New IADCCT chapter

IADCCT — the International Association of Duncan Certified Ceramics Teachers

iadcct logoIn order to join a local chapter, you must first be a CDT (Certified Duncan Teacher). This is accomplished by completing Essentials Courses I, II, III, & IV. We had Duncan Ambassador Dru Woodward here in July for I & II ; then Duncan Ambassador Marge Quick here in August for III & IV. Those who completed the training are interested in starting a new local chapter since the closest to us is in the Toledo area.

Organizational Meeting

Dru is helping us to organize at a meeting on Sunday, October 21st at 6:00 at Denny’s in Austintown. We have been gathering signatures for the new chapter petition which will be sent in tomorrow. There are also some members of our group Ceramic Teachers / Studio Owners of Northeast Ohio & Western Pennsylvania who are already CDTs.  If you are certified and wish to join us at the meeting you are welcome.


If you wish to take the certification courses, let us know and we can arrange another session. I believe that Dru has one or two scheduled now in PA and Larry Knight is teaching the series at Ohio Ceramic Supply in Ravenna. You do NOT have to be a teacher or have your own studio to take the classes. Some folks are just interested in the advanced educational opportunities and the free online workshops.

Duncan U Classes

Workshops given by Dru on Saturday, October 20th and by Larry on Sunday, November 4th are Duncan University classes and you get credit for taking them.

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Scroll down for a list of this year’s Fall workshops.

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Fall Workshops

The previous tentative schedule has been abandoned as we invite guest teachers into our studio.

Drybrushing with Laura

Monday, October 8th, 6:00-10:00 during regular class time
Laura Gilbert will teach the technique of drybrusing on a covered turkey bowl and matching set of salt & pepper shakers. As this technique is time-consuming, you may need to finish your pieces during a later session. Here are pictures of the pieces; however, not drybrushed. Cost is $20.00 which includes lesson, supplies, and bisque. If you have stiff brushes for drybrushing please bring them with you.

turkey trio

Aspen Leaves 

Saturday, October 20th 2:00-5:00
Duncan Ambassador Dru Woodward will be teaching this Duncan University class on the square box. This is a new technique which uses glass frit. Certified Duncan Teachers will receive credit for this class. Reservations required.  [We previously advertised doing it with Duncan’s Welcome Board but changed to a smaller item to keep the cost down. Anyone wanting to do this technique on the Welcome Board can do so later during an open class.] Cost is $35.00. This includes lesson, bisque, paints, certificate of completion, and additional firing since the frit will move if transported.

Aspen Leaves box

More Mandelas

Sunday, October 21st 2:00-5:30
Dru Woodward will be teaching another workshop for us on Sunday, previous to the IADCCT Chapter Organizational meeting. This new technique involves using various tools to apply dots of Cover Coat underglazes to an 8″ plate previously base-coated with blue, green, or black Cover Coats. Specify which color you want when you register. Cost is $35.00 which includes lesson, bisque, paints, and firing.

Drus dot mandela fall leaves

Country Holiday Poinsettia Plate

Sunday, November 4th 2:00-5:00
Duncan Ambassador Larry Knight will be teaching this Duncan University class. Certified Duncan Teachers will receive credit for this class. Reservations required. This technique shows us how to create a wood background and uses fired gold as an accent. The gold is optional and must be applied during a later class after the piece is glazed and fired. This pattern can be applied to any flat plain piece of bisque. We are offering the bell plate OR the oval platter OR a round dinner plate. Please specify which one when you register. Cost is $35.00 which includes lesson, bisque, paints, and certificate of completion. There will be an additional charge for the gold and extra firing, dependent on the amount of gold used.

Country Holiday Duncan U course

Casual Country Snowmen

Sunday, November 25th 2:00-5:00; Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6:00-9:00
Carol will be teaching this David Hoff Workshop using brushstrokes and neon Concepts on four square salad plates. You may choose to paint the edge of the plate in a solid color, creating a “Frame” for each picture. Cost of $20.00 includes lesson, four plates, paints, and firing.

four snowman plates

NOTE: these workshops have been posted as events on Facebook and you should have received an invitation.  Please let me know if you are coming so that we have enough supplies. The Drybrushing workshop and the snowman workshop are offered on class nights. However, you may come and paint something else if you are not interested in the workshop.

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Here is a chance to learn from true professionals.

It is not often that Duncan Ambassadors come all the way from Florida and Toledo, so take advantage of the opportunity this fall.

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this Saturday (8/18/) in Austintown, 9 am to 9 pm. Pick up Essentials I & II later to become a Certified Duncan Teacher. We had a couple of cancellations and have room for three more people. Taught by Duncan Ambassador Marge Quick.


We also have a few seats left for Marge’s brush workshop on Friday OR on Sunday. A must do for serious painters. Friday at 6 or Sunday at 2. Austintown. Call or PM for reservations. 330-219-8001

All About Brushes WS POSTER 8-17-18


We are still having class tonight (Wednesday) and next Monday.

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It’s not too late to
join us for this very informative, fun weekend with
Duncan Ambassador Marge Quick from Alaska.


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Workshop Postponed

The Dot Mandela workshop…

scheduled for next week is being postponed until October. Duncan Ambassador,
Dru Woodward (who taught our Essentials I & II) will be returning in October and she has taught this workshop before. Here are before and after pictures of the Dot Mandela Workshop that she did in PA last month. She has agreed to do this workshop for us, using fall colors and maybe some leaf patterns.

Drus Dot Mandela greenware

Carol’s Carousel Creations
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Watch for the Dot Mandela workshop coming to you in October.


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Slip Trailing

slip trailing Facebook videoI recently shared a video on our Facebook page that showed an artist demonstrating a decorating technique called slip trailing. This is a still clip from that video. Doing some research brought up several videos on U-Tube that show us how to do it. I am unable to share those here but you can Google “U-tube slip trailing”.

Slip Trailing


Slip trailing is the application of slip, which is clay mixed with water, to a clay surface using a bottle or other flexible vessel with a pointed tip. Unlike applying slip with brushwork, slip trailing involves a thicker, more fluid application, which can be used to created beautiful lines and raised textures.

slip trailed mugs

If you simply Google slip trailing you will find pictured a lot of pieces that have been slip trailed. It appears here that different colors of slip have been applied and that a base color was applied first in some cases. Since this is done on greenware, I would assume that we need Cover Coats underglaze for the base color.


You can draw your own designs, trace patterns or stencils, or use silkscreens. Remember to  keep the design simple as you are “painting” with a bottle of slip.
So, who wants to give it a try?

Carol’s Carousel Creations
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And there is always something new to learn!

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Updated Bears

clipart teddy bear border

This page is where all the teddy bears gather, over eighty of them! It includes seasonal bears as well as others, but NOT wildlife bears. For those, see Native American Indians and Noah’s Ark.

There are also quite a few ornaments with bears which will be found in Alberta Ornament CollectionCookie-Cutter Ornaments, and Assorted Ornaments. And see Carousels  for carousel animals that are bears.

[Note: this page is not new but it is completely redone with photos, descriptions, and prices on most items. There are lots that have not yet been poured, not updates will be made as available.] To see the page follow this link: The Bear Essentials

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So come check out our updated catalog
and see how you can have more fun!

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New Catalog Page


Today I added a page about our Jamar Mallory doll molds, a division of Alberta. These dolls are used for lace draping. Here’s the link Alberta Dolls 



Check it out and let me know if you would like a workshop on how to do this. One of our colleagues is interested and has done this before. It can be done with regular ceramic slip or porcelain slip, the latter being very costly. There are several different sizes, although we may not have all the “parts” for all the sizes. 


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