Color Charts

Please note that we are not a store and we do not sell paints (although we do have some brushes for sale in case students want their own). Paints that are on the racks are for the use of our students taking workshops or attending open classes.

These color charts were downloaded and may not be the most current.  We have most of the Bisque Stains (acrylics), most of the Concepts (underglaze for bisque), and most of the Fashenhues. Some of the other items may be in stock but we can get them for you if you see something that you like.

Bisque Stains

Non-fired acrylic paints used to paint decorative pieces. We have most of these colors in stock.

Duncan Acrylic Stains


Underglazes designed for bisque. We have most of these colors in stock. One coat gives a translucent effect; use three coats for solid coverage.0051161_duncan-concepts-underglazes-tile-chart


Cover Coats

Opaque  underglazes for greenware. We have a limited supply on hand.



All utility items must be glazed. That makes them able to hold water, go in the dishwasher, and into the microwave or even the oven (heat slowly). If you use underglaze you will put a coat of clear glaze over top to seal the ware. There are all kinds of glazes. We have a limited supply on hand but can get what you want.0001791_duncan-envision-glazes-tile-chart



These are water-based oil paints used on decorative pieces. They are especially nice on detailed pieces. We have most of these colors in stock. They can also be used to paint porcelain.

pic of Fashenhues color chart