Picnic Plans

Planning a summer picnic for a group such as your family, card club, or Star Trek Club?
Here are some suggestions for using ceramics in your event:

Serving Dishes

top hat ice bicket
pitchers for iced tea, lemonade, and Crystal Lite
lazy susan serving dish with 4 dishes and a center covered dish
potato bowl for potato salad or chips (comes with sour cream bowl)
corn bowl for corn on the cob (also corn s/p, single-ear dishes, and butter warmer)
watermelon bowl for fruit salad (comes with small bowl for fruit topping
BBQ S/P for the cook (large size)

Decorating the porch or patio

lanterns with candles or lights
wind chimes in various styles
hanging planters or ashtrays
flower pots
wall decorations

Party Pieces

themed coasters for party favors
themed mugs to fill with candy for game prizes
themed centerpieces
Our Star Trek Picnic Theme this year is Star Ships

Carol’s Carousel Creations

Isn’t it Great that we can enjoy a picnic again this year?

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Christmas in July

Come to the studio on Sunday, July 25th and make your own lighted Christmas tree at our special Christmas in July event. Studio opens at 1:00 and will remain open as long as needed. Order large trees ahead of time or just choose something from the shelf. For this special event only, all trees will be 25% off. You can paint them here in the studio on Sunday or purchase them to take home and paint on you own time. Prices include bisque, stain or glaze, snow, glitter, lights, star, and wiring kit. This is a good kids project, even the little ones can paint glaze with some help from a grownup. Price list is available upon request (PM or text).

Carol’s Carousel Creations

Where having Fun in why we come!

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Happy 4th

Americana is always a popular theme in home deco both indoors and out. We have a few plates and wall plaques along with some figurines, I still can’t upload pictures so will try and put them on the Facebook Page.

Upcoming Events for July

In the studio:

Traditional Fruit Bowl

A Club David brushstroke class we will be painting on a large shallow bowl. Saturday, July 10th at 1:00. Cost of $20 includes bisque, paints, and firing.

Just Like Me

A workshop for African American Kids ages 10 to 110. Saturday, July 17th 1:00 to 4:00. Special price of $10 only for this day. That includes everything you need to paint one African American figure.

A Walk in the Park

Saturday, July 24th at 1:00. This is a David Hoff Virtual Workshop that we are hosting here in the studio. Cost is $27 + $11 for the bisque & paints.

Christmas in July

Sunday, July 25th starting at 1:00. Come and paint a tree. 25% off trees that you paint today in the studio or purchase today to paint at home. You can request a copy of the 2021 Tree Price list by sending a PM or an email to CarolsCarouselCreations@gmail.com. The prices quoted includes the wiring kit, stain or glaze, snow, and everything you need to make the tree. Finished trees are more. If you want one of the larger trees please order it as soon as possible, Or you can simple choose one of the smaller trees from the shelf.

Plant Lady

Saturday, July 31st at 1:00 This is another Club David technique in which we will paint wisteria vines on a round footed planter. The words “plant lady” are optional. Cost of $20 includes lesson, bisque, paints, and firing.

Facebook Live Events

All virtual classes are on Thursday evenings from 7:30 to 9:00 EDT. Go to Carol’s Carousel Classes Facebook Group.

Column 2 is the actual day of the holiday. We already did the Ice Cream workshop. Check it out by watching the posted video.

1Thur-1National Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day
8Tue-6World Kissing Day
15Thur-15National I Love Horses Day
22Tue-20National Lollipop Day
29Sun-25National Merry-Go-Round Day

Open Classes

You can come and paint on whatever you want on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6:00 to 9:00. Cost is $5.00 plus cost of bisque and glazes.

If you want something poured for you please allow at least a week.

Please call, text, or PM to let us know you are coming so we have enough painting stations set up. The classroom is also used for painting and packing orders and often needs to be rearranged.

Party Van

This month we are visiting the Primary Class at the Austintown Community Church where we will paint ceramic donut banks or boxes.

Last Monday we visited their Preschool Class where thirteen 3 and 4 year old kids painted cupcake banks or boxes.

