The Bear Essentials

This page is where all the teddy bears gather. It includes seasonal bears as well as others, but NOT wildlife bears. For those, see NATIVE AMERICAN and NOAH’S ARK.

There are also quite a few ornaments with bears which will be found in THE ALBERTA ORNAMENT COLLECTION, COOKIE CUTTER ORNAMENTS, AND ASSORTED ORNAMENTS. And see CAROL’S CAROUSELS for carousel animals that are bears.

Christmas Bears 1-3 CC

Gare 2976 TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS BEARS #1-#3 , 4″ high, $4.00 each or 4 for $10.00


Nowell 1465 stuffed bear (CC).jpg

Nowell 1465 TEDDY BEAR FOR DOLLS 6″ tall, Price $6.00

unicorn with bear K842

Kimple 0842 BEAR RIDING UNICORN ON CLOUD 7.5″ Price $7.50 [Companion piece is 0841 with angel rider.]



Holland 2488 ballerina bear standing CC

Holland 2488 DANCING BALLERINA BEAR 12″ tall. Price $10.00



Duncan 0643a Teddy bear bell

Duncan 0643A TEDDY BEAR BELL (When glazed the bells actually do ring!) Price $5.00




Gare 1212 small girl with book & teddy bear

Gare 1212 SMALLL GIRL SEATED WITH BEAR & BOOK 6.75″ high. Price $9.00

Gare 2631 teddy bear Santa

Gare 2631 TEDDY BEAR SANTA 10″tall. Price $10.00 (Fashenhues project)


Duncan 0071P baking soda bear (2)

Duncan 0071 BAKING SODA BEAR  (for in the fridge) Price $5.00


lighted teddy bear card s1372

Scioto 1372 BEAR VALENTINE CARD (takes touchtone music box) Price $5.00 + MB

Alberta 0298 Bear with heart

Alberta 0298 BEAR WITH HEART (small picture frame) 3.75″ x 5″  Price $4.50

Clay Magic 1536 masked bear and pumpkin

Clay Magic 1536 LARGE MASKED BEAR WITH PUMPKIN (can be cut out for light) Price $10.00

Clay Magic 1514 Green Thumb Bear

Clay Magic 1514 GREEN THUMB BEAR Price $5.00

clay Magic 1538 masked bears with pumpkins

Clay Magic 1538 MASKED BEARS WITH PUMPKINS Price $5.00

Clay Magic 1537 masked cuddle bears

Clay Magic 1537 MASKED CUDDLE BEARS Price $8.00

Clay Magic 1473 uly cuddle bears

Clay Magic 1473 JULY CUDDLE BEARS Price $8.00

bears on sleigh (CC almost done)


Bear Chorus Line S-935

Scioto 0935 TEDDY BEAR CHORUS LINE (use for coat rack)  Price $8.00

Scioto 0860 three small bears

Scioto 0860 THREE SMALL BEARS Price $7.50/set