Step 1: Making Masks

Pulled out the carousel fabrics and choose a couple for our masks: carousel animals and balloons for the ladies; bold stripes for the gents. And the carousel picnic scene for the bathroom curtain. ordered some elastic and downloaded a pattern.

carousel fabric

Step 2: Topping Tables

We need to clear the tables; wipe down with soap and bleach; and set the stations for social distancing.  The six-foot tables will have two stations; the eight-foot table will have three stations. That means we only have seating for six students and a teacher at any one time for workshops. For open classes we could set up two more five-foot tables in the kitchen, for a total of ten plus teacher. It is not quite the recommended six-foot social distancing (more like 3 1/2 to 5) but better than our usual setup.

table setup guide

Step 3: Visiting Video

That is, learning how to make and upload a video of our lesson OR how to broadcast live for those who wish to do the workshops at home.

smiley with camera

Step 4: Creating Classes

  1. Learning to Mud — Kelly salt & pepper shakers
    Kelly 0716 s&p with mud
  2. “Flower of Hawaii” — brushstroke workshop on Hyacinth Vase
  3. Metallic Rub-On Paste — on animal angels
  4. Flower Garden Plaque — “Artful Daisies” on lattice plate (similar to this one)
  5. “Lemons Times Two” — on pie plat

    Carol’s Carousel Creations
    Where having Fun is why we come!
    Hope to see everyone again soon.





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