The Coffee Shoppe

This page includes coffee cups and small mugs. See The Corner Pub for larger mugs and steins.  All mugs are $5.00 in bisque. Many mugs have their own design and can be hand-painted with Concepts underglazes or given a “wash” of underglaze to bring out the details or simply painted with a semi-translucent glaze. Plain mugs are the most versatile as you can add your own design using Concepts underglazes. Paint freehand if you are somewhat artistic; or use rubber stamps, stencils, silkscreens, or clay carbon transfer your design, then fill in with color. All mugs must be glazed and fired again

Chocolate Cups

Wood-grain Mugs

Specialty Mugs

Holiday Mugs

Toby Mugs

Sports & Fantasy Mugs

Embossed Mugs

Plain Mugs