The Corner Pub

This page includes large beer or coffee mugs, beer steins, decanters, and accessories used in a tavern.

Steins and decanters may be painted with stains only if the inside is glazed. When ordering bisque please state whether you want the inside glazed. Otherwise you will paint with underglazes and glazes.

Alberta 0615 Leprechaun Decanter Irish WhiskyAlberta 0554 decanter Ilalian Butcherdecanter Kentucky Colonel AL0431Duncan 0442 moonshine decanter

These decanters are 11-12″ high. Price is $12.00 which includes the second firing if needed.


Doc Holliday(Goldrush)  0268 buffalo bottle stopper

These American Indian decanters come with a plain stopper as shown in the pictures. Price is $10.00  The optional Buffalo Head stopper is $2.50.



The Buffalo Bill and American Indian Toby mugs are $5.00 each.


The Stein with American Eagle and the Wild Geese Stein are about 12″ tall and hold a
lot of beer! Price is $16.00 each which includes the second firing. (Gold firing is extra.)


Most of the beer steins are 7-8″ tall. There are more but no pictures.
Price for steins is $8.00 each.

Duncan 1039A whiskey jiggers

There are 6 whiskey jiggers in the set: double shot, light shot, shot heard round
the world, gunshot, safe shot, and half shot. Price is $2.00 each or $10.00/set

Large beer or coffee mugs are $5.00 each (also in “The Coffee Shoppe”)

We have many jugs in various shapes and sizes. Pictures to come when available.
The sugar box jug on the left is 5″ tall and its price is $5.00.
The 9″ jug on the right can also be made into a lamp. Price $9.00.

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