Great American Baseball Tour — Day 24

baseball logoTuesday, May 8, 2018

Houston Astros vs. Oakland Athletics
Astros won 4 to 2

We drove into Oakland for the game at the Oakland Coliseum which houses both the baseball team, Oakland Athletics, and the football team, Oakland Raiders. Next door the basketball team had a game at the same time, causing attendance at the baseball game to be rather sparse. The Coliseum is an old stadium. We had a nice, but faraway, view of the field but couldn’t see the scoreboard from where we were sitting. The only thing nice was a table to put our food on. (I took a few pictures but for some reason cannot download them to the computer.) Oakland Coliseum

Ceramic  Specials for Today

Smiley Boy Baseball Players

finished for $20.00 (regular price $25.00)
State your hair, eye, and team colors when ordering.
We do not have this mold so will not be shipping bisque.
Studio customers can paint one, bisque is $15.00.

Order by emailing or PM the Facebook page.
I will order the bisque while traveling and pick it up the beginning of June.

Carol’s Carousel Creations
Jim & Carol Warneke



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