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Image result for clipart pouring ceramic moldsJim & I have been pouring molds;  Alice & I have been cleaning greenware. Today will be the 4th day in a row for pouring–large gnomes, Ziggys, unicorns, and lots of cups for the Steel City Comic Con in August. If there is something you want poured get your order in and I will try and find the mold. LOL


In between pouring and cleaning I keep painting more Christmas ornaments.

Remember when I was elated at having finally cleared off the pool table? Well, it’s full of molds once again. I just finished unloading 3 metal shelf units in the mud room so that we can replace them with a large wooden shelf unit. (Metal bends from the weight and also rusts if the molds are wet.) This is why I said I would try to find your mold. Some of them are hiding.

Image result for clipart SHIPPING CENTEROne of the metal shelves has been turned into a shipping center. There is not really room to pack back there, but it houses the USPS boxes, bubble wrap, priority mail tape, and various small boxes if they will fit. There is a large grey garbage can full of packing peanuts sitting in front of it with a box full of Styrofoam pieces on top. We mostly ship bisque but sometimes molds and sometimes even finished pieces. So if you are out of town, please keep this in mind.

Image result for clipart registerYesterday I posted about the Christmas in July sale, Beautiful Butterflies workshop, Kids Krafts Magical Unicorns workshop, and Date Night gnomes and fairies.  If you are interested in any of these, please register  as soon as possible to we can get your bisque poured. All pieces have to be poured, cleaned, and fired. Each step takes a day and we can only pour a mold once each day.

Carousel Creations
Where having FUN is why we come!

So sign up soon and learn something new.

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