Porcelain cameos Dayton WSPorcelain is a new area to us and we are anxious to explore its possibilities and share our knowledge with our students. We attended a Porcelain Cameo Workshop given by Ruth Ann Jackson Perkins at the 2016 Midwest Ceramic Show in Dayton. The above picture is what we made (we do not have these molds, they are Ruth Ann’s).

We purchased several porcelain molds (some are shown below) along with porcelain slip in white, pink, blue, and green. In addition to the jewelry (cameos & pins) we plan to pour some of the carousel horses in porcelain, and perhaps the Hummel figurines.  We also discovered that we can paint porcelain with the Fashenhues oil paints we already have on hand.  As we create finished pieces we will post them on this page. Byron 0116A & B Cameo Jewelry

We also have the mold that makes these cameos. This is a catalog picture.


Please note that porcelain slip is much more expensive than clay slip and firing is at a much hotter temperature (cone 6, not cone 06), thus prices will be higher for anything poured in porcelain.