If you have a group and would like us to brinig a workshop to you just let us know. Before COVID we visited a number if nursing homes. Cost is usually $5.00 – $10.00 per person,

Carol’s Carousel Creations

Where having Fun is why we come!

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Studio Workshops

Pansy, Pansy, Pansy We had a wonderful class Saturday with Ceramic Educator David Hoff in California via Zoom. Students came here and we painted together, watching it on our big-screen TV. A Walk in the Woods is David’s next workshop on Saturday, July 24th at 1:00 EDT. You can come here and paint along. Arrive at 12:30 to transfer pattern. Cost is $27 + $11 for bisque and paints. You do not have to be a member of MVCT to participate. Let me know ahead of time if you are coming so I will print enough patterns.

lTraditional Fruit Bowl is a Club David project that I will be teaching on Saturday, July 10th. We will paint on a large bowl and the cost is $20 which includes all supplies, the tech sheet, and the lesson.

Plant Lady is a large planter with lilacs all around. It is the next Club David project and I will teach it if there is any interest. Workshops that I teach are typically $20.

Stroke & Coat Mayco Product Workshop is on Wendesday, June 30th at 11:00. There is no charge except for supplies.

Desisgner Liner Mayco Product Workshop is on July 22nd, 11:00-1:00. No charge except for supplies.

Carol’s Carousel Creations

Where having Fun is why we come!

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Etsy Stores Open

We had so many Etsy orders that we put both of the stores “on vacation” so that we could get caught up. Jesse has been hired to help witih the pouring and most orders have now been shipped out. So today we reopened both stores: AfAmKidsNFriends has all of our African American pieces as well as some white folks, too; CarolsCarouselShoppe has various carousels, carousel horses & critters, and other carousel-related pieces.

New Molds

For some reason I am not able to upload pictures at this time.

Clay Magic 1933 GIRL WITH HAT SITTING 6” Bisque, $11.75 Finished $16.25  
Clay Magic 1934 GIRL WITH HAT STANDING 10” Bisque, $11.75 Finished $16.25
Clay Magic 1935 SCHOOL GIRL WITH LUNCH BOX 9” Bisque, $11.75 Finished $16.25  
Clay Magic 1936 SCHOOL BOY WITH LUNCH BOX 9” Bisque, $11.75 Finished $16.25  
Clay Magic 1937 BOY STANDING WITH HAT 9 1/2” Bisque, $11.75 Finished $16.25  
Clay Magic 1938 BOY SITTING WITH HAT 6” Bisque, $11.75 Finished $16.25

Clay Magic 1520/1521 (body / 2 heads & 2 left hands) CHECKER PLAYER (white/black) Set bisque $40.00 Finished $55.00, One man bisque 11.75 One man finished $16.25 Set is 2 men (one white & one black) sitting on 2 twig chairs, with a checkerboard on a barrel/

Clay Magic 1517 KWANZA KIDS  9 ½” Bisque $14.25, finished $20.20
Clay Magic 1517 with 1518 (wings) KWANZA ANGELS 9 ½” Bisque $15.25, finished $21.50 Kwanza kids with wings


Now on sale — 15% discount on all orders over $50.00 Use code SUMMERSALE when ordering.

Thanks for following our web page. Please tell you friends to join.

Carol’s Carousel Creations

Where having Fun is why we come!

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Retreat Followup

Sunday was the third and final day of the MVCT Fishing with Friends retreat. Blogging that day did not even occur to me so here goes…

Twenty people participated in some way, whether teaching, painting, or behind the camers. Some were here for the whole thing — made all eight projects — and some just for one class or one day. Some joined us on Zoom from Pennsylvanis, Texas, Arizona, and California. Some even drove here from Alabama! It was a great experience and we all learned something new. As occurs with any event, there were a few hiccups but we finally got through all of the projects.

If you registered for the retreat you should have gotten a link for the Zoom recording so that you can watch it again to complete your projects.

