In the Kitchen

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This page contains odds and ends of items useful in your kitchen: Scrubbies, Baking Soda Shakers, Spoon Rests, Napkin Holders, Napkin Rings, Trivets, Toothpick Holders, Jam Jars, life-size fruit, and wall plaques. For sugar bowls & creamers see Let It Pour; for cookie jars see THE KITCHEN COUNTER; also see DINNERWARE for plates, bowls, and other dishes.


& 531 Boothe 0268 DUCK SCRUBBY Bisque $5.00
Riverview 0072 OWL SCRUBBY Bisque $5.00
Duncan 0229 MEXICAN PIG SCRUBBY Bisque $5.00
Duncan 0418 FROG  SCRUBBY Bisque $5.00
Fantasy 0153 STRAWBERRY GIRL SCRUBBY Not shiwn. Bisque $5.00

Baking Soda Shakers

Duncan 0071P BAKING SODA BEAR bisque $5.00
Duncan 0794B BAKING SODA DUCK bisque $5.00

Spoon Rests

Holland 0316 TULIP SPOON REST 9 ½” bisque $5.00
Macky 5254 PIG SPOON REST bisque $5.00
Ross 560 TEAPOT SPOON REST  6 ¾” paint your own design bisque $5.00
Scioto 0744 SPOON REST ROOSTER  8 ½”  bisque $5.00

Arnel 765 MUSHROOM SPOON REST bisque $5.00
Boothe 0974 COUNTRY HEART TRIPLE SPOON REST 7″ bisque $5.00
Duncan 0020b“SPOON” SPOON REST bisque $5.00
Duncan 0403d COUNTRY  SPOON REST (rooster) bisque $5.00

Napkin Holder

 Kelly 0720 PLAIN NAPKIN HOLDER bisque $7.50
McCloud 0918 DOILY NAPKIN HOLDER bisque $7.50 not shown
1342 PIG (NAPKIN HOLDER) bisque $7.50 not shown
Duncan 0019 CHICKEN NAPKIN HOLDER (like this ) bisque $7.50
OWL NAPKIN HOLDER bisque $7.50

Napkin Rings

McCloud No Number GEESE NAPKIN RINGS Bisque $8.00/set of 4 not shown
Scioto 0181 LEPRECHAUN NAPKIN RINGS Bisque $8.00/set of 4
Scioto 0599 HEN NAPKIN RINGS Bisque $8.00 /set of 4
Scioto 0973 GEESE NAPKIN RINGS Bisque $8.00/set of 4
Scioto 1168 HALLOWEEN NAPKIN RINGS Bisque $8.00/set of 4 not shown
KIDS WITH BASKETS  4 ¼ “ You could use as napkin rings. Bisque $7.50/pair


Duncan 0230 A PEAR TREE TRIVET Bisque $6.00
Kinzie 0129 Octagon base or trivet  10” $8.00

Toothpick Holders

Dona 0227 TOOTHPICK CRATE Bisque $2.00
Duncan 0035 DOG TOOTHPICK HOLDER Bisque $2.00

Jam Jars

Duncan 0141a & Duncan 0053a  Courtneys jam jars

Duncan 0053a STRAWBERRY JAM JAR  bisque $5.00
Duncan 0322a JAM CROCK & LID Bisque $5.00 not shown
Duncan 0141a APPLE JAR bisque $5.00


Duncan 0175 SMALL FRUIT bisque $5.00 per set
Duncan 0551a FRUIT: APPLE AND ORANGE Life-sized bisque $2.50 each
Duncan 0552a FRUIT: BANANA, PEAR, LEMON, LIME Life-sized Bisque $2.50 each
Duncan 0553a FRUIT: PEACH AND PLUM WITH  LEAVES Life-sized bisque $2.50 each

apple from FBbanana from FB

Fruit to hang on the wall:
Ross 0529 BANANA 6 ½” bisque $2.00
Ross 531 APPLE  5” bisque $2.00