Christmas in the Kitchen

clipart Christmas in the Kitchen

This page includes Christmas dishes, plates, teapots, and so on. They make especially nice gifts when paired with Christmas treats such as cookies, candy, tea bags, hot chocolate, and so on. Why not let the kids make something special for their teacher this year?

Let’s Have Tea . . .

  • Ann Original 872A-B SANTA TEA STACK 9″
  • Ann Original 820 SNOWMAN TEA STACK 7 1/2″ X 6″
    both have teapot, creamer, & sugar bowl. Bisque $10.00, Finished $15.00 (state color)
  • Ann Original 0626 PLAIN TEAPOT (full size) Bisque $10.00, Finished $15.00+
  • Ann Original 0599 TEA-FOR-ONE cup and teapot Bisque $10.00, Finished $15.00+
  • Ann Original 0232 PERSONAL TEAPOT (2-cup) Bisque $7.50, Finished, $12.00+
    Use plain or crystal glazes or add your own design with underglazes or decals. Bisque $8.00, Finished $12.50+ (decals are extra)

Ann Original 0867 Santa Teabag holder

  • Ann Original 0867 SANTA TEABAG HOLDER for you, one in red and one in blue. 3″ Bisque $5.00/pr., Finished $7.50/pr.

Or add your own design to the

  • Alberta 259 TEAPOT TEABAG HOLDER or
  • Ann Original TEACUP TEABAG HOLDER. Bisque $5.00/pr., Finished $7.50/pr.
    I made these as party favors for our Cookie Exchange Christmas Tea last year.

. . . and Cookies

  • Ann Original SANTA COOKIE PLATE (open pour) about 8″ Bisque $5.00, Finished $7.50
  • DINNER PLATE (Duncan bisque) about 11″, $6.00 bisque, $10.00 finished
  • Atlantic 0434 BELL PLATE  12″, Bisque $10.00, Finished $15.00

The Santa plate is a good kid’s project. Dinner plates are decorated with silkscreens, painted with Concepts, and clear glazed. Easy to do and a good group project. Bell plate has suggested design to transfer using clay carbon. Last design is a deco idea posted in a ceramics Facebook group.


Don’t know what to get the guys? How about an Ann Original SNOWMAN SNACK STACK painted with their favorite team logo? Last year I gave the grandsons each one with a scarf, mittens, or socks and a couple bags of chips inside. There are three bowls and a hat for you to fill. The first is plain with a striped scarf but the others are personalized: Texas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, Navy Medic, and Rail Baron player. Bisque is $15.00, finished $25.00

Candy Dishes

  • Duncan 203A SMALL TREE CANDY DISHES, 5” & 7”, $5.00 each, $7.50/pair; finished $7.50 each, $10.50/pair painted with crystal glazes
  • Byron 0715 HOLLY TREE  TRAY (CANDY DISH) 7”, bisque $7.50, finished $10.00
  • Holland 0578 SMALL HOLLY LEAF DISH 8” x 4 3/8” bisque $7.50, finished $10.00

Santa Mugs

These SANTA MUGS are also featured on the Santa Stuff page. Note the picture at the top showing how to personalize them for the kids and grandkids. All mugs must be painted with Concepts and they glazed.

  • Holland 0345 SANTA MUG
  • Alberta SANTA MUG
  • Weaver 0389 CHRISTMAS MUG Santa on the front, tree on the back 4 ½”
    All Santa mugs: Bisque $6.00, or $20.00/set of 4,
    Finished $10.00 or $30.00/set of 4

Hot Chocolate, Anyone?

  • Duncan 0231 CHOCOLATE CUP Choice of handle, Bisque $6.50, Finished $9.50
  • Macky 0394 CHOCOLATE CUP, Bisque $6.50, Finished $9.50

A Little Seasoning

  • Duncan 0342 MR. & MRS. SNOWMAN SALT & PEPPER SHAKERS This cute little snowman couple can be made into salt & pepper shakers or just used as a decoration. About 4″ tall. (Predrilled for S/P upon request.)
    bisque $7.50/pair, finished 10.50/pair
  • Duncan 0958 ROLY POLY SANTA SALT & PEPPER SHAKERS These Santas also make nice decorations and are used on the Santa Spinning Carousel. bisque $7.50/pair, finished $10.50/pair


page updated July 2018