Dragon Drawings

These are black-and-white coloring book drawings of dragons and a colored picture to give you an idea how to paint them. We can print the drawing scaled to fit the item you want to put it on.  You can then use clay carbon (paper) to transfer the design. And paint with Concepts underglazes for a usable piece or acrylic stains for a decoration.

Leafy Sea Dragon, real animal found in the waters off Australia.

Komodo Dragon, largest living lizard, found in Indonesia.

Leviathan, enormous sea monster, mentioned in the Bible.

Moo, a Polynesian underwater dragon.

Wyvern, has claws on wings & poisonous stinger on end of tail.

Quetzalcoatl, feather-covered legless dragon, South American legend.

Fafnir was greedy evil sorcerer in Norse mythology who changed himself into a dragon o guard his riches.

Amphitere was a legless serpent with multi-colored feathered wings and peacock-colored eyes in the Middle East and Europe.


Fairy Dragons are often mistaken for large butterflies.


Chinese dragons are beneficial and protective. They have five toes and this fan-tailed dragon is a female.

Korean dragons have four toes and narrower faces.

Japanese dragons have three toes. The knot in the tail signifies a male.

Drakes do not fly and look like large lizards. Fire-drakes breathe fire & smoke; cold drakes breathe snow, ice, and hail.

Cockatrice or Basilisk, legendary serpent with a crest or comb on its head.

Hydra has more than one head. When he looses one, two more grow in its place.

Amphisbaena has a head on each end of its body.

Loch Ness Monster in Scotland has been sighted since the sixth century but still not proven to exist.