Portly Players

This album contains rotund figures including all the Roly Poly figures, snowmen,  Santas, and clowns.

Roly Poly banks (group)

These Roly-Poly figures are all banks. However, the slot in the back is quite large and can also be used to accommodate items such as  pencils or paint brushes. Note pictures below.

Gare 1349 Roly-Poly Baseball Player

Gare 1349 ROLY-POLY BASEBALL PLAYER BANK  6″ tall  Price $6.00


Gare 1351 Roly-Poly Football Player

Gare 1351 ROLY-POLY FOOTBALL PLAYER BANK   6″ tall  Price $6.00



Gare 1350 Roly-Poly Sports Fan

Gare 1350 ROLY-POLY SPORTS FAN BANK   6″ tall Price $6.00


Gare 1352 Roly-Poly Shopper

Gare 1352 ROLY-POLY SHOPPER BANK  6″ tall Price $6.00

Roly Poly boxes (group)

These Roly-Polys are all boxes (or jars). The top comes off above the belt and the box can be used to hold small items such as Band-Aids, golf tees, fishing lures, and s/p stoppers.



Gare 1353 Roly-Poly Nurse

Gare 1353 ROLY-POLY NURSE BOX 6″  Price $6.00


Gare 1356 Roly-Poly Fisherman

Gare 1356 ROLY-POLY FISHERMAN BOX  6″ tall, Price $6.00

Gare 1354 Roly-Poly Golfer

Gare 1354 ROLY-POLY GOLF PLAYER BOX  6″ tall, Price $6.00

Gare 1355 Roly-Poly Ceramist

Gare 1355 ROLY-POLY CERAMIST BOX  6″ tall, $6.00

Scioto 2494 Frosty Roly-Poly ornaments

Scioto 2494 FROSTY ROLY-POLY ORNAMENTS  4″ tall, Price $2.00 each

Duncan 0958 roly poly Santa salt & pepper

Duncan 0958 ROLY-POLY SANTA SALT & PEPPER SHAKERS Price $5.00 also used on Christmas Santa Spinning Carousel

Gare 0531 Fat Clown.jpg

Gare 0531 FAT CLOWN 10″ tall, Price $9.00