Great American Baseball Tour — Day 35

clipart carSaturday, May 19, 2018

Another travel day, this time from Salem, Oregon to Seattle, Washington. It wasn’t as long a drive this time but we did run into some stop-and-go traffic. We crossed a drawbridge but it wasn’t opening when we got there.

After a nice four-course meal deal at Outback, we are tucked in for the night. Tomorrow’s game is at 1:00 in the afternoon.

Ceramic Bridges

We have a couple of bridges that you can make to add to scenes. I made the bridge on the left to put in my fairy garden with the mushroom fairy house, some real plants, blue glass rocks for the stream, and white stone for a path. The covered bridge is one of many VIP mold Christmas Village accessories. We have fences, rock walls, people, cars, farm animals, outhouses, fruit stands, and so on. There are also several houses and a small fire house. Check it out at The Village Square. If you want windows cut out for lighting, please state when ordering. Note that may folks are using these houses in summer gardens, not just for Christmas anymore!

Carol’s Carousel Creations
Jim & Carol Warneke



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