Carousel Molds


First, let me say that we are working on pouring carousel horses this week. All customers who have outstanding orders have already been notified. The large horses are difficult to pour and clean without breaking the legs so please continue to be patient with us.

New Molds

They are actually not new, but we have purchased a number of carousel molds to add to our collection from another ceramist. We will pick them up from her when we go to the Midwest Ceramic Show April 6- 9. If you see anything you want to order, send a pm or a text. I will try to add pictures to the Facebook post.

Doc Holliday 877 Prancer 6″ (picture looks like a unicorn to me)

Doc Holliday 877 Elephant 6″

Doc Holliday 850 Indian 6″

Doc Holliday 850 Goat 6″

Doc Holliday 852 Classic 6″

Doc Holliday 852 Calvary 6″

Doc Holliday 909 Polar Bear

Doc Holliday 909 Rose

Doc Holliday 923 Kangaroo

Doc Holliday 923 Parade

Gator 460 – Indian Horse

Provincial 762 – Indian

Provincial 763 – Armored

Doc Holliday 948 – Thoroughbred, 12″

Ceramichrome 1865

Ceramichrome 1953

Ceramichrome 1954

We will add these to our online catalog and to our Etsy store after we have them here.

Carol’s Carousel Creations

Where having Fun is why we come!

If you haven’t had the change, come on over to the studio and Ride the Carousel!

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The Jolly Tree

This tree is quite whimsical with curlicues and a flat face and back. (I will post some pictures on the Facebook page but for some reason this program no longer accepts my pictures.) It is a Mayco mold and Bob Morini of Mayco has created several seasonal variations. This is not a regular Christmas tree shape and thus does not lend itself to lights. However, some painters have been creative with adding lights on the curlicues or along the tops of the “waves” created by the curlicues.


Grinch: Most recently we have painted two versions of a tree — one with a face and one with a hand holding a Christmas ornament. Faux fur is added to the “hat” on the face version.

Santa: the Santa face is popular at Christmas with a little non-fired snow on his cap.

Elf: he could accompany your Santa tree.

Poinsettia: There is a cutout version where the flowers are cut out and the inside is painted red. This one does get lit.

Snowflakes: overall design in blues and white.

Snowman: I also did a snow lady with curly hair added.

Bunny: we will be painting an Easter Bunny tree this Thursday on Carol’s Carousel Classes Facebook page at 7:30 EST, The picture is not my own, nor Bob’s so I don’t know who should be credited for the design.

Scarecrow: Another of Bob Morini’s creations.

Witch: add some curly hair and a green face to get this adorable but scary Halloween tree.

Pumpkin: someone painted it orange and added a jack-o-lantern face.

Scene: you can paint anything you like. I did one called “Starry Night over Bethlehem” with punched-out stars and a silhouette town scene with snow. This one is lighted.

For more ideas:

  • go to and search for jolly under projects
  • search for jolly tree in Facebook
  • check out the new Facebook page Jolly Tree by Mayco where folks are sharing pictures of their work
  • follow the link to Carol’s Carousel Creations where this post is shared along with pictures of the trees described here.

Carol’s Carousel Creations

Where having Fun is why we come!

There is a tree for every season! Make some of yours jolly.

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New Approach to Second Saturday

We did our second craft fair last Saturday and sales were still a little lite. Still looking for ideas to make this worthwhile. Your suggestions are appreciated.

  1. Consignment with other shops in Courtyard Square such as pieces for wax melters, incense sticks, and dragon items; yarn bowls at the knitting shop
  2. Updated items such as gnomes and old trucks. Other ideas?
  3. PYOP table where customers can paint small and medium size pieces in stain or purchase bisque kits to take home.
  4. Workshop where customers learn to paint a specific project, scheduled and advertised ahead of time

MARCH theme is St. Patrick’s Day

Carol’s Carousel Creations

Where having Fun is why we come!

Tell us what you would like to see in our booth
or what you think would be beneficial

and make participation worthwhile.

