Twelve Weeks of Christmas

I have been putting together a Twelve Weeks of Christmas Special using many of the ceramic bisque items in our collection.

First we will feature the Twelve Days of Christmas Bears (9/17)
Then the Twelve Days of Christmas Bell ornaments (9/24)
Both are preview item sets  as the actual 12 weeks starts on October 1st.

Twelve Weeks of Christmas — Week 1

Duncan 0230 partridge in a pear tree trivet

October 1 to 7 is the Partridge in a Pear Tree Trivet. This is a ceramic piece done in black glaze and underglazes. It sits on three small feet to keep it up off the table. A cute seasonal item that is also useful all year round for putting hot dishes on the table, it makes a nice Christmas gift for a friend. This item can be purchased finished for $12.50 or in bisque for $6.00. Colors and techniques may vary on finished pieces.  Colors to match your kitchen upon request.


These specials will be advertised on our Facebook page, in Buy-Sell-Trade ads, and on ceramic group Facebook pages. Prices stated are valid that week only and will increase by 20% following the special. Must be ordered and paid for during the week they are on special.

the last day to get the Christmas in July 20% discount
on trees is this Monday, July 31st.

Carousel Creations
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CC logoThis post is just a preview of what’s to come.
Watch for announcements every Sunday on this web page.






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Carousel Party Van

Here are a few ideas of things we can bring to your meeting place:


Duncan 0077 stack mugCoffee Mugs
The Coffee Shoppe

This link shows pictures of many of our coffee mugs. They come in all shapes and sizes, some with designs and some plain. All can be personalized with your name, logo, or whatever you want to add. Workshop is $10 per painter.

Dogwood Cross

Lauras dogwood cross

This is a brand new mold for us. In fact, I haven’t even made one yet. But one of my students painted this one in Dayton, and another painted one in class this week. They are done in Fashenhues. Workshop is $15 per painter.

Harvest Jar

Dona 234 Harvest Jar CC

This candy jar is a popular fall item. If the inside is glazed it is food-safe. The painting is again done in Fashenhues. This workshop is $15 per painter. (Workshop can be combined with the Dogwood Cross since it is the same medium.)


Soft Sculpture Ghost or Turkey

ghost or turkey ws pictureThese soft-sculpture pieces look like they are made of cloth. Adding fabric patterns to the various sections makes them look quite real. Painted in acrylic stains. Workshop fee is $15 per painter, choice of items.  OR make a ghost for October and a turkey for November!

Butterfly Wings

Butterfly WingsThis technique is done using Concepts underglazes. We will learn to blend several colors on the wings and use French Dimensions to add raised dots. Several large pieces of bisque will be  available including plates, bowls, and vases. Workshop of $15 per painter.


Stuffed Animal Banks


soft dragonThis link shows our soft stuff. (Of course, it only looks soft. )Most of our stuffed animals can be made into banks. This is an Acrylic stain workshop and can be done by most children (even us 70-year-olds!).  It is quite easy to add dot patterns including hearts and flowers using the handle end of a paint brush. The Kids Krafts workshop includes the smaller pieces and is $10 per painter. Larger animals would be more.

Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

CC logoYou can put together a workshop for your group in any medium,
any price range, 10-30 painters, once a week or just once.
Join us at the studio for one of our Sunday Workshops
Come to the studio and paint whatever you want  during Open Classes.


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duncan 1136 large coffee mugAustintown Senior Center
Ceramic Workshop

If you are thinking of attending the workshop  to make your own coffee mug, check out this page of our catalog: The Coffee Shoppe. We have about thirty different mugs. Unfortunately, some of the pictures got distorted but you can at least get an idea of what we have. You may want to personalize yours with your name using rubber stamps or by drawing the letters freehand. The cost of this workshop is $10. If there is enough interest we can do other workshops, cost depending on what things the group wants to make.

Kids Krafts this Thursday

Baby Ziggy CCAt the studio from 6:00 to 8:00. Preschoolers can paint as a Mommy & Me project. We will be painting Baby ZiggyCost is $10 per painter and there are only a few seats left. You need to call soon if you plan to come.

Next Sunday Workshop

Butterfly WingsAt our studio, Sunday, August 30th from 1:00 to 5:00. We will be doing Butterfly Wings, where we learn to blend the Concepts colors and add texture with French Dimensions. We will have several large containers (bowls, plates, and vases) to choose from for the project. (We do not have the bowl pictured.) You MUST register so that we can pour your bisque. Cost is $20.


