Facebook Live Update

Finally figured it out:

  • I was able to change a setting on the Kids Krafts Apron video and share it to Carol’s Carousel Creations Facebook page with the rest of the videos.
  • We are getting lots of views of the Friday night videos (111, 290, 215, 88, and 58 in order of broadcast); Kids Krafts had 87 on the apron but the first one was shared so I don’t have a count.
  • However, people actually buying the To-Go Kits and Kids Krafts Baskets has been very sparse. We have tried to keep the price down ($15 for To-Go and $10 for Kids Krafts) and even offered to deliver them to people’s homes. Suggestions on promoting sales would be appreciated.

What’s Coming Up?

  1. Facebook Live Videos: In light of the number of viewers we will try to continue the Summer Schedule as announced last week. (Scroll down to see the post.) Even if people don’t take us up on purchasing the materials, at least we are sharing knowledge in the field of ceramics.
  2. In-Studio Classes: People have been asking if they can come in and paint.  I am still not certain what that will look like with the COVID-19 restrictions. Here are some ideas:
    • we have made facemasks for everyone
    • we have gloves if you wish to use them
    • we have hand sanitizer available
    • we will sanitize all bowls, palettes, brushes, and paints after you leave (do NOT return anything to the shelf, just leave it on the table)
    • we can only seat 11 people if we use both rooms (and if I can get the lumber relocated that is taking up the first table). People from the same household can sit together.
    • there will be a studio fee ($5.00) for any no shows unless you call and cancel
    • we have considered purchasing face shields to use instead of the masks (need your opinion on whether that might be more comfortable)
    • we will NOT be taking temperatures. It is your responsibility to stay home if you don’t feel well but please let us know in case someone else wants your seat.
    • tentative reopening date is Monday, July 6th at 6:00.
      • We will plan to do the workshop that was broadcast the previous Friday.
      • You MUST make reservations so that I can arrange seating .
      • You MUST tell me whether you want the workshop or Open Class. Since we are using both rooms it may be necessary to separate these two groups
  3. Party Van Workshops: We will resume the Party Van Workshops as soon as the nursing homes and care centers allow outsiders to come in. There is already one scheduled for the end of July.

Next Week

  • Wednesday @ 3:00 Kids Krafts Realistic Rabbit, drybrushing, for your garden.
  • Friday @ 6:00 Pet Angels, how to use metallic rub-on pastes

Carol’s Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

So just what does our New Normal look like?
More online classes,
social distancing in our studio classes,
and our Party Van Workshops.


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Facebook Live

Adult Workshops

We have been broadcasting ceramic workshops on Fridays at 6:00 on Facebook live. Once the live broadcast has ended the videos are on the Facebook page for you to watch. If it isn’t showing up on the screen just go to videos on the left.

  1. Learning to Mud (5/22) on salt & pepper shakers, stains
  2. Flower of Hawaii (5/29) on hyacinth vase, concepts
  3. National Donut Day (6/8) Duncan bisque donuts box OR bank AND coffee mug, concepts
  4. Happy Birthday to Me (6/12) cake box OR cupcake box OR cupcake bank AND ice cream cone, concepts
  5. Pet Angels (6/26)  How to use metallic rub-on paste. stains, Includes paint box
  6. Artful Daisies Garden (7/3) on plate with a lattice edge, cover coats
  7. Lemons Times Two (7/10) on a large pie plate, EZ strokes
  8. Wine & Cheese Board (717) (a David Hoff WS) on ceramic cutting board, concepts
  9. Christmas in July (7/24) Santa face on the Jolly Tree (stains)
  10. Sponge Flowers (7/31) on a pitcher or vase with Sponge-Its sponge stamps
  11. Ziggy (8/7) or other animal (prices vary with size) with Azure alcohol markers
  12. Poppy Silkscreen (8/14) on a large platter
  13. 8/21 TBD (requests taken)
  14. 8/28 TBD (requests taken)

Kids Krafts Virtual Summer Arts Program

kids krafts virtual summer arts program poster

Studio Reopening

We have not yet set a date for when we will reopen the studio and have classes again. I have made face masks for everyone and we will have to observe social distancing in our seating so reservations are a must. We will offer workshops in the studio with one-on-one assistance but will still do the videos for those who are not comfortable coming out. It will be at lease the beginning of July but might not be until August.

