The Flower Shoppe

This album contains plaques and other items with flowers on them; and also vases in all sizes to put your flowers into. Teapots also make a nice flower arrangement container. For more, see THE POTTING PLACE.

NOTE: flower post and vases that are decorative only can be painted with stains. However, if you wish to plant or use water at least the inside must be glazed.

Alberta 0256 Small Bell Vase Planter yellow with flowers

Alberta 0256 SMALL BELL VASE PLANTER 7 high X 5 wide  Price $7.50



Atlantic 620 flower bouquet plaque

Atlantic 0619 FLOWER BOUQUET PLATE 14″ Price $10.00 1 of a pair



Atlantic 619 flower bouquet plaque

Atlantic 0620 FLOWER BOUQUET PLATE 14″ Price $10.00   1 of a pair



Atlantic 0678 daisy clock yellow

Atlantic 0678 DAISY CLOCK 11″  Price $10.00 + clock works shown in yellow


Atlantic 0678  Courtneys clock

Atlantic 0678 DAISY CLOCK 11″ Price $10.00 + clock works shown in pastels


Atlantic 0808 barrel with flowers (planter)

Atlantic 0808 DAISY WOOD BARREL  6″ diameter, 6″ high Price $7.50


Byron 1102 ea kettle planter

Byron 1102 TEA KETTLE PLANTER 5″ dia. x 3″ high Price $4.50


Clay Magic 0120 two vases

Clay Magic 0120 TWO VASES   2.5 dia. x 6 high Price $4.00 each

Clay Magic 0147 heart vase

Clay Magic 0147 HEART VASE 7.5″ wide x 6″ high Price $5.00


Clay Magic 0687, 0688, 0689 Ceramic Carousel Basket with Flowers.

Clay Magic 0687-0689 CAROUSEL BASKET  7″ dia. x 11″ tall (to top of handle) Price  $12.00




Cramer 0188 ornate double vase

Cramer 0188 ORNATE DOUBLE VASE Price $9.50


Duncan 0026 Dutch shoe planter

Duncan 0026A DUTCH SHOE for small plant or notions Price $4.00

bud vases

Duncan 0027B   PLAIN BUD VASES 6.25″ tall add your own design or specialty glaze  Price $4.00 each

Duncan 0036c wicker cradle planter with flowers


Duncan 0114a hyacinth vase decorated

Duncan 0114A HYACINTH VASE   for rooting a bulb (no design in mold) Price $5.00

cowboy boot with flowers.jpg

Duncan 0163A COWBOY BOOT VASE bank, pencil holder, or vase Price $5.00


Duncan 0248A BRANDY SNIFTER VASE 9″ tall (no design in mold) Price $8.00

Duncan 0651A oriental vase

Duncan 0351A ORIENTAL VASE about 12″ tall (no design in mold) Price $10.00

hexagon vase

Duncan 609 TALLHEX VASE  (no design in mold) Price $10.00

Jodi (Gare) 1900 Elephant Planter (amber)

Jodi (Gare) 1900 JUMBO THE ELEPHANT (PLANTER)  3.5″ X 5.5″ Price $6.00

Kimple 0971 & 0972 stuffed small goose for cart

Kimple 0971 & 0972 STUFFED SMALL GOOSE & CART (planter cart 4.5″x 4.5″)Price $7.50 for both

Strawberry Shortcake Planter in UG (Lynn)

STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE PLANTER ( done in underglazes) Price $7.50

strawberry shortcake planter stained.JPG

STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE PLANTER (done in stains) Price $7.50

sneaker shoe planter with plant

SNEAKER This child-size shoe can be used for notions or as a small planter. Laces are an added touch.  Price $5.00



boot planter with plant.jpg

BOOT PLANTER This cute child-size work boot can hold a small plant, a few flowers, or even some pencils when sitting on your desk. Laces are part of the design. Price $5.00

elephant planter


Doc Holliday (Kinzie) K1R Mouse Hiding in Flowers Lid Stepping Stone (Deana)

Doc Holliday (Kinzie) K1R STEPPING STONE Mouse hiding in flowers. about 8″ Price $7.50