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January in the Shop

Welcome to February, the month of Romance and all things hearts! We posted a tree sale in January in order to clear our shelves of sample trees. It looks like a forest in the studio, with all the trees ready to ship out! Someone asked about Grinch trees, so we posted some pictures and got lots of orders for them. Those we have to make as well as several other trees that were sold, but then ordered by another person.

All of our Valentine trees were sold. So, we made three more for next Saturday’s show. Then did the logo tree with the Valentine Truck silkscreen during a live on underglazes, and a valentine spruce tree in red Fashenhues during another live. So now we have five trees ready to take to the show. We will go ahead and take pictures of these and post them on our main page, Carol’s Carousel Creations, in case anyone wants to purchase them.

Christmas items were surprisingly ordered in January. Besides more trees, we are making a Scottish Santa, a Santa the looks like it’s carved out of wood, a complete Holland Caroler set, and the Twelve Days of Christmas Bears. We also have folks asking to come to the studio and paint their own trees. And the gal who cleans greenware for me is spending all her studio credits on making trees!

UFOs are a must — that is, all those Un-Finished Objects that are sitting on your shelf. The beginning of the year is a great time to focus on either finishing those pieces or taking them home to do later. Right now (with COVID) shelf space is not an issue as quite a few students have not returned. However,when they come back students will be limited to only one shelf.

Carol’s Carousel Classes hosts Live events every Thursday at 7:30 EST. If you haven’t tuned in, you may want to take a look. Last week was the non-fired session (Fashenhues) and this week is Play with Clay. We will be making Brown Sugar Bears for the March show. Be sure to let us know you are there by posting in the chat or by giving us a like. Thanks for watching.

Carol’s Carousel Creations

Where having Fun is why we cone!

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Getting Ready for the Craft Shows

Earlier posts have mentioned the Second Saturday Artisan & Vendor Shows at Courtyard Square in Salem (scroll down for more information)

Themes: February Valentine’s Day, March St. Patrick’s Day, April Easter. If we continue there will be Mother’s Day in May, Father’s Day in June and I also heard something about a car event coming up.

For February

  • For sale: Valentine Trees, plates, figurines, heart boxes, and much more.
    Prices vary.
  • Valentine Craft Kits: Scottie Dog, Cute Kitty, or Comic Mouse; Small Heart Box or Picture Frame; Valentine Ornament in bisque ready-to-paint; Acrylic Paints & Paint Brushes, Paint Pallet, Stir Stick, & Water Bowl; Coupons: Kids Krafts & Free Adult Lesson; Valentine Candy.
    These kits are in baskets and sell for $15 each or two for $25. Great gifts for the kids.
  • Brown Sugar Bears: actually, we made them as conversation hearts and a few bears. These are small pieces of bisque colored with underglazes that you soak in water, then put in brown sugar and other food products to keep them from drying out.
    This is a free gift for everyone while supplies last.


  • Leprechaun Boot Bank, Leprechaun decanter, beer mugs, shamrock boxes, and more.
  • Shamrock Craft Kits: ornaments, shamrock box, and figurine. Painting supplies are the same.
  • Brown Sugar Bears will be available again in the shape of shamrocks.


Watch for it! We have lots of Easter items including baskets, eggs, figurines, and “chocolate” bunnies!

Carol’s Carousel Creations

Where having Fun is why we come!

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January Tree Sale

We have been posting trees on Carol’sCarouselCreations FB page and sharing with another tree page. There are:

  • Small sierra spruce
  • Small Nowell 341
  • Holland 705
  • Funky Tree
  • Faceted Tree
  • Jolly Tree
  • Large trees
  • Grinch trees

Most of these trees are on the shelf ready to ship. However, we can still take orders if you see something that is marked sold.

It has taken several days to get them all photographed and posted. And another two just to respond to messages from customers and creating PayPal invoices for everyone.

Hopefully, we can get the in-stock trees shipped out the beginning of the week. Pouring the special orders will take some time as Jesse came down with a fever yesterday. We are all praying that it isn’t COVID and that he will be back soon.

Carol’s Carousel Creations

Where having Fun is why we come!

