Carol’s Teapot Collection

I started a new Facebook Page to feature our teapots.

Welcome to my new Facebook page where we will feature all kinds of teapots and tea-related items. As many of you know, we hold an Annual Cookie Exchange Christmas Tea in our home and often others throughout the year. I have a personal collection of about seventy-five teapots which resides upstairs in the dining room. And we have molds for nearly a dozen teapots that you can make yourself or have us make for you. I will be sharing pictures of teapots that we have (or catalog pictures if I don’t have a sample made). Eventually I will add pictures of teapots in my personal collection as well.


This is our fruit and lattiFruit basket teapot (glaze & concepts)ce teapot and it is rather large, 11″ wide from handle to spout. I painted this with a variety of semi-translucent glazes to bring out the details, and Concepts for some of the fruits. It won several awards for me at the Midwest Ceramic Show including the coveted Peggy Award.


Molds for these three teapots were purchased together. I really wanted the Carousel Teapot because of our name Carousel Creations. First picture is from a catalog, the second one is painted in stains with Christmas colors (glazed inside, it can still be used). The Flower teapot and the Strawberry teapot are both catalog pictures. We have had teapot workshops in the past where everyone painted one.

This Plain Teapot lends itself to multiple decorating techniques. The catalog picture on the left shows decals and sponging. The one on the right is done with sand painting a design that was traced on. This teapot could be cut out for a light or a candle or hung by the handle for a birdhouse. [Sorry about the  blue tape — this was taken at a ceramic show and the pieces were taped together.]

These are the latest addition to our teapot molds at the request of a student. They are two different brands of Dragon Teapots. First picture is a catalog picture; second was painted in a variety of shimmer glazes and accented in white gold for a Christmas gift. The third picture shows optional lids — Bavarian Lady on the teapot and Wizard in the lower left corner. Last picture is that teapot done all on one color shimmer glaze (unfortunately, if cracked and is not usable).


We have molds for the Cozy Fairy House Teapot and the Enchanted Fair House Teapot. The first two are calatog pictures and show the houses cut out for lights. However, if putting outside in your garden it would be best not to. On the right we see a student piece and then a Facebook picture of painting it as a Nightmare Before Christmas piece. At the bottom there are two views of one that I painted. These molds are purchased from Clay Magic who has four additional Fairy House Teapots. Go to to see them. If there is interest we can purchase additional molds.

teapot birdhouse ideaHere we see a unique way to use a teapot as a birdhouse in your garden.

Today’s post on the new page is Tea–for-one. Check it out!

Future posts will include teabag holders, magnets, picture frames, planters, clocks, and so on.

Carol’s Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

We are planning a tea after social distancing restrictions are lifted.
Please plan to come and bring a daughter, a mom, or a friend.


About carolscarouselcreations

I am a retired math teacher. My jusband and I have been pouring, cleaning, firing, and painting ceramics since 1970 and have been teaching since 1972. We are both Duncan certified and members of IADCCT (International Association of Duncan Certified Caramic Teachers) and MVCT (Mahoning Valley Ceramic Teachers), a local chapter in North East Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. We have a home studio where we teach Technique Workshops and have Open Class time. We also have a party van which we take to local nursing homes. A new addition in 2020 is our online Facebook Live classes/demonstrations. We have two Etsy stores AfAfKidsNFriends for our African-American pieces and CarolsCarouselShoppe for our carousels. Find us on Facebook at CarolsCarouselCreations or send us an email to
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