Sponge It’s Update

New Holiday Sponge It order

sponge it order #3Dru had most of these in stock and is mailing them to me from her family’s home in California. You can see what some of them look like in the photos I captured from Facebook. After they arrive we will be doing another Facebook Live video on using them.

sponge it samplessponge it samples

sponge it 7sponge it 5

Previous Sponge It’s Orders

#14 robin x 3
#34 butterfly x 3
#37 dragonfly x 3
#89 poppy leaves x 4

We did a sample plate using these sponges with the poppy flower from the first order. However, it is not fired.  On the plate we outlined everything with a liner brush, on the bell vase and ginger jar we did not.

daisy sponge itleaf with twig sponge it

leaf sponge it

These pictures show some of the sponges from the first order. The idea was to have enough for a class, either in the studio or a party van class. Thus, we ordered multiples of each sponge. At this point we have plenty and are ordering one of each to provide more variety.


Facebook Live Videos

We did a Friday online class with the Sponge Its and you can find it on the Carol’s Carousel Creations page under videos. We planned one for Kids Krafts this week but decided to wait for the holiday sponges to arrive.


How can You do Sponge It designs?

  1. Come into the studio and use ours (and wear a mask).
  2. Purchase a To-Go kit and borrow a few of our sponges. (We will even deliver)
  3. Order you own Sponge-It’s from Dru Woodward, who is the US distributor.

Carol’s Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come?

And where there is always something new to learn.


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