chalk                                   

J. DOLLS                                          

     1. Porcelain                                  

         A. Stuffed                                         

         B. Bisque                                               

         C. Composition                                     

     2. Ceramic                                                   

         A. Stuffed                                         

         B. Bisque Bodies                                   

     3. Antique Reproductions                          

     4. Hand Sculpted Dolls                               

         (Must include original)                     

          A. Porcelain                                           

          B. Ceramic                                             

     5. Miscellaneous                                          

The Midwest Ceramic Association and its members are not responsible for any damage that may occur to your entries.




1. Cleaning, Neatness

2. Uniform Thickness

3. Well Joined Add-ons


   1. Alterations

  2. Mold Adaptation


  1. Harmony/Contrast

  2. Depth of Color

  3. Suitability Design/Color




Winners will be awarded 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place,  ribbons, with possible duplicate awards.


Winners will be awarded a White Middee Trophy, and a Blue Rosette for 1st  place,
a Red Rosette for 2nd place and a White Rosette for 3rd place, chosen from the1st  place SUB-DIVISION winners.                                                                                                                                               


Winners will receive a Pearl Middee Trophy and a Double Blue Rosette, one for Cast, one for Originals in Clay, chosen from 1st place Rosette winners.

BEST OF SHOW:           

Winner will receive a Best of Show Ribbon and Large Pearl Middee Trophy, chosen from the 1st place winners of all Classifications, one for Cast and one for Originals in Clay.                                                   


Winner receives Scholarship Ribbon, Pearl Scholarship Middee Trophy, one for Cast and one for Originals in Clay, chosen from 1st place High School Rosette winners.         

JUDGES AWARD:           

Special Award for Originality.  

DECAL AWARD:         

Special Award for unique use of Decals.             


Entry Form

Entry forms will be available in the studio. I cannot get the jpg to upload.

The Midwest Ceramic Association Show — these listings can be found on their website. Also, there is a list of teachers and vendors. www.midwestceramics.org

Carol’s Carousel Creations

Where having Fun is why we come!

Please let me know as soon as you can if you are entering something in the competition.

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Empty Bowls Fundraiser

We have scheduled two workshops to make bowls for the MVCT Empty Bowls fundraiser in October.

Empty Bowls WS I — Sunday, August 29 at 1:00

Empty Bowls WS II –Sunday September 19th at 1:00

Please come and bring your friends.
There is no charge unless you want to Buy Your Own Bowl for $10.

Patrons purchase a hand-painted ceramic bowl for $10 and get a lunch of soup at no charge. Last year’s event was cancelled due to COVID but we made $1500 for the church’s food pantry in 2019.

You do not have to know how to paint. We have stencils, silkscreens, and patterns to trace. OR you can use a crystal glaze or dripping glaze. There are all kinds of possibilities and we have a printout with some ideas. Last time we had 19 painters and hope that they can all come back this year. Most were able to paint two bowls during the 3-hour workshop. Some of the bowls we did were adding decals to Dollar Tree pre-glazed white bowls. Easy to do. Our goal is 100 bowls.

Want to Play with Clay? We have clay puzzling molds and a pattern to make a flower dish. Or you can hand build. Need to do these at Workshop I so they can dry and be painted at Workshop II.

If you are still in isolation, you can pick up bowls to paint at home (or we can deliver)

If you can’t make the workshop dates you can come at another time.

Monetary donations are also accepted to purchase supplies. Or you can donate items for the Chinese Auction.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Carol’s Carousel Creations

Mahoning Valley Ceramic Teachers (MVCT)

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End of Summer

Wow! It is August already and folks are finishing up with family and group picnics, day trips, and vacations.

It is time to start thinking about Harvest Decorations, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

It is time to think about coming back to ceramics after the lengthy COVID restrictions.

Post-COVID ways to do ceramics

How would you like to work on your creations?

1. Come to the studio for an Open Class?

2. Schedule a Personal Session in the studio?

3. Come to the studio for a new Technique Workshop?

4. Participate in a Paint-together Facebook Live?

5. Have the Party Van come to your home or other location?

6. Have To-Go Kits delivered or mailed to your home?

Time to place orders

If you want to make trees (for Christmas or other holidays) please order early.

See you soon!

Carol’s Carousel Creations

Where having Fun is why we come!

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Something went wrong and the National Lillipop Day workshop never posted. We actually did it, Jim thinks it has somehting to do with Facebook updating their program. We will try to do better next week and will repeat the Lollipop Day WS.


Check out our Carousel Catalog from the menu bar above or go to our Etsy store Carol’s Carousel Shoppe. Also see our dedicated Facebook page, Carol’s Carousel Shoppe. This holiday is especially important to us as we are Carol’s Carousel Creations!

Carousel Animals come in various sizes: ornament, music box size, small, large, and extra large. Each size is listed separately with several varieties of horses plus other menangerie animals. These can be ordered in bisque, painted, or complete, which includes a base and pole.

Complete Carousels come in several sizes. Some can also accommodate a music box. We will be showing off our music Box size carousel during this week’s Facebook Live. There is a center circular floor, center piece, and roof. The floor sections form three rings — ring one has five, ring two has five, and ring three has seven. This is seventeem separate floor sections but can probably hold about twenty animals if staggared.

We plan to paint the Scioto Carousel during the Live this Thursday.

Spinning Carousels are platforms that hang from the top of a pole by four ribbons. There are two special carousels with designs in the base piece, Country (farm animals) and Woodland (raccoon, skunk, etc.). The third is generic and can be made for varioius occassions –Witches & Ghosts, Pilgrims, Santas, Soft Deer, Snowmen, and so on. Young children like to set the platform spinning and watch it unwind. Set one on a low table and watch them have fun. We have not had any problems with them breaking the piece.

Carousel Related Items include a horsehead (makes a good lamp), basket, wall plaques (horses), plate (CH atachment), and so on.

Non-Ceramic Carousel Items include jewelry (necklace, earrings, charm bracelet), confections (chocolate candy, cupcakes, cakes, cupcake boxes), and quilts (child-size with carousel panel).

No matter what you call it
a Merry-Go-Round, a Carousel, or a Carrousel,
taking a ride is joyful treat for kids of all ages.

Carol’s Carousel Creations

Where having Fun is why we come!

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