Rock-a-bye Baby

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This page is items for a new baby, things to make at a baby shower or for a new mother.

Birth Announcements

  • Gare 0944 BABY BOOK 8 ¾”” Tall, bisque $20.00, finished $30.00
  • Holland 1056 BABY PLATE 5 ½” diameter  bisque $5.00, finished $7.50
  • Nowell 1253 BABY BOOK 4”T x 5”W, Bisque $5.00, Finished $7.50
  • Duncan  0671 BABY PLATE (WITH TRAIN) bisque $5.00, finished $7.50

Party Favors

These cute baby shoes can be filled with nuts or candies.

  • Lone Star 771 BABY SHOES (3) 2-1/2 X 4 bisque $3.00 each, finished $5.00 each
  • Kelly 0468 PAIR OF BABY SNEAKERS bisque $5.00, finished $7.50/pr.
  • Scioto 813 TUMBLING TEDDY BEARS (4) 2-1/2″, bisque $5.00, finished $7.50/set

These cute mini teddies can sit on a shelf, on a windowsill,or in a plant.

  • Scioto 1107 SMALL SOFT TEDDY BEARS (3), Bisque $5.00, Finished $7.50/set
  • Teddy Bear Molds 0129 FLAT TEDDIES (6) 1-3/4″, bisque $5.00, finished $7.50/set these make nice magnets
  • Duncan  0001 (3) TEDDY BEAR (Soft) Bisque $2.00 Finished $3.00

Alberta 0188 four small ducks

Rubber ducks favors to go with a rubber duck  themed party

  • C-1302 RUBBER DUCKS (3) Bisque $5.00. per set or $2.00 each, Finished $7.50 no picture
  • Alberta 0188 FOUR SMALL DUCKS 2 1/8”, 1 ¾”, 1 ¼”, 1”, Bisque $5.00, finished   $7.50/set

Dona 0332 Baby girl & baby boy musical ornamentsThese baby ornaments can be  hung or placed on a stand, with or without button music box

  • Dona 0332 MUSICAL BABY BOY & BABY GIRL ORNAMENTS Bisque $2.00, finished $3.00 each, + music box, stands extra

Containers for Plants or Notions

  • Duncan 0036c WICKER CRADLE PLANTER bisque $5.00, finished $7.50 This cute little cradle has all kinds of baby items on it. Use it for a plant or to hold baby notions in the nursery.
  • Kimple 0971 STUFFED SMALL GOOSE Bisque $5.00, Finished $7.50
    Kimple 0972 PLANTER (CART) 4 ½” x 4 ½” bisque $5.00, finished $7.50
    This cute little cart looks like it is made of fabric with button wheels and can be pulled by a soft-sculpture duck. Cute with dried flowers or baby notions.
  • TCU 0271 CAROUSEL BABY JAR 4” diameter, 5-1/2” high. Bisque $5.50, finished  $8.25
  • Provincial 0662 PAGODA BOX (finish as carousel jar) 5 ½” x 6” + lid, bisque $7.50, finished $12.50

Carousel Horse Decorations

Being “Carousel Creations” we have hundreds of carousels and menagerie animals in a variety of different sizes. Should you want a carousel theme, check out the Carousel Catalog from the menu bar.

  • Clay Magic 1681 Carousel Horse Plaque, bisque $7.50, finished $11.25
  • Clay Magic 1683 Carousel Horse Plaque , bisque $7.50, finished $11.25
  • Clay Magic 0687, 0688, 0689 CAROUSEL BASKET, BASKET HANDLE, CAROUSEL HORSE ATTACHMENTS 7″ diameter, 11″ high to top of handle Nice when planted with vines or used for a for a flower arrangement. Bisque $12.00, finished $18.00
  • Gare 1386 CAROUSEL HORSE BUST/LAMP 15” high, Bisque $14.50, Finished $25.00


Mobiles & Wind Chimes

  • Duncan 0937 LIGHTER THAN AIR FISH MOBILE (2 Soft Fish) bisque $1.50, finished $2.25  each
  • Scioto 0416 SEASHELL WIND CHIMES bisque $5.00, finished $10.00
  • Dona 0071 PLAYMATES WIND CHIMES bisque $5.00, finished $10.00
  • Dona 0070 PLAYMATE TISSUE BOX COVER, Bisque $6.00 Finished $9.00 matches Dona 0071 wind chime
  • About 2″, these small ornaments can be added to a plant or made into a wind chime. Design is on both side
    Alberta Ornaments 0064 Gnome Ornament s. Bisque $2.00, finished $3.00 each
    Alberta Ornaments 0275 Swinging Dragon Wind Chime Bisque $2.00, finished $3.00 each
    Alberta Ornaments 0278 Unicorn Wind Chime Bisque $2.00, finished $3.00 each

Soft Stuff 

Softies   This page has all things made to look like fabric. Some are seasonal but most are stuffed animals that can be used alone or made into banks, bookends, or lamps. Note the soft teddy bear switch plate cover on the left.

Teddy Bears

The Bear Essentials   This page includes all of the bears. So if you are going with a Teddy Bear theme, check it out.


Noah’s Ark is the main page for animals. If you are going with an animal theme, check out the following pages.


Most of the soft animals can be made into banks. But there are also many others. Check out this link Savings & Loan


Even though baby will not be ready for dishes right away, check out this special set. Plain dishes can have any pictures or designs added and in any colors. They can be traced using clay carbon, applied using silkscreens or rubber stamps, or hand-drawn. You design is limited only to your imagination. This set was painted with Concepts  using silkscreen designs at a baby shower and has  yet to be glazed and fired.Baby dishes