Christmas in the Kitchen

clipart Christmas in the Kitchen

This page includes Christmas dishes, plates, teapots, and so on. They make especially nice gifts when paired with Christmas treats such as cookies, candy, tea bags, hot chocolate, and so on. Let the kids make something for their teacher this year.

Let’s Have Tea

Make a SANTA OR SNOWMAN TEA STACK with teapot, creamer, and sugar bowl.
Or make a TEA-FOR-ONE with cup and teapot, using plain or crystal glazes or add your own design with paints or decals. Bisque is $7.50

Ann Original 0867 Santa Teabag holder

Here’s a TEABAG HOLDER for you, one in red and one in blue.
Bisque is $5.00/pair

Don’t know what to get the guys? How about a SNOWMAN SNACK STACK painted with their favorite team logo? Last year I gave the grandsons each one with a scarf, mittens, or socks and a couple bags of chips inside. There are three bowls and a hat for you to fill. Bisque is $10.00

Candy Dishes

The first tree dish comes in three sizes and is especially nice for Christmas candies or small cookies. The holly leaf tree dish and the holly leaf dish will also work. These dishes are $5.00 each in bisque.

Cookie Plates

  • The BELL PLATE is about 11″ and is just plain. The holly and bells is a downloaded design we plan to paint onto the plate.
  • The SANTA PLATE is about 8″ and perfect for leaving a snack for Santa.
  • The ROUND PLATE is just an example of what you can do with a plain plate. We have lots of Christmas silkscreens you can use. Also several sizes of round and hex plates and some bowl.
  • The EMBOSSED PLATES shown at the bottom are newly acquired molds and these are pictures of the molds. The one on the left is probably more useful as a serving dish and the other looks more deeply embossed.
  • Bisque is $7.50 to $10.00 depending on size.

Santa Mugs

These SANTA MUGS are also featured on the Santa Stuff page. Note the picture in the upper right corner showing how to personalize for the kids and grandkids. All mugs are $5.00.