Cartoon Re-Update

When I added the new samples to the Cartoon Corner page yesterday, I discovered that the pictures were outdated and descriptions were missing. So today I spent several hours redoing the page with all new pictures and descriptions. Check it out Cartoon Corner.

Leisuramics 8011 Teddi Barra of Country Bear Jubilee

Oh yes, I also painted Teddi Barra this morning and added her to the collection. She is the singer in the Country Bear Jamboree. We have four characters — still have to paint Big Al!

Carol’s Carousel
Where having Fun is why we come!

That’s all folks!

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Cartoon Update

New Samples

Today I added these to the Cartoon Corner collection. To see others click here Cartoon Corner

Finished Disney pieces are NOT for sale. However, you can paint your own either here in the studio or at home for your own use (or to give as gifts). Bisque is $10. We occasionally have workshops that feature the cartoon characters.  However, there are 56 items in this category and we cannot have all of them ready on the shelf. Please preorder what you want.

Upcoming Workshops

  • Friday, July 27th repeat of the Soaring Kites WS
  • Friday, August 3rd, Kids Krafts Unicorns & Princesses
  • Saturday, August 4th, Date Night with Beer Steins
  • Sunday, August 5th, Sand-Painting WS
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday (6, 8, 10) Sand-Painting WS

Other posters will be added when available. Events have been created for some so check it out on Facebook.

Carol’s Carousel
Where having FUN is why we come!

Watch for
bi-monthly on Sundays (also M-W-F)
Kids Krafts workshops bi-monthly on Fridays

Date Night the First Saturday of each month


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Soaring Kites WS

REMINDER: Soaring Kites WS this week. We have this serving plate (or trivet) and also some “framed” serving plates the same size.
REMEMBER: This is not about the product you make, but about learning several new techniques that you can use on other pieces.
REGISTER: Sunday afternoon plus Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings during regular Open Class.. If this doesn’t work for you let me know. We can always do an afternoon session or even next Sunday.Kite Plate WS 6-22 23 25 POSTER

Carol’s Carousel
Where having FUN is why we come!

Hope to see you this week!
You’ll learn a lot and be glad you came.

P.S. Tweens and Teens can do this —
it’s an easy project, so bring them along.

teenagers cliipart

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Another new Catalog Page

See the source imageCovered Up

This page has containers, boxes, jar lid covers and other things with lids. Casseroles, canisters, jugs, and covered beer steins are on other pages. (74 items)

Again I ask for your help with proofreading. Many of our boxes have not yet been poured but we are working on it.

Check it out here: Covered Up


Carol’s Carousel
Where having FUN is why we come!

So check out our collection of ceramic boxes.
They make great gifts and you can
always tuck a little something inside.

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New Catalog Page

On The Wall (home décor)
clipart home sweet home

This page has 138 items and includes decorator plates, plaques, wall clocks, framed pictures, picture frames, ducks (plaques & hanging ducks) and other home décor items to hang on the wall. Also includes wind chimes, mobiles, hanging ashtrays & planters, coat racks, switch plates, and Christmas wreaths & plates. Pieces that take add-ons are listed separately.
Please check it out. Here’s the link: On the Wall

I would really appreciate feedback on this page. There are many items that do not have pictures, and a few where a picture of the mold is posted. We hope to update these posts as the pieces get poured and painted. This was a lot of typing with so many items and I am sure that it needs some editing.

Next Week in the Studio 

  • Regular Open Classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 6:00 to 10:00.
  • No Special Workshops this week as some students are on vacation.
  • No Party Van Workshops this week either.
  • kitesSoaring Kite WS will be the following week on Sunday (7/22), Monday (7/23), Wednesday (7/25), and Friday (7/27). Please let me know if you are doing the workshop so that I have enough bisque and enough technique packets printed. You may still come to class and work on something else while others are doing the workshop.
  • REMINDER: Christmas in July 20% off discount on your tree or Santa. Must be ordered and paid for during July to get the discount.

Carol’s Carousel
Where having FUN is why we come!

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Updated Carousel Ornaments

We just got in molds for eight of the Alberta Carousel Ornaments. I added these to the Carousel Ornament page and updated the rest of the items. Please check it out. Go to Carousels on the menu bar and scroll down to Ornaments. Note that carousels have their own catalog and are not included under the catalog tab.

The Alberta ornaments are small and do not require a pole. Just hang by ribbon or ornament hook from the loop at the top. There is a carousel stand to display them. We have the canopy top for it and have ordered the pedestal mold. There are also three more animal molds (six animals) that we plan to order to complete the set.

Carol’s Carousel
Where having Fun is why we come!

So why not come take a ride on our merry-go-round!

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We all had a fun time painting this cute piggy bank
and incorporating sand into out paint for the flowers.

Sand Painting Pig Duncan Class

Our next workshop will be the Soaring Kites
and we will learn lots of new techniques.

Kite Plate WS 6-22 23 25 POSTER

Essentials III & IV will be on Saturday, August 18th,
with a Fun workshop on Sunday.
Projects may be different than those shown here
as the program is being updated.


Then we are planning an Eye-Painting workshop for September.

Carol’s Carousel
Where having FUN is why we come!


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