Jesters & Jokers

clipart balloon borderThis page is exclusively clowns. We have figurines, banks, lamps, ornaments, etc.  There is even a set of Pierrot Clowns. And  under the Crafts tab there are framed embroidered clown pictures as well.  See Machine Embroidery.

Duncan 0082a BUNNY CLOWN BANK  all dressed up in a dress shirt, tie, and tails
and he carries a pocket watch like the rabbit in Alice and Wonderland. Price $5.00
Duncan 0295 CLOWN BANK Price $5.00
Gare 0531 FAT CLOWN 8” high, Price $8.00
Duncan 362A SITTING CLOWN BANK 6.25″ Price $6.50 (not shown)
Ceramichrome 1500 CLOWN  9.5″ Price $8.00 (not shown)
Sun Molds 0282 “DANNY” CLOWN BANK  5.5″  Price $6.50 (not shown)

S-K 0380 CLOWN CORKY  Price $2.00
Alberta Ornaments 0289 CLOWN MOUSE ORNAMENT  Price $2.00
Duncan 0031 MINI CLOWN Mini mold or ornament Price $2.00
Scioto 0272 CLOWN KID CANDLE CLIMBERS  Price $4.00/pair
Carolina 0621  MINI OPEN POUR CLOWN FACE  Price $1.00 (not shown)

Gare 0533 PIERROT CLOWN SITTING  10 ¼” tall, Price $9.00
Gare 0617 MALE PIERROT CLOWN STANDING  9” tall, Price $9.00
Gare 0577 PIERROT CARD HOLDER  6 ½” high, Price $7.00,

Atlantic 0739 CLOWN SMILIE  12 ¼” Price  $12.00
Scioto 0948 CLOWN SITTER  11”, Price  $9.00 (clown only)
Both of these can be made into lamps by adding
a base, wiring, and any accessories you would like.

Kimple 1697 BIRTHDAY CLOWN BLINKIE Bisque $5.00
Duncan 1022 HOBO CLOWN  Price $4.00 each
Yozie 0821 BOZO CLOWN (not shown)
Zavori 0159 CLOWN WITH UMBRELLA 8″  (not shown) $6.50