Gnome, Sweet Gnome

Are you a gnome lover? Do you have trouble passing them by in the garden center? We had a family reunion in 2013 and one of our games was to guess how many gnomes were in the yard. The answer? Thirty one! But that was before we got the molds.

Alberta 589 Medium napping gnomeNow you can come and make your own garden gnomes. (And now I have to make sixteen more.) Use whatever colors work best in your space. Follow the link Garden Gnomes to see the pictures. This little guy is the only Medium-size Gnome that we have. He is 9″ long.

There is a set of eight Flower Pot Gnomes that look great stuck into your pots or sitting on a windowsill.  Mine are sitting on the dividers of our bay window in the living room. (Seven dwarfs + Suzie, the girl + Snow White).

The Garden Gnomes are about 17″ tall and we have five of them. They are huge molds and we will only pour them  upon request. Besides, they won’t fit on our bisque shelves except on the very top.

Odds and ends include ornaments and wind chimes. Some of these tiny gnomes  will also work in your fairy garden.  If you happen to drive by the house, you will only see our gnomes (and other items we have made) in the front yard.  All of the store-bought items were sent to the back yard.

Carousel Creations
Where having FUN is why we come!

So come to our home and make your own gnome.

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