Silkscreens give us a way to transfer detailed designs to our bisque. We usually use Black Concepts for the design and then add color with one-stroke of Concepts so that the black shows through. Additional color can also be added to the piece using sponges or brushes.

  • DSS 0138 Flowers
  • DSS 0013 Bugs & Butterflies
  • DSS 0108 Aviary Small Birds
  • DSS 0107 Seasons Greetings
  • DSS 0106 Winter Holiday
  • DSS 0133 Merry Christmas
Santa Silkscreen on Octagon Plate

Sample from our Christmas 2015 Silkscreen Workshop

student silkscreen 2.jpg

Sample from Spring 2016 Silkscreen Workshop (not yet glazed)








  • SSDHO-2 Horses-2
  • SSDHO-1 Horses-1DSS115_Dragons_FIN


  • DSS-115 Dragons
  • DSS-0138 Flowers 2
  • DSS-0137 Cutesy Animals