The Jolly Tree

This tree is quite whimsical with curlicues and a flat face and back. (I will post some pictures on the Facebook page but for some reason this program no longer accepts my pictures.) It is a Mayco mold and Bob Morini of Mayco has created several seasonal variations. This is not a regular Christmas tree shape and thus does not lend itself to lights. However, some painters have been creative with adding lights on the curlicues or along the tops of the “waves” created by the curlicues.


Grinch: Most recently we have painted two versions of a tree — one with a face and one with a hand holding a Christmas ornament. Faux fur is added to the “hat” on the face version.

Santa: the Santa face is popular at Christmas with a little non-fired snow on his cap.

Elf: he could accompany your Santa tree.

Poinsettia: There is a cutout version where the flowers are cut out and the inside is painted red. This one does get lit.

Snowflakes: overall design in blues and white.

Snowman: I also did a snow lady with curly hair added.

Bunny: we will be painting an Easter Bunny tree this Thursday on Carol’s Carousel Classes Facebook page at 7:30 EST, The picture is not my own, nor Bob’s so I don’t know who should be credited for the design.

Scarecrow: Another of Bob Morini’s creations.

Witch: add some curly hair and a green face to get this adorable but scary Halloween tree.

Pumpkin: someone painted it orange and added a jack-o-lantern face.

Scene: you can paint anything you like. I did one called “Starry Night over Bethlehem” with punched-out stars and a silhouette town scene with snow. This one is lighted.

For more ideas:

  • go to and search for jolly under projects
  • search for jolly tree in Facebook
  • check out the new Facebook page Jolly Tree by Mayco where folks are sharing pictures of their work
  • follow the link to Carol’s Carousel Creations where this post is shared along with pictures of the trees described here.

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