Link fixed


Some of you have noticed that the Oh Tannenbaum link [Oh Tannenbaum] took you to the wrong page. It has now been fixed. Translated “Oh, Christmas Tree” , it is where you will find all our trees. Please order your trees as early as possible.

Also, please inform me of any other problems with links, errors in presentation, or missing items. Only with your feedback can we make corrections. Thank you.

Next Week

  • Sunday @ 1:00 Pumpkins & Mums WS $20
  • Monday @ 6:00 Open Class (limited seating)
  • Tuesday @ 1:00 Carousel Center visit # 3 (painting Baby Ziggy)
  • Wednesday @ 1:00 Community Skilled Nursing in Warren (Make-A-Mug)
  • Wednesday @ 6:00 Pumpkins & Mums WS $20; Open Class (limited seating)
  • Thursday @ 6:00 Kids Krafts ($10) with Gateway Residents (Make-A-Mug) [full]


We have been busy pouring and painting the Football Trees. Joanne is working on her Steelers tree. I painted three Steelers trees and a Browns tree for an order. And then started on an Ohio State tree.  We have two more in greenware which I will paint for other orders as soon as they are fired. Remember, you (or I) can paint any logo on the tree. We have several team decals available  — however,  if you use a decal the tree must be fired two more times. I painted my trees with stains and painted the logos myself, tracing a picture I found on the web.

Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

CC logoSo come on over, paint a pumpkin picture, or order a tree.
Gets you out of the house, away from the chores and the kids.
It’s less expensive than therapy and,
I’m told, even cheaper than going to Bingo!

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