Great American Baseball Tour — Day 26

clipart alligator relaxingThursday, May 10, 2018

Another day of rest for Jim and a chance for me to catch up on all the missing blogs. Sorry folks, for sending so many all at once.

We did have a chance to go get an oil change at Walmart and, of course, contribute towards the store staying in business. We packed with the assumption that California would be warm in May. Not so! We both picked up some sweat pants for the game in San Francisco as it will be even colder than Oakland.

Our hotel is a higher class than what we are used to staying in (but Jim got a good deal on the price). They do not have breakfast because they have a restaurant and room service. And they do not provide refrigerators nor microwaves in the rooms. We have to keep adding bags of ice to our cooler and just pack away the microwave popcorn for later in the trip. We did pick up some snacks and breakfast foods so we can eat in our room tomorrow.

JimGourmet Haus Staudt logo wanted to go to a German restaurant so we found on one the GPS and drove across the bay to Redwood City. It was actually a beer garden rather than a restaurant but we still enjoyed some good German food — sausages, a flatbread pizza, a Greek salad, and a huge German pretzel. I had a hard cider, not quite as sweet as I like but still good.


Ceramic Special of the Day

beer stein

Choose from any of our steins or tankards.
Check out The Corner Pub for pictures, sizes, and prices. 
The Corner Pub

Carol’s Carousel Creations
Jim & Carol Warneke

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