July 25th


Clay Magic 2258 Tree Light cat

Christmas in July SALE

July 25th to August 25th we are having a Christmas in July sale on Christmas trees. Prices have gone up a little this year, especially on the very large trees. Any tree ordered and paid for during the sale is 20% off the listed price. This includes, bisque, paints, light kit, plastic lights, star if needed, snow, and glitter. The studio fee is an additional $5.00. You can usually glaze a large tree or several small trees in one session. Once ordered, we will contact you as soon as your tree is poured, cleaned, fired, and ready to paint–usually a week but could be longer depending on the backlog of orders. Please keep in mind that we can only pour a mold once a day. So if a group of 8 want the same tree it takes 8 days to pour them. See the tab on the menu bar “Oh Tannenbaum” for pictures, sizes, and prices. The large tree can also take a music box which is extra. Oh Tannenbaum

BOCS Magical Butterflieseautiful Butterflies

Workshop is this Thursday at 6:30. It is also an Open Class time so make sure to specify that you want to do the workshop. Teens and adults are welcome. Cost is $20 which includes a brush.Summer Workshops

unicorn with angel K841.

Magical Unicorns

This is a Kids Krafts workshop on Saturday at 1:00. However, teens and adults are also welcome. Cost is $10. Kids Krafts & Date Nights, Unicorns

Fairies CCGnomes and Fairies

This is a Date Night Workshop on Saturday at 6:30 for couples only. Please register soon and order your bisque. Cost is $25 unless you want the very large gnomes. Kids Krafts & Date Nights, Fairies & Fairy Gardens, Gnome, Sweet Gnome, Garden Gnomes


Carousel Creations
Where having FUN is why we come!

This is a busy week, so call or PM and make your reservations asap.

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