Great American Baseball Tour — Day 44


clipart-brothers.jpgMonday, May 28, 2018
Happy Memorial Day

Today was a day to visit family — Jim’s brother & wife, her son & daughter-in-law. We had a nice visit with lots of reminiscing, talk of the ceramics, their kids, and special education.

Before we went to John’s house we picked up the Disney molds.

Today’s Special: 20% off all cartoon characters

There are over 50 figures in various sizes. Check out the page Cartoon Corner
Here are some of the new ones we just picked up.

Carol’s Carousel Creations
Jim & Carol Warneke

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Great American Baseball Tour — Day 43

clipart carSunday, May 27, 2018

Another long travel day from Selina, Kansas to Decatur, Illinois, over 500 miles. Other than being a very long day, we had one mishap –we drove into a very strong thunder shower and when Jim turned on the wipers one went flying. So we had to hunt down a Walmart and get it replaced. If it weren’t for the Rain-ex on the windshield we would have had to pull over and wait out the storm.

clipart familyWe are here to visit Jim’s brother John & wife Phyllis. Remember that we visited Carol’s brother John & wife Sheila in Salem, Oregon. My brother Collins & his partner Scott and my sister Linda came to the 50th; as did Jim’s brother Dan and sister Annette. So we got to see all of our brothers and sisters. (3 each + spouses. Jim and I each have another brother who is deceased.) After our grandson’s wedding in June we will have seen all our kids (5+ spouses), grandkids (10+ spouses), and great-grandkids (4 no spouses LOL). We also got to see our nephew and his family of 9 at the 50th. Family is what’s most important in life, above everything else. It is so nice that we get to touch base with everyone this year (between February and June). AND we also got to complete Jim’s bucket list wish to see all of the MLB stadiums!


CC logo

Since we are finished partying and are on the way home, we are starting to shift gears and prepare to get back to work. Tomorrow we are picking up some molds. Here’s what’s happening:

  1. African-American molds and bisque already picked up from Oregon
  2. Cartoon molds including Sorcerer Mickey, Santa Mickey. and some bears, hope to get tomorrow
  3. Alberta Carousel ornaments (ordered / being shipped)
  4. More carousel molds picking up when we go to Wisconsin in June
  5. Military medallions in bisque (ordered  / being shipped)
  6. Baseball Smileys and Happys in greenware (ordered / pick up in Akron)
  7. Birthday party bisque and rainbow dish bisque (ordered / OCS)
  8. Essentials I & II bisque for WS in July (ordered / OCS)

Open Classes will resume in the studio next week on Monday, June 4th.
A schedule of workshops has already been posted.
Those not interested in the workshop, may come and work on other pieces.

Carol’s Carousel Creations
Jim & Carol Warneke


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Great American Baseball Tour — Day 42

clipart carSaturday, May 26, 2018

Now that all the games are done, we begin the long journey home. We drove from Denver to Salina, Kansas, over 400 miles. Nothing exciting.

OCP logoWe brought the coupon pages with us from our Star Trek Club and I cut out coupons most of the drive. Members bring in manufacturers coupons from the weekly ads or Sunday papers and Jim sends them to a Naval Base in Japan.

HELP WANTED — bring any coupons that you aren’t using to the studio and we will add them to the collection. They can use them on the base up to six months expired.

Military Emblem Trees 
Memorial Day Weekend

clipart military emblems

Today we are introducing our new military emblem trees. We have purchased decals of the military emblems (similar to those shown but I am not at home to check them out). We are using the same mold that we use for the football and baseball trees.


Nowell 1139 CHRISTMAS TREE & BASE FOR SCENE, 13″, color of tree and
lights will coordinate with the emblem. Finished tree with decal is $50.00.
Please state branch of the service when ordering.

Carol’s Carousel Creations
Jim & Carol Warneke





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Great American Baseball Tour — Day 41

baseball logoFriday, May 25, 2018
Last Game of the Baseball Tour!

Cincinnati Reds vs. Colorado Rockies
4 to 5 Colorado
The Reds started off well, the Rockies caught up and it was a tie for several innings, then they got more run and the Reds just couldn’t score again. Better luck next time!

Waiting outside the stadium for Jim to park the car. View of the field.
Jim & Carol selfie. The hats.
Mascot waving the victory flag. Dinger the Dinosaur.
We found out that when digging the new stadium they found dinosaur bones.

Baseball Smilies

To commemorate the end of the baseball tour we are offering the baseball
smilies (boys) and the softball happy (girl) painted in your team colors for $20.00

softball happys greenwareWhen ordering please state:
girl or boy pitcher or boy batter,
team colors, and any
logos or names or numbers you want on the jersey.

Since these are not our molds we are not taking orders for bisque unless you are painting in our studio.


Carol’s Carousel Creations
Jim & Carol Warneke


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Great American Baseball Tour — Day 40

clipart carThursday, May 24, 2018

On the road again… Hmm, sounds like a song!
We drove 500 miles today and finally arrived in Denver for the last game tomorrow. It was a beautiful, albeit long, drive. I didn’t even feel like reading, or working on the computer, or cutting coupons. So, we have lots of pictures! I’m sure that many look the same so I’ll just share a few.

