Etsy Shop

Fishing kids with poles (2)

We just opened a new Etsy shop called AfricanAmericanKids. This features all of our African-American pieces including the few adults that we have. Basically it is for selling bisque, but finished pieces are available upon request. There is a 10% discount through January 5th on orders of $25.00 or more.


On this website there is a tab on the menu bar for our African American Collection. Folks can order from here by sending an email or PM.

Facebook Page

We started a new Facebook page also called African-American Kids.


We have created a tri-fold brochure called The African-American Collection that is available for handing out to interested individuals and groups. Please let me know if you would like any.

The African-American Collection brochure pg 1

The African-American Collection brochure pg 2

Workshop Posters

Posters can be printed for any scheduled workshops, whether they be here in the studio or via Party Van at your meeting place. Here is an sample:

The African American Collection WORKSHOP POSTER

Craft Shows

We are interested in bringing bisque and finished pieces to sell at craft shows. If you know any shows that are frequented by our African-American friends, please let me know.

Help Wanted

Marketing a new product or collection means getting the word out. Despite Facebook pages and postings, websites, brochures, and posters, the best way to do this is by word of mouth. Please help by telling your friends and by sharing information on your pages. Thank you.

Carol’s Carousel

Where having Fun is why we come!

Please help us reach the folks who may be interested in
purchasing or painting African-American figures.



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2 Responses to AfricanAmericanKids

  1. Bonnie Robison says:

    Where is your shop located would love to do a few things


    • Austintown, Ohio in our home. you can call me at 330-219-8001 if you are still interested. We have several pages on Facebook that promote our workshops and open classes. Sorry but I didn’t know I had messages here until today. See today’s blog there is a Black History workshop next Sunday 2-23-2020


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