Carol’s Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

Please join us online Fridays at 6:00 and Wednesdays at 3:00.
Kids Krafts classes are for kids of all ages;
you might see something there of interest.


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New Tripod

Learning to use the camera

We got a new tripod that holds a cell phone and is able to focus down onto the work area. Unfortunately, we had just gotten home from the store with it when it was time to broadcast the workshop. So, the first Facebook Live Workshop, Learning to Mud, was done with me holding everything up in front of my face. The second Facebook Live Workshop was done with the camera aimed at an angle towards the table so you saw my shirt and the workpiece but not my face. The first was done with my tablet and I watched on my computer. The second was done with my phone and it wouldn’t come up on the computer. So there is a giant learning curve and I need to practice before next week.


We have to-go kits made up for both the Learning to Mud ($20) and the Flower of Hawaii ($15) workshops. You can still order them for pickup or delivery or deliver by mail. And you can watch both videos on the Carol’s Carousel Creations Facebook page. We have them for the next workshop as well and for all to come in June and July.

National Donut Day

This Friday, June 5th, is National Donut Day. The Facebook Live workshop will be a ceramic donut bank or donut box and a coffee mug. Again, if you order your to-go kit ahead of time ($15) you can paint along with us. When you order your  kit let me know what flavor donut and icing you want so we get the right colors. Sprinkles are part of the mold but you can request specific colors for those as well.

donut bisque

For the coffee mug, it will be a random plain cup from our studio shelf. And there are six clipart designs you can choose from to paint on your cup OR create your own. (Mug photo is from a class Jeremy’s workshop did with silkscreens.)

Carol’s Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

So for now, we must have our FUN by
meeting online in our virtual classroom.

See you on Friday!


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Facebook Live Workshops

First workshop was last Friday, Learning to Mud

If you missed it go the Facebook page

and look on the left side of the page for videos. We did the Learning to Mud workshop and painted flowers on the salt & pepper shakers. To –go kits are still available.

Getting Ready for Workshop #2 Flower of Hawaii

Friday, May 29th at 6:00 p.m.
We will be painting Flower of Hawaii on Duncan’s hyacinth vase. The original David Hoff piece is painted on a large platter. You will be getting several different sizes of the pattern. The smallest is what I used on the sample. However, you could use a larger size and put one flower on the front and more around the vase. I will be demonstrating the large pattern on a platter so that you can more easily see the lesson. As with workshop #1, you can order the to-go bag ahead of time and paint along with the broadcast. This workshop is only $15.00.

Workshop #3 is Friday, June 5th,
National Donut Day

Workshop #4 is Friday , June 12th,
Happy Birthday to Me!

Carol’s Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come?

We will just have to have our Fun from home for a while.

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Online Class starting soon

This is yesterday’s Facebook post.


1. First is the Learning to Mud scheduled for next Monday 5/18 at 6:00 p.m. Have you registered yet? Come to the studio and wear a mask or order a to-go kit and work at home on Facebook Live.

Making samples for the ten workshops we have coming up.
2. Flower of Hawaii on the hyacinth vase
3. Metallic Rub-On Paste on angel animals (includes rub-ons)
4. Artful Daisies (Garden) on the lattice plate (cover coats)
5. Lemons Times Two on a pie plate
7. Wine & Cheese Board on a cutting board
8. Wild Rose on a pitcher
9. Ziggy with Azure markers (picture not Azure)
10. Poppy Silkscreen on a large planter or vase (choice)

Don’t forget to register ahead of time for wither in-studio or online classes.

