Carousels (Merry-Go-Rounds)

This page contains actual carousels rather than just carousel horses and other figures. Spinning carousels have their own page. The small carousel is for a music box. Prices shown are for the ready-to-paint bisque. Finished prices available on request. Music boxes are extra.

Gare 1151 & 1152 Red & White Carousel.jpg

Gare 1151 & 1152 CAROUSEL Price $25.00 + add-ons (not these)


Bright Carousel Horse Music

Ocean State 478, 479A, 479B MUSIC BOX CAROUSEL have horses and swans for this mold (not these horses)

scioto 865  and 866 carousel music box and horses.jpg

Scioto 0865 CAROUSEL (need to purchase); have 0866 horses (2), 0867 lion & tiger, 0868 bear & elephant for this carousel