Christmas in July 20% discount on trees ends on Monday.

Carousel Creations
Where Having Fun is why we come!

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Santa Workshop

Old World SantasToday we had five painters doing Old World Santas with Fashenhues. Some were kids but they did okay. We have two of the Royal Santa (1st & 4th), two of the Farmer Santa (2nd & 5th), and a Pinecone Santa.

Check out the Old World Santa page and order  yours. We have 45 different Old World Santas besides our regular Santas. We can do another Fashenhues Workshop if you would like to learn OR you can paint them with acrylics. Just send a PM to the Facebook page or call us. Here’s the link Old World Santas 

Most Old World Santas are 10-12″ tall and sell for $10 in bisque. Some of the international Santas are only 8″ tall and sell for $7.50 in bisque. Lesson fee at Open Classes is $5.00.  The Fashenhues Workshop is $20 which includes the lesson, bisque, and paints. If you have already attended a Fashenhues workshop you can do them during Open Class. You MUST order which Santas you want as I am not pouring all 45 — no shelf space for that many!

Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we  come!

CC logo

Plan Ahead —
Last year we had folks having to hurry at the last minute.

Old World Santas make a unique Christmas gift.



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Baby Ziggy CC

TONIGHT I emptied both kilns and loaded the Skutt again with greenware. Then painted a sample of Baby Ziggy. Here he is in Kindergarten colors — red orange yellow green blue and purple with additional black for the eyes, silver for the spikes on his back, and copper for the rivets.

THURSDAY 6:00-8:00 Kids Krafts will be painting him. (We can help the kids touch up if needed.) What a FUN project! Call and reserve seats for your kids. We still have room!

TOMORROW (Sunday) is the Old World Santa Fashenhues workshop at 1:00. I have room for a couple more painters.

Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

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pump clipart

The slip pump is burned out and there is a new one expected to arrive on Monday. Now that we have slip mixed and are ready to pour. GRRR! Until the new pump arrives we have to pour with a pitcher so that limits us to the smaller molds.


  1. 8 Old World Santas for Sunday’s Fashenhues workshop 1:00-5:00
  2. 9 Baby Ziggys for Thursday’s Kids Krafts Workshop 1:00-3:00 or 6:00-8:00
  3. poured assorted ornaments to add to the craft drawers (small molds)
  4. postponing all Football Tree orders (need 12 trees) until the pump arrives
  5. postponing the Penguin Tree
  6. will be working on other bisque ordered by students in class
    (as soon as I locate the molds)
  7. will be pouring mugs for the first Party Van excursions (10 painters X 3 weeks)
  8. anxious to pour our  NEW MOLDS :
    1. the Penguin Tree (like the snowman tree),
    2. Large Top Hat (ice bucket or for flowers),
    3. 15″ Oval Platter for our Pumpkins & Mums workshop,
    4. 8″ plain round bowl (for silkscreen,traced designs, or decals)
    5. Dogwood Cross (a Fashenhues project), and
    6. Baby Ziggy (makes 3 at a time)

Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

CC logo

So if there is something you need poured, please
remind me and we will get to it as soon as we can.


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clipart Mailbox-blue-mail-clip-art.jpgLetters

We have been getting some responses to the letters sent out last Friday. So far, we heard from a workshop for disabled adults, a senior center, and a nursing home.   So it looks like the Carousel Party Van is a new addition to our business.

Since it is impossible to take everything in the van, these events will need to be “workshops” where everyone is doing the same medium, on a selection of several similar pieces. Our first such workshop is a Make-A-Mug using Concepts with sponges, rubber stamps, and brushes. Each painter will end up with his/her very own, personalized coffee cup.

clipart old world santa sceneREMINDER:

Old World Santa Workshop is next Sunday. You need to register and to order your Santa. Old World Santas This is a Fashenhues workshop.

Kids Krafts Every Thursday 1:00-3:00 or 6:00-8:00

schedule through the end of August

  • 7/27     Baby Ziggy (acrylics)
  • 8/3       Mommy & Me Tea Party (repeated; decals)
  • 8/10     Make-A-Mug (Concepts, rubber stamps)
  • 8/17     Clay Flower (handcrafted clay)
  • 8/24     Cartoons (Power Ranger, Disney; acrylics)
  • 8/31     Birthday Plate (Concepts, trace pattern)

Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

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