Carol’s Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

carousel creations logo

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Step 1: Making Masks

Pulled out the carousel fabrics and choose a couple for our masks: carousel animals and balloons for the ladies; bold stripes for the gents. And the carousel picnic scene for the bathroom curtain. ordered some elastic and downloaded a pattern.

carousel fabric

Step 2: Topping Tables

We need to clear the tables; wipe down with soap and bleach; and set the stations for social distancing.  The six-foot tables will have two stations; the eight-foot table will have three stations. That means we only have seating for six students and a teacher at any one time for workshops. For open classes we could set up two more five-foot tables in the kitchen, for a total of ten plus teacher. It is not quite the recommended six-foot social distancing (more like 3 1/2 to 5) but better than our usual setup.

table setup guide

Step 3: Visiting Video

That is, learning how to make and upload a video of our lesson OR how to broadcast live for those who wish to do the workshops at home.

smiley with camera

Step 4: Creating Classes

  1. Learning to Mud — Kelly salt & pepper shakers
    Kelly 0716 s&p with mud
  2. “Flower of Hawaii” — brushstroke workshop on Hyacinth Vase
  3. Metallic Rub-On Paste — on animal angels
  4. Flower Garden Plaque — “Artful Daisies” on lattice plate (similar to this one)
  5. “Lemons Times Two” — on pie plat

    Carol’s Carousel Creations
    Where having Fun is why we come!
    Hope to see everyone again soon.





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Reopening schedule

of 20 surveys sent out:
6 are interested in online classes, 6 are not, 8 no reply
7 are interested in Mud workshop
5 yes + 2 maybe are interested in David Hoff flower workshop
Tentative decision is as follows:
**  hold workshop in studio with Covid-19 modifications, that is masks (which I will make), gloves, hand soap, and social distancing (2 painters only per table)
** at the same time if possible, show workshop online (will need to order and receive kit ahead of time
** MUST preregister for in studio seat; must order kit for online workshop
DeWine: May 12 is the date to reopen consumer, retail, and service businesses.
**  tentative dates for us will be: Monday, May 18 for Mud workshop at 6:00 and Wednesday, May 29 for David Hoff flower workshop. (If doing both workshops online, you can order both kits to save on delivery time & expense)
**  other workshops and possible Open Classes are postponed until June. Appointments will be needed
clipart WE'RE OPEN
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Carol’s Teapot Collection

I started a new Facebook Page to feature our teapots.

Welcome to my new Facebook page where we will feature all kinds of teapots and tea-related items. As many of you know, we hold an Annual Cookie Exchange Christmas Tea in our home and often others throughout the year. I have a personal collection of about seventy-five teapots which resides upstairs in the dining room. And we have molds for nearly a dozen teapots that you can make yourself or have us make for you. I will be sharing pictures of teapots that we have (or catalog pictures if I don’t have a sample made). Eventually I will add pictures of teapots in my personal collection as well.


This is our fruit and lattiFruit basket teapot (glaze & concepts)ce teapot and it is rather large, 11″ wide from handle to spout. I painted this with a variety of semi-translucent glazes to bring out the details, and Concepts for some of the fruits. It won several awards for me at the Midwest Ceramic Show including the coveted Peggy Award.


Molds for these three teapots were purchased together. I really wanted the Carousel Teapot because of our name Carousel Creations. First picture is from a catalog, the second one is painted in stains with Christmas colors (glazed inside, it can still be used). The Flower teapot and the Strawberry teapot are both catalog pictures. We have had teapot workshops in the past where everyone painted one.

This Plain Teapot lends itself to multiple decorating techniques. The catalog picture on the left shows decals and sponging. The one on the right is done with sand painting a design that was traced on. This teapot could be cut out for a light or a candle or hung by the handle for a birdhouse. [Sorry about the  blue tape — this was taken at a ceramic show and the pieces were taped together.]

These are the latest addition to our teapot molds at the request of a student. They are two different brands of Dragon Teapots. First picture is a catalog picture; second was painted in a variety of shimmer glazes and accented in white gold for a Christmas gift. The third picture shows optional lids — Bavarian Lady on the teapot and Wizard in the lower left corner. Last picture is that teapot done all on one color shimmer glaze (unfortunately, if cracked and is not usable).


