Reopening schedule

of 20 surveys sent out:
6 are interested in online classes, 6 are not, 8 no reply
7 are interested in Mud workshop
5 yes + 2 maybe are interested in David Hoff flower workshop
Tentative decision is as follows:
**  hold workshop in studio with Covid-19 modifications, that is masks (which I will make), gloves, hand soap, and social distancing (2 painters only per table)
** at the same time if possible, show workshop online (will need to order and receive kit ahead of time
** MUST preregister for in studio seat; must order kit for online workshop
DeWine: May 12 is the date to reopen consumer, retail, and service businesses.
**  tentative dates for us will be: Monday, May 18 for Mud workshop at 6:00 and Wednesday, May 29 for David Hoff flower workshop. (If doing both workshops online, you can order both kits to save on delivery time & expense)
**  other workshops and possible Open Classes are postponed until June. Appointments will be needed
clipart WE'RE OPEN
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