If you didn’t make it to the retreat we can teach any of the projects in class, just ask. Pictures of projects, painters, and teachers are on the MVCT page. Videos of us painting door prizes and drawing prizes can be found on Carol’s Carousel Classes Group under Fishing Fridays.

Carol’s Carousel Creations

Where having Fun is why we come!

Come and join us Monday or Wednesday evenings at 6:00 for Open classes.

Watch the unusual holiday series on Facebook Live which is moving to Thursdays @ 7:30
(see Carol’s Carousel Classes group).

Look for special workshops, usually on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

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Fishing Fridays

Every Friday evening at 7:00 EDT we do a Facebook Live on Carol’s Carousel Classes called Fishing Fridays. During these online classes we are making a variety of fishing themed pieces to hand out at the…

MVCT Fishing with Friends Retreat being held June 11-13.

The Retreat

There are three options for participating in the retreat: come to the studio ($90) OR watch via Zoom with a to-go kit of supplies ($115) OR watch via Zoom but use your own supplies ($20). There is also an option to purchase a Fashenhues kit for the Saturday morning Koi class ($17.30 which is a 30% discount). Send me a message if you would like a registration form. A $30 deposit is required with the balance due June 1st. If you cannot make it to the studio for the entire retreat, you can do one day only for $30. Please note that these are costs only for materials and paints, we are not permitted to make money on a retreat. However, presenters will get IADCCT credit for presenting. The Zoom video will be available after the retreat is over in case you miss a day.

The Projects

We are making a total of 8 projects. Friday afternoon & evening is four Make & Takes (quick projects) including silkscreens, sponge-its, bubbles, and cobblestone. Saturday morning is the Fashenhues Koi Fish with Sheryl and Saturday afternoon is a clay puzzling Ugly Fish with Jim. Sunday finishes up the retreat with a Duncan U brushstroke class called “Gone Fishing” with Larry Knight and a stained-glass look fishing scene with French dimensions and glazes by Carol. Pictures of the projects are on the registration form.

The Prizes

There will be a drawing each day: Friday for the Fishing with Friends tree (with a fishing scene) painted in stains. Saturday the drawing will be for the Fishing Kids on a bench done in Fashenhues. And finally, Sunday’s drawing will be for the Fishing Boy with Dog done in underglazes.

Throughout each day there will be drawings for small items for door prizes. These include several fish dishes & shell dishes, windchimes, a planter, a cotton box, a shell box, fish family wall plaques, undersea tile sets, and coffee mugs. Also, each partipitant will get a shell party favor (most are painted with True Matte glazes) filled with candy.


Supply lists will be sent to anyone choosing to use their own bisque and paints. We can send these out as soon as we receive your registration.

Project Tech Sheets for all eight projects will be given to studio participants as we paint each project and will be sent with the to-go kits of supplies.

Prize Tech Sheets will be available for anyone participating in the Retreat. They are also available for purchase at $5.00 each by sending a message to Carol. These are for all of the projects done on the Fishing Friday Facebook Live videos. None of the items are up for sale since they are being made for the retreat. However, bisque & paints (with tech sheet), or finished pieces can be ordered for most items.

That’s it for tonight! Hope to see you at the Retreat!

Carol’s Carousel Creations

Where having Fun is why we come!

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Star Wars PYOP

Disney has granted a limited license to Chesapeake Ceramics to make and sell Star Wars bisque . The intent is for ceramic studios to offer “Paint Your Own Pottery” events. Strict licensing literature goes along with this and is available in the studio. We purchased bisque so that our local Star Trek club, USS Renegade, can paint them.

The Star Wars mugs were out of stock at the supplier so we purchased the following to get us started:

  1. Darth Vader bank
  2. BB-8 bank
  3. R2-D2 bank
  4. Death Star bank
  5. Chewbacca planter
  6. Light Saber vase

Other bisque is now back in stock at Chesapeake and the mugs arrived just yesterday on our front porch .

  1. Darth Vader mug
  2. Chewbacca mug
  3. Classic Star Wars mug
  4. Boba Hutt Helmet mug

All ten items are available for you to paint. May 4th is Star Wars Day so we will be painting some during our Live on the Carol’s Carousel Classes Facebook page. If you get your bisque and paints ahead of time you can paint along with us.