If you want to come and make a tree, get your orders in as soon as you can.

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Off to a Slow Start

  • Open Classes still available, just let us know you are coming:
    Monday @ 6:00, Wednesday @ 11:30 and 6:00.
  • Second Saturday (as discussed in the last post) at least through April:
    Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter themes plus other pieces
  • Thursday Night Lives continue on the new schedule:
    1st wk = non-fired. 2nd wk =play with clay, 3rd wk = underglazes, 4th wk = glazes
  • Technique workshop, Date Night, and Kids Krafts are postponed.
    The creativity needed to put together these classes is alive and well. However, the marketing and publicity is a challenge, and we haven’t been able to get a supply of bisque on the shelf.

What we are up to:

  1. finishing MVCT centerpiece (carousel) & favors (silkscreen transfers)
  2. fulfilling current Etsy orders
  3. completing a large start-up order for another shop
  4. repairing and painting large carousel horses
  5. getting a supply of bisque on the shelf
  6. working on the Second Saturday pieces
  7. cleaning and organizing the studio — there is never enough time for this
  8. updating master catalog, website catalog, and Etsy stores to include missing items and to make sure prices are current and consistent across all. Losing our slip and paint suppliers is causing an increase in costs and will necessitate an increase in prices.

If you have a group that wants to come and paint at another time just let us know.

If you want to work in the studio, we can always use more help.
We currently have a paid employee for pouring molds
and another for cleaning greenware who gets paid in product.

Carol’s Carousel Creations

Where having Fun is why we come!

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Second Saturday

The second Saturday of each month we will be at the Courtyard Square Small Business & Artisan Market, 645 E State St, Salem, OH from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. (I know that I mentioned this before and you can scroll down to see our January events.) News article:

The Small Business & Artisan Market is held in the Courtyard Square on the second Saturday of every month from 11:00am-4:00pm. The event is organized by Killy’s Kauldron, with special thanks to Salem entrepreneurs, Scott & Lisa Cahill, for the use of the Courtyard space at no cost to the vendors. The Cahills purchased and have been renovating Salem’s historic Courtyard Square since 2013.This month’s event will feature local author Robert Greier, Spiritualist Minister and Medium Brandee Todd, several local artists, and the following vendors:• Jessie’s Closet Boutique (Salem) • The Cuckoo Bin (Akron) • Creations by Sheena Marie (North Lima) • Canning Creations (Salem) • Bees & Teas Farm Crafts (Salem) • Carol’s Carousel Creations (Austintown) • Nani Soaps (Broadview Heights)• Aura Mind and Body (Salem)

Yesterday was the first time we participated in the market. Since Winter Wonderland was our theme, we took snowmen, penguins, sleds, sleighs, icicles, and more. We actually did not sell very much but it was rather cold and there wasn’t much traffic for any of the vendors. It was also our first time and business usually picks up once you are better established. What did sell was mostly bisque for folks to paint at home. That leads me to think we might do more sales with “to-go” kits which include paints and brushes along with bisque.

There are a few permanent shops in Courtyard Square:

Killy’s Kauldron is our granddaughter’s shop. She had her grand reopening yesterday and they moved to a new space that is about three times as large. Here is a news article about her shop.

January 5, 2022. Killy’s Kauldron Announces Grand Re-Opening and Small Business / Artisan Market on Saturday, January 8thKilly’s Kauldron is a specialty shop, owned and operated by lifelong Salem residents Courtney Bosworth, and her mother, Toña Warneke. The shop, which is named after Bosworth’s son, Killian, specializes in handcrafted crystal and herb infused soy candles, which they create right in the store. Courtney Bosworth said in an interview that, “In addition to our own creations, we also carry a wide variety of crystals, herbs, essential oils, books and tarot cards. We also have items on consignment from other local crafters, such as handmade jewelry and crocheted dolls. ”Killy’s Kauldron is located within the Courtyard Square at 645 E. State St, the same building as Coaches Burger Bar. If entering from within the Courtyard, just look for the purple door! Hours of operation are Tuesday-Friday 5:30pm-8:00pm and 11:00am-8:00pm on Saturdays. You could also check them out on their Killy’s Kauldron facebook page or their website,

Knit Wits has tons of yarn and everything else for the crocheter or knitter. From their webpage:

Knit-Wit Knits is located in Salem Ohio, a quaint
town in North Eastern Ohio. Customer service, quality yarns, accessories and
patterns for knitting and crochet are our trademarks. Individual help and
group classes are scheduled year round. We  can ship all of our quality
products anywhere in the USA.  Please take time to explore our pages then send us your comments and requests!

