Christmas Gifts

vacationAugust is just around the corner. Folks are coming back from vacations and starting to get ready for school. We have just twenty weeks to get ready for Christmas. Now that may be a lot of time to shop, but if you are making gifts it’s time to get busy. And don’t forget your own Fall Décor including Harvest Time, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Must leave a few classes open to work on those.

Nowell 1368 Window Tree white

The Christmas in July Sale is underway. Remember, it is 20% off any trees ordered and paid for between July 25th and August 25th. We will pour as soon as your order is complete. (PayPal account is You do not have to have a PayPal account to send money,  you can use a credit card.)

Holland large nativity

If you plan to make a nativity set, either  for yourself or for a gift, those will take you multiple classes. The time involved will depend on both size and type of finish. A clear glaze or semi-translucent glaze that fills in detail is the quickest way to go.  But I like to paint all the colors and details with acrylics and add metallics, jewels, and glitter to mine. Shown here is the large Holland nativity. If you want one you should order it soon. (Jim can build you a wooden stable if you want one.)

Take a gander through the catalog and start your gift list now. Trees are on the “Oh Tannenbaum” tab at the top of the page. “Carousel” items have their own tab, too. Everything else is under “Bisque”. You might also want to consider bringing the kids (or grandkids) so they can make their own gifts to give this year.

Carousel Creations
Where having  Fun is why we come!

So let’s get that list started.
And remember, almost anything can be personalized
or painted with team colors and logos.


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