Adult Facebook Live Schedule

Dates that are past have been recorded and are available either on Carol’s Carousel Creations page or my Carol Warneke page. We found that the latter gets us many more viewers so have changed over.

May 22 Learning to Mud  Kelly 0716 s&p with mudWe are using a non-fired dimensional product called MUD to paint flowers on a set of salt & pepper shakers. Since the mud is white, we will first basecoat our bisque with a bright or dark color.
May 29 Flower of Hawaii Flower of Hawaii on Hyacinth vase firedThis is a David Hoff brushstroke workshop. We are painting these flowers on a hyacinth vase using a reduced-size pattern and Concepts underglazes. I will be demonstrating using the original pattern on a large platter for me to make it easier for you to see.
June 1 CowBossy Cow front This project was deleted because the artist was offended that her name was omitted from the video. If interested, you can paint this in the studio.
June 8 National Donut Day donut bisqueDuncan bisque donuts box OR bank AND coffee mug, concepts We are painting Duncan Oh Four Bisque donuts with sprinkles, either a donut bank or a donut box. We are also painting a special Donut Day mug for our coffee.
June 12 Happy Birthday to Me

ice cream cone bisquecupcake bisqueYou have a choice of a cake box OR cupcake box OR cupcake bank AND ice cream cone. We are painting Duncan Oh Four Bisque with Concepts underglazes.

June 26 Pet Angels

How to use metallic rub-on paste with stains, Includes paint angel with matallic rub-onsToday we are using rub-ons to bring out the detail on our Angel Pets. Should you decide to purchase a To-Go Kit, you will receive a box of rub-ons as well as the bisque and acrylic colors.

July 3 Artful Daisies Garden 

Artful Daisies Garden WSon plate with a lattice edge, cover coats.  Today we are painting a David Hoff design onto a plate with a lattice border. This project uses Cover Coats underglaze (not Concepts)

July 10 Lemons Times Two 

lemons times two oon pie plateThis is a David Hoff workshop with EZ strokes, in which we paint his design on a pie plate using base coating, shading, and highlighting with a pounce brushstroke to simulate texture. Originally designed for stoneware or low-fire bisque using a majolica technique, we decided to paint on the 04 bisque and clear glaze when finished.

July 17 Wine & Cheese Board

wine & cheese board sample for class(a David Hoff WS) on ceramic cutting board, concepts Today we are painting a ceramic cutting board with Concepts underglazes by Duncan. The design is David Hoff’s Wine & Cheese Board which was originally done on a larger serving dish. The background color is called sprinkles, one of the newer additions to the Concepts line.

July 24 Christmas in July

Santa silkscreen plate with holly leaves (2)Santa face Christmas plate in Concepts. We will use silkscreens to apply a Santa face design and some holly leaves to a rimmed dinner plate. We paint the design with Duncan Concepts underglaze for bisque, sponge in a light blue background, add silkscreened holly leaves on the rim, and finally band the plate to frame the picture. What a nice gift when filled with Christmas cookies or banana bread. Even the kids can do this, although the very young ones may need some help.

July 31 Sponge It Flowers 

20200828_185335Today we are using a new product called Sponge Its to put designs quickly and easily onto bisque. First, we are doing a bell planter, then several mugs to demonstrate different ways to use them. Had a chance to show you the goof-ups too! The paint is Duncan’s Concepts, underglaze for bisque. Make sure to allow to dry 24 hours, then apply two coats of clear glaze before firing. 

August 7 Strawberry Fields on a pie plate

20200804_011516(sample is on a wine cooler) Today we are painting an overall strawberry design with Duncan Concepts, including sprinkles for the flower centers and the strawberries. The project is “Strawberries by Tim McPhearson”

August 14 Napkin Painting Plate

20200808_165307Today we are painting the design on a napkin and then transferring it to a plate that has been glazed with white satin. After the transfer we will detail the leaves, add spatter, and put a band around the edge to finish it off. Technique is by Bob Marino of Mayco and he taught it at the IADCCT convention in Las Vegas last February.

