A Day of Rest

Taking the day off from the Studio and the Mud Room. But we will be busy all this week. Classes Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday with a few folks signed up for each class. Thursday is also a trip to OCS in Ravenna to pick up the new Christmas tree molds and replenish our slip.

Doc Holliday 0222 & 0226 Soft Tree Music Box (CC)So now is the time to get in your orders. If you want trees, you can save some money by ordering them during the Christmas in July Sale 7/25 to 8/25. We will do several big pours, then shut down the machine for a few days to build another set of shelves. The Mud Room is still not done but we are making progress. The goal is to get ALL of the molds out of the game room and onto shelves. And, of course, to finish building the bathroom.

Don’t forget this week’s Special Workshop on Thursday evening. See Marbelized Bowl CC from Dayton WorkshopSummer Workshops Tweens and Teens would have fun doing this as well and are welcome to come to this evening session. However, most young children would probably not have the patience. One thing I especially like about this project is the creativity that it inspires, both with choice of colors and the design. We do not have the mold for this particular plate, but other plain plates and pieces are available to choose from.

Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

Hope to see you some day this week! Give me a call to reserve your seat.

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