The planter and vase are glazed on the inside so that you can paint them in stains. The banks can also be painted in stains. However, all of the mugs must be glazed and fired if you intend to use them.

I have lots of pictures, both professional and snapshots of the ones I painted. For some reason this program says the picture files are all too large to upload. However, you can check them out on CarolsCarouselCreations Facebook page or go to ChesapeakeCeramics.com.

Carol’s Carousel Creations

Where having Fun is why we come!

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Fashenhues Dealer

I finally did it ! I just became a dealer for Fashenhues transluscent stains.

This is a non-fired product that works especially well on very detailed pieces. You can now purchase your Fashenhues colors from our studio. The investment was substantial and I am hoping that my studio and virtual customers will support me in this new venture.

This was our very first Fashenhues workshop.

The ladies painted Welcome Iris stepping stones for their gardens. This was the first time they used this technique. Didn’t their projects turn out nice?

Other stepping stone designs.

We have taken this project to several nursing homes. It is easy to do, doesn’t take a lot of dexterity, and gives them something to display in the gardens around the facility.

Summer projects include our collection of fairy garden homes and many garden critters.

Fall projects include the harvest jar and the scarecrow on a pumpkin.

These girls painted their Old Worls Santas with Fashenhues.

Fashenhues color charts

Posters for several Fashenhues workshops we have done in the past.
We are anxious to do these again so please let us know what you are interested in .
We need at least a week’s notice to get your pieces poured, cleaned, and fired.
We can do a workshop here in the studio OR we can bring it to your home or facility.

Carol’s Carousel Creations

Where having Fun is why we come!

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Spring has Sprung in 2021

Hope everyone had a happy Easter and are enjoying the warmer weather. Our daffodils are blooming here in Northeast Ohio and some of the yellow tulips came out today as well. The daffodils were not too happy with the snow last week and drooped clear down to the ground, but they have straightened back up again.

Stepping Stones

Let’s start thinking about getting outdoors and in the garden. Next week’s Tuesday Facebook Live is about gardening and we will be painting stepping stones for the garden with Fashenhues.

Ceramics for your Garden

  • We have bird houses and butterfly houses and things to use for bird feeders.
  • We have a realistic rabbit family with two large rabbits and three bunnies.
  • We have squirrels (pretty big) and a chipmunk.
  • We have a turtle, a frog, and lots of ducks and geese.
  • We have a mama and baby raccoon.
  • The deer that we have are not a natural size but would still look nice in your garden.
  • We have a rooting pig.
  • There is a Ziggy chameleon, a baby Ziggy, and Droogie the dragonfly.
  • There are some statues 14-15″ tall that could be placed in a garden.
  • We have a Nibble Nook mouse house and two different teapot fairy houses. There are also several Christmas Village structures and lots of accessories such as fences, bridges, and walls that can be used to make a fairy garden.
  • There are flower pots and watering cans for your patio.
  • There are hanging ashtrays and cutout lanterns, also for your patio.
  • There are lots of picnic items, too but that is for another day!

It looks like we need to update our online catalog with these garden items. Meanwhile, if you are interested in any of them, just ask in the studio or send an email to CarolsCarouselCreations@gmail.com. We will reply with a picture, description, size, and pricing from our studio catalog.

Carol’s Carousel Creations

Where having Fun is why we come!

If you are reading this and are not getting it in your email inbox, please type your email address in the box on the top right side of this page. You will get the weekly blog, usually done on Sunday. You will not get other additions or changes to the webpage but those will be referenced in the blog with a link to the changed items. Thanks for reading this and thanks for your support.

We are still having classes on Monday and Wednesdays at 6:00.

Facebook Lives: unusual holidays on Tuesdays and Fishing Fridays both at 7:00.

If you haven’t been watching these, please tune it.
If you aren’t available for the Live then watch the recording at your convenience.
These are on the Carol’s Carousel Classes Facebook page.

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