These pages show the carousel items that we specialize in. Carousel horses and other animals come in several sizes: large, small, music box size (MB),  and ornaments. There are also carousels themselves: music boxes, larger carousels, and spinning carousels. Then the accessory page includes specialty items such as wall plaques, jars, plates, teapots, cookie jars, and so on. Although more expensive, Larger horses are easier for children to paint than smaller. Also, you might consider making a carousel as a family project.

Prices shown are for the ready-to-paint bisque. Carousel horses and other animals are not available in greenware. Finished prices available upon request, usually two time the bisque.

carousel horse size comparison.JPGCommon sizes: Large = 11′” x  13″; Small 8″ x 9″; Music Box 5″ x 8″; Ornament 3″
Please note that you may see the same horse in different sizes.