August 21 Make It Personal 15 Ways to add names

make it personalThis PowerPoint shows 15 ways to add names to your ceramic pieces. Then in part II we demonstrate six of these methods. Watch this one first. Today’s presentation begins with a PowerPoint presentation on 15 Ways to Add Names. The video stopped and we had to start over with the demonstration part. Here we do stenciling, rubber stamping, masking, carving, engraving, and sgraffito. All mugs need finishing, glazing, and firing.

August 28 Halloween Plate 

20200828_185307The holiday Sponge-It’s have arrived! For Halloween we have the witch, bat, moon, and a jack-o-lantern. We will use them to do a silhouette Halloween scene like the one shown. We have a silkscreen tree that we can use in place of free handing the tree.


September 4 Clay flower bowls

by Earth and Skyla Potterypicture of clay flower bowlsThese bowls start with a slab of clay which we roll out with a rolling pin and thickness sticks. After tracing out and cutting the petals, we fold them up and adhere to each other forming a bowl. Texture can be added with sculpting tools now or with tools & mats before folding. The clay needs to dry about a week before firing. Finish with semi-translucent glazes that bring out the detail.

September 11 Rubber stamp designs

and backgrounds open house Michael's plate & stampsThese plates are stamped with Michael Harbridge’s large flexible rubber stamps. Stamp color is applied with a sponge roller. Color is then added to the designs using squeeze bottles.


September 18 Ugly Fish Clay Puzzling

Jims Ugly FishThis fish starts out by making a vase with clay and a clay puzzling mold. Then the fins, eyes, and tongue are formed from clay and attached. The completed piece needs to dry for about a week before firing. Decorate with underglazes, semi translucent glazes, and crystal glazes.

September 25 Glaze raking

michael glaze raking 2 platesThis procedure is done on a very wet plate using Concepts and a turntable or banding wheel. After the color is applied using a squeeze bottle, you pull through it with a liner brush or needle tool. It takes a long time to dry and it would be best to fire before applying clear glaze.

October 2 Large Scarecrow in Fashenhues

BYRON 0241 LARGE SCARECROW (CC)This twelve-inch whimsical scarecrow is painted with Fashenhues translucent stains. After applying two coats of basecoat sealer, we antique the entire piece with brown. Then add the colors, wiping back to bring out the detail. (This piece is $15 in bisque.) The picture shown is not done in Fashenhues.

October 9 Mishima

mishima potteryMishima is a technique of inlaying slip, underglaze, or even contrasting clay into the main clay body of the pottery piece. This technique creates extremely fine, intricate design work with hard, sharp edges that can be difficult to reliably replicate in any other way. After incising a design into a clay body, we will add color and wipe back to leave it only in the design.

October 16 Flip Kit

flip kitThis compact watercolor Flip Kit comes with 18 concentrated colors, and Aqua-Flo brush, mixing tray and dabbing pad. This is designed for any surface where watercolor can be used. With ceramics we’re using it over the top of acrylic finishes for designs and blending and over the top of glazed surfaces that have been sprayed with porcelain or super matte finish. Colors need to be spray sealed and are not for food surfaces. Does not require firing. The colors swivel out and fold back up into the compact set.

October 23 Soft Sculpture Turkey 

Dona 0283 soft-sculpture quilted turkey (CC)This soft-sculpture turkey is fun to paint either in underglazes or in stains. The lesson here is learning to add multiple fabric patterns to various sections of the turkey. This makes a nice centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table or buffet and can be paired with soft-sculpture pumpkins.

October 30 Pumpkins and Harvest Mums Platter

1436 pumpkins and harvest mumsThis David Hoff project can be painted with either EZ strokes or Concepts underglazes. EZ strokes are more concentrated colors if you have them available. Let dry twenty-four hours before glazing.

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I am a retired math teacher. My jusband and I have been pouring, cleaning, firing, and painting ceramics since 1970 and have been teaching since 1972. We are both Duncan certified and members of IADCCT (International Association of Duncan Certified Caramic Teachers) and MVCT (Mahoning Valley Ceramic Teachers), a local chapter in North East Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. We have a home studio where we teach Technique Workshops and have Open Class time. We also have a party van which we take to local nursing homes. A new addition in 2020 is our online Facebook Live classes/demonstrations. We have two Etsy stores AfAfKidsNFriends for our African-American pieces and CarolsCarouselShoppe for our carousels. Find us on Facebook at CarolsCarouselCreations or send us an email to
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