My Happy Hubby; driving along the Colorado River

Farms; and wind farms up close

tunnels through the mountains

Train tracks; and here’s the train!

Mountains everywhere! Layers of color; snow on top

Ski runs and Ski lodges

The road; and the road above (the westbound lane)

For miles and miles it was nothing but sandy soil and little vegetation. But once we got near the Colorado River everything greened up. We saw farming including crops, wineries, horses, and cattle. The mountains surrounded us at all times — sometimes driving up and over one, sometimes driving in a narrow gorge between them. I found it interesting how many different kinds there were — some rocky, some with dark evergreens mixed with light green trees; some with low-growing bushes. It was a marvelous drive and this trip is how we make memories. We add another chapter to our 50 Years of Memories.

Ceramic Thought for the Day

With all these pictures it brings to mind frames to put them in.

Small frames for small pictures.
Set the first five on a shelf or make the last group as fridge magnets.

Christmas Tree ornaments hold small school pictures.
A great gift for Grandma!

A little graduate figure and a frame for the graduation photo.
An ornate frame for your painted 8″ square tile.
A framed flying eagle picture — picture & frame are both in the mold.
We also have a framed cardinal picture like this, but no photo to show.

If you are interested in more information on any of the frames, just send an
email to or PM our Facebook page.

Carol’s Carousel Creations
Jim & Carol Warneke



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Great American Baseball Tour — Day 39

clipart alligator relaxingWednesday, May 23, 2018

A day of rest on our trek from Washington to Denver. Tomorrow night we will be in Denver for the last game on Friday. Jim caught up on much needed rest and I caught up on some computer work. Then we found a Texas Roadhouse for dinner.

Upcoming Ceramic Workshops

I spent the day scheduling workshops for June and July. Still have to make posters for the Buy-Sell-Trade pages but wanted to let my regular painters know first.

Kids Krafts WS

  1. Friday, June 8, 6:00 to 8:00
    Daddy’s Grilling Plate, a hand-print plate for Father’s Day.
  2. Wednesday, June 13, 1:00 to 3:00
    My Birthday Party, happy-face baseball bowls on a short ice-cream dish
  3. Friday, June 22, 6:00 to 8:00
    Fabric-Painting Workshop, kids will decorate either an apron or a tote bag using Tulip fabric paints and markers.
  4. Friday, June 29, 6:00 to 8:00
    Magic Rainbow Dish, painted with colorful Concepts and accented with Color Burst Crystals

Grown-up Workshops

  1. Monday, June 4 & Wednesday, June 6, 6:00 to 10:00
    Kites trivet or wall plaque
  2. Wednesday, June 13, 6:00 to 10:00
    My Birthday Party, ice-cream bowl with lace and flowers
  3. Monday, June 18 & Wednesday, June 20, 6:00 to 10:00
    Make-A-Mug WS, choose from a variety of mugs, glazes, and underglazes to make a personalized mug to leave at the studio (FREE if left, $5.00 if taken home, $5 studio fee still applies)
  4. Monday, July 2 & Tuesday July 3
    Monument of the West Etched Tile, must order ahead of time as tiles must be etched when wet.
  5. Sunday, July 8th
    Sand Painting WS with Duncan Ambassador Dru Woodward, piggy bank
  6. Sunday July 15 & Wednesday, July 18
    Faces of the World figure painting. Includes African-American skin tones, shading, blushing, and highlighting.
  7. Sunday, July 22 & Wednesday, July 25
    Christmas in July, tree-painting workshops

CLUB DAVID 1401 Monument of the Valley Incised Tiles

Carol’s Carousel Creations
Jim & Carol Warneke

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Great American Baseball Tour — Day 38

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

clipart carToday is another travel day, this time to American Fork, Utah (outside of Salt Lake City). We are here for two nights to try and recuperate from the long days of driving. Our van actually looks somewhat like the one in the picture! Of course, everyone knows that ours is red. We have a black car-top carrier and is strapped down with bright orange straps because the lock broke. The back hatch is packed up to the headrests, and the back seat is packed as well. We bought an expandable organizer and soft cooler set at Sam’s Club several months ago. It makes loading groceries so much easier and I would recommend it to anyone traveling. We even have a suitcase behind Jim’s chair, and bags hanging on the coat hooks. Good thing we don’t need to give anyone a ride!

Kids Krafts Workshop

Today we took a break and stopped at Walmart. One of the Duncan companies is called Tulip and their products are sold commercially in craft stores. We purchased the Tulip supplies to do Kids Krafts Fabric-Painting Workshops: brush-tip markers, thin line markers, neon markers, puffy paint, stencils, aprons. and tote bags. Here is our first scheduled workshop. (Of course, the Big Kids are welcome, too!)

KK 6-22-2018 Fabric Painting POSTER

Carol’s Carousel Creations
Jim & Carol Warneke

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