We have molds for the Cozy Fairy House Teapot and the Enchanted Fair House Teapot. The first two are calatog pictures and show the houses cut out for lights. However, if putting outside in your garden it would be best not to. On the right we see a student piece and then a Facebook picture of painting it as a Nightmare Before Christmas piece. At the bottom there are two views of one that I painted. These molds are purchased from Clay Magic who has four additional Fairy House Teapots. Go to ClayMagic.com to see them. If there is interest we can purchase additional molds.

teapot birdhouse ideaHere we see a unique way to use a teapot as a birdhouse in your garden.

Today’s post on the new page is Tea–for-one. Check it out!

Future posts will include teabag holders, magnets, picture frames, planters, clocks, and so on.

Carol’s Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

We are planning a tea after social distancing restrictions are lifted.
Please plan to come and bring a daughter, a mom, or a friend.


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Happy Easter 2020

happy easter flower basket clipart

In these days of Social Distancing to keep us all safe from Covid19, we reflect on better times, being able to go to work and being able to spend quality time with friends and family.

Spending time alone at home requires us to find things to keep us busy — cooking and cleaning can only go so far. Having a creative outlet soothes the soul and gives us a purpose in life. We can create things for our home or garden, or can make gifts for the not so distant holidays. And the kids need to keep busy, too.


  • If there is something on your shelf you want to take home and work on
  • If there is bisque on our shelves you would like to purchase
  •  If there is something in our catalog you want us to pour

We have put together Easter buckets in the past. We included two pieces of bisque, paints, and a cheap brush as well as coupons for studio time. The paints in the buskets are a strip of several acrylic paint colors.

We have a supply of Cute Kitty, Scottie Dog, and Comic Mouse on the shelf. They sell for $5.00 in bisque.

We also have a supply of small realistic bunnies. If you have Fashenhues paints at home, they work well on the rabbits. If not, simply use acrylic paints. They also sell for $5.00 in bisque. Large realistic rabbits are available on order. Small bunnies are 6″; large rabbits are 12″ & 15″ and sell for $12.50 in bisque.

And, of course, we have chocolate bunnies, baskets, and eggs which we poured for the Easter workshop. If interested in these please inquire.

What to order

  • You can purchase paints or borrow paints.
  • If you wish to spray your painted pieces you can use any spray including hairspray. Or we can sell you a can from our stock.
  • If you wish to work on fired pieces with underglazes or glazes, that is okay, too. just drop off when ready to fire.

How to get your supplies

  • Stop at the house and pick up your order from the front porch. You can pay through Facebook or PayPal or leave cash or check in an envelope.
  • Can’t get here? We can deliver if you are within a half-hour drive of Austintown.
  • Too far away? We can ship.

Carol’s Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

We can still have Fun painting. We just have to do it at home!





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Follower Drawing

Monthly Drawing

clipart ticket drawingThe winner of the drawing for March is baddkham36. Please contact me by sending an email to CarolsCarouselCreations@gmail.com to discuss your prize. You may order from our online catalog and receive a $20 credit or you may come to the studio when we reopen. The February winner was indianeskitchen. I have not received a response so please contact me by email as well.

The drawing is discontinued due to lack of participation.

Studio is closedclosed clipart

Until the government lifts the social distancing rules we will not be not open.

Etsy orders delayed

clipart scraped kneeEtsy orders and other bisque orders will be filled as soon as we can. I realize that Etsy orders are already paid for and will refund money if you wish to cancel your order. The reasons for the delay are that Jim has been unwell and Carol needs to do the pouring. Now Carol has been dealing with a bum right leg since before convention in February and last week she fell and scraped up the left knee pretty badly. Walking is rather difficult right now so moving heavy molds and standing at the pouring table is next to impossible. She is mostly sitting in her chair with her legs elevated. That being said, we will try and get something done this week.

Carol’s Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

Looking forward to everyone coming back after the all clear:
Technique workshops, open class, birthday parties,
and Party Van workshops at the nursing homes


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