Our commitment is for January through April and then we will decide if the Market is worthwhile for our business. The themes are Winter Wonderland, Romance in the Air, Luck of the Irish, and Easter Parade. Our son Jesse (who pours molds for us) has agreed to run our table at the Market for us. Yesterday we both went as I wanted to scout out the setup, see our granddaughter’s shop, and decide on a strategy for sales.

Vendor sales is another possibility since we have items that may help out some of the others: Bees & Teas Farm Crafts can use some teapots and planters, Knit Wits can use some yarn bowls, and Killy’s Kauldron can use some wax melters and dragons. Or I can set up a shelf in Kelly’s Kauldron to sell other pieces on commission.

Carol’s Carousel Creations

Where having Fun is why we come!

Next month, why not check us out at Second Saturday in Salem!

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Red Chair Day

When Jim got up and asked what I had been doing all day, I told him I never made it downstairs to the studio but instead did come computer work. He said, “Oh, so you had a Red Chair Day!” If you have ever been in our family family room, you know that we each have our own red leather chair (mine has a footstool and his is a recliner).

Salem Second Saturday

This coming Saturday, January 9th, Jesse and I will have a table at the event Courtyard Square Small Business & Artisan Market, 645 East State Street, Salem, Ohio. I spent some time today searching the catalog for snowmen, sleighs, penguins, and other items that we can take. Pulled out the bin yesterday and just need to price everything and pack to take. This event takes place the second Saturday of each month from 11 to 4, so we are going to try it for several months to see if it is worthwhile.

January Calendar

Facebook Live Events

  • Thursday 1/6 Nonfired Techniques = Azure markers on a pre-glazed unicorn
  • Thursday 1/13 Play with Clay = building a tree on a cone puzzle mold
  • Thursday 1/20 Underglazes= Silkscreen Valentine Truck plate & mug set
  • Thursday 1/27 Glazes = snowman with cobblestone

Workshop Events

  • Wednesday 1/5 MVCT Paint Party
  • Saturday 1/8 Salem Second Saturday = Winter Wonderland craft show
  • Sunday 1/9 Technique workshop = brushstrokes: Country Friends (snowman) plate
  • Tuesday 1/11 Renegade Paint Party
  • Saturday 1/15 Date Night = Little Folks Puppy Love OR Boy & Girl Valentine Plaque
  • Friday 1/28 Kids Krafts = Valentine boxes


Today I also made posters for the three workshop events listed above. We can post these on Facebook pages and also share at the Second Saturday market.

Carol’s Carousel Creations

Where having Fun is why we come!

Regular Open Classes
Monday & Wednesdays @ 6:00 and Wednesdays @ 11:30

Please remember to let us know what
events and open classes you are coming to.

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Goodby 21 … Hello 22!

Wow! it has been a hectic end of year trying to get all our orders shipped and our personal gifts finished. Unfortunately, I have yet to learn the art of pacing and time-management suitable for folks in their seventies. We held our family celebration on Christmas Eve and then spent the last two days reading, relaxing, and recuperating.

As mentioned last time, this week between Christmas and New Year’s is optional for open classes. Please contact us if you wish to come and let us know what day and time.

There will be a Thursday Live on Carol’s Carousel Classes Facebook page. We will be doing Kwanza Kids at 7:30 so please join us.

Two weeks ago, we outlined some ideas for 2022. It would be nice to have some feedback on what you might be interested in.

Carol’s Carousel Creations

Where having Fun is why we come!

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