Book of Silkscreens

               Today’s post on Facebook shared some of the new silkscreens we have purchased, some at OCS and some online. Silkscreens are a simple way to transfer detailed designs to plain bisque. Then you just add color and finish with your own creative touches. I often sponge in a sky and grass, add flowers, and rim the edge of the piece creating a frame for the picture. Silkscreens are easy for children and older adults who have fine motor difficulties.


DSS 154 Cute Dragons & DSS 157 Under the Sea
DSS 141 Birdcages & DSS 128 The Farm

Silkscreens is a page found under Classes on the menu bar (the underlined word is a link that will take you there). We will update that page shortly so that you can peruse the selections at your leisure. A Table of Contents has been added to the Book of Silkscreens for your convenience. Check out this link to see the others in the collection and also the other new ones that were ordered online.
book of silkscreens pic

Carol’s Carousel

Where having Fun is why we come!

Have You had fun yet using our silkscreens?
If you haven’t learned how, we can schedule a
workshop or show you at any Open Class.

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