Oh Tannenbaum

This page is for our Christmas Trees. Always include the mold manufacturer and number as well as the name when ordering trees. Allow plenty of time, trees are poured in the order that requests come in.  At least half of the price is required as a deposit. Price includes bisque, paints, firing, light kit, lights, snow, and glitter. Trees can be finished in stains or glazed. Most people want white or green-glazed trees. They can also be easily painted by children. (Most, but not the snowman tree.)

Clay Magic 1658 Snowman Tree (13″) $45.00
This first tree was painted by a student who really likes pink! We usually do snowmen in January but you can make this anytime. There are 11 snowmen and each snowflake has a white light in it–some are small lights and some are tiny pinlights.

Clay Magic Penguin Tree (14″) tall $45.00

Clay Magic 2258 Tree Light (15″) $35.00
This tree  has cutout stars, moons, and hearts that let the light shine through. It takes a standard  light kit but not the plastic “bulbs” that we put in other trees. First is a catalog picture; second is mine.

Doc Holliday 0222 & 0226 Soft Tree Music Box (CC)

Doc Holliday 222 Soft Music Box Tree & 226 base (8″) $17.50
Music box is additional $7.50. It is mounted in the base with the tree on a turntable. Soft items should be painted so they look like cloth, they do not take lights.

Doc Holliday 255 CHRISTMAS TREE 8 inch

Doc Holliday 255 (8″) $20.00
Finished in green glaze and small colored lights. Good tree for kids to paint.

tree price holland 688 nightlight

Holland 688 Christmas Nightlight Tree (7″) $15.00 with pin lights

Holland 705 Tree (12″) $25.00 and Holland 705+ tree w/branch (14″) $30.00

  • Left is 12″ tree with green glaze and colored lights only.
  • Second is 14″ tree with white glaze and colored lights.
  • Third tree  is same with green glaze and snow.
  • Last is same tree with white glaze, blue lights, and glitter (Allstate Tree).

Holland 705 Specialty Trees

  • Candy cane tree (do not light, it melts the candy canes!)
  • Lollipop tree (holds small twist lights when lollipops are finished),
  • Peppermint Tree peppermint sticks
  • Gingerbread tree (with heavy snow icing and red candy pin lights)
  • Glitter Ornament Tree  find mini ornaments at the craft store)
  • Valentine’s Day tree (with red small twist, red birds, round & heart jewels)
  • Halloween Tree (not my picture — there are several variations posted online)

Nowell 341 Small Tree (10″) $20.00

  • This is the same shape and style as their larger tree 342. (not my picture)
  • Baby’s First Tree (idea from online, not my picture)

Nowell 342 Large Tree (16.5″) $60.00 for the bisque kit, $90.00 finished
Nowell 342 Large Tree w/branch (19″) $70.00 for the bisque kit, $105.00 finished
Nowell 342 Large Tree w/2 branches (22.5″) $85.00 for the bisque kit, $127.50 finished
Shown is the catalog picture with both branches, green glaze, pink lights, and pink ribbons. Next is a student tree with both branches done in stains, dry-brushed snow, and white lights.

Nowell 1368 Large Window Tree (16.5″) $55.00 bisque kit, finished $80.00
White glaze with three shades of medium blue lights. Second view shows profile. This tree is for a windowsill or narrow shelf. Last tree is painted green with stains.

Nowell 1139 Tree for Scene (13″) $45.00 for the bisque kit, $67.50  finished
The circular area can be removed and a manger scene or Santa scene can be put inside on the wooden floor of the base (picture 1 is catalog pic). Or you can decoupage a picture (seen at the show in Dayton), or paint a logo (my Brown’s tree), or add a decal (Ohio State student tree). Tree takes light kit and medium lights.

Nowell 1291 tree salt & pepper

Nowell 1291 Tree Salt & Pepper Shakers (4″)
Bisque $$5.00/each, 8.00/pair in bisque, finished $7.50 each, $12.00/pair.

State whether you want these drilled and fitted with stoppers when ordering. Too small for lights but you can add rhinestone decorations.

Nowell 1681 Sierra Spruce Tree (7 inch)

Nowell 1681 Small Sierra Spruce Tree (7″) $30.00 for the bisque kit, $45.00 finished
Green glaze and small colored lights.  Good tree for kids.

Nowell 1681 Specialty Trees

  • Gingerbread Cookie Tree (cut out with mini cookie cutter)
  • Gold Ornament tree (mini ornaments and tree toppers available for this tree)
  • Snowflake Tree (blue & white pin lights, silver jewels, and snow)

Nowell 1694 Large Sierra Spruce Tree

Nowell 1694 Large Sierra Spruce Tree (15″) $57.50 bisque kit, $85.00 finished

Scioto 1015 Tall Soft Tree (12″) $25.00 bisque kit, $37.50 finished TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE
Soft trees should be painted to look like fabric and do not take lights.

NEW TREE MOLDS 2020-2022

The following trees have been added to our collection over the past three years. There is not enough space to add the pictures at this time. Check out our Facebook Pages.

Mayco JOLLY TREE 8.75”W x 11.75”H x 7.5”D, Bisque $20.00; Bisque Kit $30.00, Finished $35.00; Lighted $45.00

Mayco CD004 FACETED TREE size 14”, bisque kit $40, finished $60
Mayco 1095 FUNKY TREE size 11”, 0 bisque; $27.50 kit, $30 finished, $37.50 w/lights
Mayco CD989 TREE BOX 7.25” bisque $10.00, finished $15.00

Creative Paradise 3132 BIRDHOUSE TREE 12” Bisque $25 (no base) Finished $39.95. (add light) (Base mold is on order)

Nowelll 341 ebay