Silkscreen Projects

Last post we shared our silkscreen collection with you. Here are some of the projects that have been done:

new Cutesy Dragons cup, plate, bowl set

What to do with the Top Hat:
notice the different seasons and different contents.
(Most are catalog pictures)

Silkscreened Christmas plates

Some projects even won ribbons at the Midwest Ceramic Show!

A variety of projects: flower vase and tray, Easter mug,
and Valentine’s Day mug (oops, that last one is a rubber stamp)

Dish sets from a Halloween workshop


Delft Blue designs on a set of bells
(bells actually do ring)

New African safari designs around this planter.

Snowman plate workshop with clients from No Limits workshop.
Snowmen are silkscreens and the snowflakes are stencils.

Carol’s Carousel

Where having Fun is why we come!

If you haven’t yet learned how to use silkscreens you should give it a try!
It is an easy way to get detailed designs onto bisque, then add color and details.

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