The Carousel Creations Party Van

The Party Van is CC magnetic signjust our regular red Entervan that we use every day. However, we load up a cart with bisque, paints, aprons, towels, brushes, pallets, bowls, tablecloths, everything you need to do a project at your location. Then we wheel it into the van with this sign on the door, and bring the party to you!

Nursing homes & retirement homes

stepping stonesin FH Ivy WoodsManorWe go to several nursing homes as part of their activity program. We can accommodate 10 to 30 painters at a time (for bigger groups we bring more teachers). We choose a project and everyone does the same technique, be it silkscreens, underglazes, glazes, stains, or Fashenhues. There is usually a selection of similar bisque to choose from depending on the project.

These are stepping stones painted by the residents of Ivy Woods Manor using Fashenhues. We have been to Community Health Care in Warren several times, Briarwood Manor in Austintown, and several others. We are already scheduled for Park Vista in Youngstown, Community Health Care, and Gateway Homes (see below) when we get back from vacation.

Group homes & Workshops 

NO LIMITS 1-4-18 #1

These are some silkscreened plates done by clients attending the No Limits Workshop. They still are not finished and will be much brighter when fired and glazed. They chose to come to the studio to do this project. We have visited No Limits to make Christmas trees, and the Carousel Center, and gone to Gateway homes. Purple Cat brought a group to us on a Friday evening as part of their respite program.

Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers

So far we have done several showers in the studio for family and friends: Courtney’s Kitchen shower when she got married;
Dakota’s baby shower with a carousel theme;
Christina’s baby shower with a lighthouse & fishing theme (pictures above); Courtney’s Jungle Shower for her new baby;
Malaina’s Garden Shower for her wedding; and upcoming
Amber’s shower for her wedding.
Some of the shower pictures are already posted and others will be added soon. Check it out and let’s see what we can do for you.

You can bring your group to the studio if you prefer — we can accommodate up to 20 although it is a bit crowded. OR we can bring the shower to you at your home or other venu. We can also do birthday parties for kids or for adults.

Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H, Homeschoolers

Bunny Buddies--the kidsWe have had all of these groups come to the studio in the past. Check it out.

Here is the Bunny Buddies 4-H group. They made ceramic bunnies and painted them like the real ones they were entering in the fair. The ceramic bunnies also went to the fair, and were displayed in a garden that they created.