The Garden Center

It’s that time of year to pull the weeds, plant the flowers, and put some natural woodland animals or cute critters in your gardens. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of items that may be of interest (and we have updated our prices).

Garden Center

Scioto 2085Mama Fox20”$35.00
Scioto 2087Kit Fox11”$18.00
Scioto 2073Sitting Squirrel9”$15.00
Scioto 2074Standing Squirrel10”$15.00
Kimple 1999Chipmunk For Log5¼’$  8.00
Kimple 2000Quail For Log $  8.00
Kimple 2002Pheasant For Log $  8.00
Nowell 318Garden Frog12”$12.00
Scioto 1496Garden Turtle9”$10.00
Scioto 2067Mama Raccoon13”$20.00
Scioto 2070Baby Raccoon8”$10.00
Byron 004Large Owl13”$15.00
VIP 1118Double log base (for critters)11”x 5”$  8.00
Scioto 1077Realistic Rabbit Left5”$  8.00
Scioto 1078Realistic Rabbit Right5”$  8.00
Scioto 1079Realistic Rabbit Standing6”$  8.00
Scioto 1080Large Rabbit Looking Left15”$15.00
Scioto 1081Large Standing Rabbit12”$15.00
Scioto 1194?Deer Lying Down Right18”$25.00
Scioto 1197Sleeping Fawn9”$15.00
Scioto 1201Deer Lying Down Facing Right10”$15.00
Scioto 1218Standing Fawn (Deer)13”$25.00
Scioto 1345Grazing Deer  
Scioto 1346?Looking Straight  
Scioto 1347?Looking Straight  
Scioto 1373Cow13”$15.00
Alberta 818Rooting Pig13”$15.00
Clay Magic 2860Droogie Dragonfly12”$20.00
Clay Magic 3855Beetle Bug Car7½”$10.00
Clay Magic 3858Retro Camper8”$10.00
Clay Magic 3859Ziggy Chameleon13½”$20.00
Clay Magic 3943Baby Ziggy6¼”$7.50
Iandola 363Flat Lamb Grazing14”$15.00
Iandola 364Curly Lamb11”$15.00
Iandola 365Large Curly Lamb19 ½”$20.00
Iandola 367Little Bo Peep19”$20.00
Kimple 0863Small Yard Duck Standing9”$10.00
Kimple 0864Small Yard Duck Grazing10”$10.00
VIP 1109Mallard Or Wood Duck $10.00
Gare 818Large Duck Decoy12”$10.00
X-74Small Duck Decoy3½ 5½$  7.50
Alberta 36-42,44,52Small Flowerpot Gnomes & Snow White5 ½”$  5.00
Alberta 589Medium Napping Gnome9”$12.00
Alberta 504Large Standing Gnome17 ¼”$25.00
Alberta 679Large Gnome With Shovel16 ½”$25.00
Alberta 692Large Gnome With Watering Can17 ¼”$25.00
Alberta 693Large Gnome On Tummy13 ½”$25.00
Alberta 721Large Gnome Suzie17”$25.00
Catskill 226Steppingstone Welcome Goose8”$10.00
Catskill 231Steppingstone Welcome Iris8”$10.00
Catskill 232Steppingstone Halloween8”$10.00
Catskill 233Steppingstone Thanksgiving8”$10.00
Catskill 234Steppingstone Christmas8”$10.00
Catskill 235Steppingstone Bunny8”$10.00
Catskill 236Steppingstone Valentine8”$10.00
No NameSteppingstone Mouse In Daisies8”$10.00
Clay Magic3960Heart of the Garden9 ½”$10.00
Clay Magic 3951Charming Teapot Fairy House8×9$16.00
Clay Magic 3952Enchanted Teapot Fairy House11×8$16.00
Kimple 918, 968, 970Base, House + 3 Bunnies $20.00
Macky 5323, 5324, 5325Nibble Nook Mouse House: base, house, + 3 mice6 ½”$20.00
Riverview 867Butterfly House (Or Birdhouse) $16.00
Duncan 213aHanging Ashtray / Feeder / Planter6 ½”$  9.50
Duncan 98aHanging Ashtray / Feeder / Planter6 ½”$  9.50
Dona 493s,BPansies  & Ribbon Lantern10”$10.00
Duncan 102aPatio Lantern $10.00
Duncan 679aTrinidad Harbor Shell Planter $10.00
Weaver 451Horse Planter13”$12.00
No NameStrawberry Shortcake Planter~ 8”$  8.00
Daddy 282Pipe Planter With Ship (+Lid)9×6$10.00
These are all bisque prices. That is, the cost to purchase the unpainted piece to paint yourself.
Finished pieces are typically 1 1/2 times the bisque price but that can vary according to the detail.

Give us a call.

These may or may not be available on the shelf so call ahead and order what you want. Allow at least a week for pouring, cleaning, and firing.

Carol’s Carousel Creations

Where having Fun is why we come!

So come on over and bring the kids. They can make things for the garden, too!

About carolscarouselcreations

I am a retired math teacher. My jusband and I have been pouring, cleaning, firing, and painting ceramics since 1970 and have been teaching since 1972. We are both Duncan certified and members of IADCCT (International Association of Duncan Certified Caramic Teachers) and MVCT (Mahoning Valley Ceramic Teachers), a local chapter in North East Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. We have a home studio where we teach Technique Workshops and have Open Class time. We also have a party van which we take to local nursing homes. A new addition in 2020 is our online Facebook Live classes/demonstrations. We have two Etsy stores AfAfKidsNFriends for our African-American pieces and CarolsCarouselShoppe for our carousels. Find us on Facebook at CarolsCarouselCreations or send us an email to
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