CAROLCAROUSEL CREATIONS is a home craft business that includes ceramics, woodworking, and other crafts and especially focuses on carousels. Jim & Carol Warneke are the owners and only employees, although there is a Carousel Crew of volunteers who help out when we get busy. All online references, both website and Facebook, use “Carol’s Carousel Creations” to avoid confusion with other Carousel Creations businesses.

Carol’s Carousel Ceramics is the ceramic studio, a fun place to come and paint all sorts of pieces for yourself or for gifts. Carol hosts classes and also themed workshops to explore different techniques or seasonal projects. You can check the event page here and on Facebook for information on upcoming classes and workshops. If you “follow” us on the first page you will receive emails when new events are posted.

JAWSSee the gallery for information on the over 2300  ceramic molds we have on hand. Jim does most of the pouring, fitting, and firing and helps with classes when needed. Prices listed in the gallery are bisque prices, what it costs to take the piece home or to paint it in our studio. Greenware is  half the bisque price in case you prefer to clean your own. Finished prices, available upon request, are usually twice the bisque but it varies with the amount of detail in the piece.

Information on the woodworking and other crafts will be added later as we are still in the process of remodeling and organizing the ceramics. We have currently listed some woodworking projects we made for craft fairs as we still have some of the items. Jim is anxious to be done with the remodeling so he can get back to his wood shop and make some fun new pieces.

We are located in AUSTINTOWN, OHIO, 44515 which is a suburb of Youngstown.