Tick Tock


clipart clock

This page has all the clocks. They may also be shown elsewhere. With creative thinking other items can also be made into clocks.

NOTE: All prices are for ready-to-paint bisque and do
not include the price of the clockworks. We do not keep clockworks in stock but can order them for you.

Kitchen Clock
Atlantic 0678  DAISY CLOCK , 11” wide,  Price $10.00

 kinzie 0129 octogon base (for clock)Kinzie 0129 OCTOGON BASE, 10″ wide, can be made into clocks. Price $8.00 + any add-ons. Shown in the picture are lids which are attached but you can paint your own picture.

Wall Clocks
Duncan 362B SCHOOLHOUSE CLOCK, like this, Price $10.00
Provincial 0517A & B ALPINE CHILDREN CLOCK, 11 1/2″, Price $12.00
Holland 0655 SUNBURST CLOCK, Price $13.00

Desk Clocks
Duncan 1695 PYRAMID CLOCK, Price $4.00
Duncan 0094 ANTIQUE CLOCK, not priced











Kimple 0401, OWL CLOCK picture not available