Football Trees

This is a recap of the Football Trees I and my students have made.  If you would like to order a finished tree they are $45.  There are decals available for some of the teams, but we usually just find a logo on clipart, print it out, and trace with clay carbon. If you want to make your own they are $35 in bisque.



Nowell 1139 tree with cutout (scene)

The oval in this tree can also be cut out to reveal a wood-grain floor on  which you can put a small scene — a nativity, or a snowman, or a dancer, and so on.


There are many more trees available and they can be done in glaze, regular stains, or Fashenhues.  Please plan what trees you want to make this holiday season. We will try and keep up with orders as they come in, but close to Christmas we get really backed up. Oh Tannenbaum is the link.

Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

CC logo

Make a Christmas tree or two, one for a gift and one for you!

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