The Shaker Collection

clipart salt & pepperThis page contains the Salt and Pepper Shakers. Many of these shakers can be made as Knick knacks without the holes. Please state whether to drill holes or not when ordering as it is much easier to drill and fit the stoppers in greenware. Also, consider that there are many figurines in other categories that could be made into salt & pepper shakers for those who are avid collectors. Only your imagination can determine how many.


These shakers are all part of a matching kitchen set
Duncan 1002 is a pair of tall slender Wood-grained Shakers that match this set of cups, mugs, sugar, & creamer.(no picture of the shakers)
Duncan 0991A Daisy Shakers have a matching snack tray and coffee cup
Duncan 968A Country Kitchen Basket Shakers (6″) are for the stove,
the small Duncan Basket Shakers are for the table.
Both match the basket canister set and also a bowl that takes the same lid.
Kelly 0716 Fifties Shakers have matching canisters, sugar, creamer, utensil holder.


JANUARY Duncan 0342 Mr. & Mrs. Snowman Shakers
FEBRUARY Holland 0136 & 0137 Kissing Dutch Boy & Girl Shakers
MARCH/APRIL Kimple 0866 Ducks with Bonnets Shakers or Kimple 0890 Duck Shakers
NOVEMBER Duncan 0574 Pilgrim Shakers or Duncan 0160 Turkey Shakers
DECEMBER Duncan 0958 Roly Poly Santa Shakers or Nowell 1291 Christmas Tree Shakers

Anytime Shakers

P0850 German Beer Stein Shakers, SFA 549 Wheat Stalk Shakers
Latte Cup Shakers, Duncan 0596 Owl Shakers, Old-Time Fridge Shakers

Duncan 0305 & 0310 Corn Shakers with Tray–We also have an oval corn serving bowl, individual corn dishes, and a butter warmer than match the shakers.
Duncan 0462 Mushroom Shakers, Fruit Stack Shakers–There is a fruit stack centerpiece
Ross 0519 Spiral Shakers, Nowell 2039 Lighthouse Shakers.