Music Box Carousel Critters

Alberta Triple Ring CarouselCarousel horses and other carousel animals.  This size is called  Music Box size because you can put a music box in the base. About 5″ x 6″ they are larger than ornaments and smaller than small.  Bisque Price is $10.00 + base & pole, music boxes are extra. The pictures shown on the red background are hand-painted by Carousel Creations.  Others pictures are from the catalog. All of these can be put on the Alberta Carousel shown above. See Carousel (Merry-Go-Round) page for pricing.


Alberta 1098 MB Carousel Ostrich     Alberta 1211 MB Carousel Horse Eagle Saddle

Alberta 1083 MB Carousel Goat       Alberta 1079 Carousel Jumper Horse
Alberta 1077 Carousel Patriotic Horse

Alberta 1078 MB Carousel Unicorn     Alberta 1208 MB Carousel Lead Horse

Alberta 1215 MB Carousel Jeweled Horse     Alberta 1099 MB Carousel Zebra
Alberta 1086 MB Carousel Bear     Alberta 1216 MB Carousel Lion
Alberta 1080 MB Carousel Prancer     Alberta 1095 MB Carousel Wedding Horse
Alberta 1102 MB Carousel Christmas Horse

Alberta 1103 MB Carousel Swan Seat
Alberta 1097 MB Carousel Giraffe

Alberta 1213 MB Carousel Roached Mane Horse
Alberta 1327 MB Carousel Cowboy Horse

Alberta 1330 MB Carousel Camel
Alberta 1331 MB Carousel Rooster
Alberta 1333 MB Carousel Polar Bear

Doc Holliday

Doc Holliday 0816 Carousel War Horse
Doc Holliday 0816 Carousel Parade Horse with Ribbons

Doc Holliday 0817 MB Carousel Rose Horse
Doc Holliday 0817 MB Carousel Indian Horse #1

Doc Holliday 951 small clydesdale horse CCDoc Holliday 0951 SM MB CAROUSEL CLYDESDALE HORSE, 4″ X 4.5″, bisque $7.50,