Stepping Stones

These stepping stones were finished with Fashenhues translucent stains in order to bring out the detail. They are featured items in a Fashenhues Workshop.

Catskill 0226 GOOSE INSERT “WELCOME FRIENDS” stepping stone, bisque $7.50, finished $11.25

Catskill 0231 “WELCOME” IRIS INSERT Also used as a small stepping stone. Featured item for Fashenhues Workshop, 8” diameter, bisque $7.50, finished $11.25

Catskill 0235 EASTER INSERT (BUNNY IN FLOWERS) Stepping stone, bisque $7.50, finished $11.25

These inserts are for a wreath that is no longer available. However, the design is flat and they make nice stepping stones in the garden. Other inserts that we have on hand include Valentine’s Day, Halloween. Thanksgiving, and Christmas. However, their raised designs make them less desirable for the garden.

Kinzie K1R MOUSE IN DAISIES a lid to something it has 4 daisies and a small mouse. Makes a good stepping stone in the garden. Painted in Fashenhues. Bisque $7.50, finished $11.25 (same piece, different colors)