What’s New 8/13/16


Please see yesterday’s blog Decal Diva (just scroll down).salad bowl for decals

We have added 10 white ware salad bowls to the selection. They measure 6 1/4″ diameter and 2 1/4″deep.



Prices for the round Carousel Horse decalsdinner plate with carousel decal. If we need more the supplier is local and I may be able to get them. Also, the large dinner plate needs to be ordered as I don’t have them in stock. (Decals from the big box I bought are included in the price of the workshop. After this they will be priced individually so get them while they are free.)

  • 7 1/2″      $2.50 each (1 available + 1 plate done)
  • 5 1/4″      $1.50 each (4 available)
  • 2 3/4″      $0.35 each  (14 available)


The sample plates, bowls, and cups that were shown yesterday have been fired and we are just waiting for the kiln to cool down enough to take them out. The colors will be more brilliant than the unfired photos that were posted yesterday.


Jim is at it again! We have completed assembly of another shelf unit 8′ long, 2′ deep, and 6″ tall. It replaces the metal shelves that were in the mud room (metal rusts and bends from the weight). However, they will hold a little more because they are deeper. We decided to move the vases and planters to the back section; and the animals to the front section. After putting it in place we made another trip to Home Depot and are now building  4′ shelf unit to go next to it.  This one will hold mugs & steins  and other kitchen items. (As you can see, Jim thoughtfully rounded the corners of the shelves so his klutzy wife doesn’t injure herself on the corners.)

What’s up next?

Would anyone like to have a bathroom close by? We have floor plans, vinyl flooring, a handicap toilet, sink, faucet, handicap-size pocket door, and so on all ready to go. We even have some home décor items like a carousel wallpaper border, carousel horse plaques for the wall, and a soap dispenser. Just have to pick up more studs (we used them for the shelves) and some paneling for the walls.  It is a big project so don’t expect it to be finished right away. But it is close enough now to start dreaming. (I wonder how many people  avoid the drinks in the fridge because of the trek upstairs to the bathroom? LOL)

Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

And we’ve come a long way with the Ceramic Studio since March 2015.
Who remembers painting Button Witches & Quilted Turkeys in the other room?

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