Carousel Lights


This is the story of lighting the Carousel Creations Studio.

There was a single ceiling light in the center of the room. One that matches the other three in the game room. This was on the switch with the first game-room light and the other two are operated by a switch at the other end of the game room.  Obviously this single light was not going to be enough for painting.

The first thing we tried was torch lights in the four corners of the room. Even though they were three-way bulbs and gave lots of light to the room, it was not shining on what we were trying to paint. We needed task lighting.

So Alice brought over a floor lamp–the kind with the swing-out arm so you can focus the light where needed. Carol brought two more down from the living room and also one of those three-bullet lights on a pole. So how to plug them in? We ended up with a cord reel in the middle of the room with lamp cords all over the place.  This was not too bad when the tables were pushed together in the middle of the room, but a real nuisance when they were separated.

Our son Jimmy got us some florescent ceiling lights–the kind you use in a drop ceiling. And we had a drop ceiling. But that was in the “old” classroom which became the mud room where we pour and store the molds. The “new” classroom has finished ceilings so Jim wanted to build some boxes to house the lights.

Then Carol said it would be really nice to have the lights up for her birthday party. So with several all-night sessions in the wood shop, and an all-day installation by son Joe and his wife Vanessa… WE HAVE LIGHTS!  (You might want to bring your sunglasses. LOL)


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  1. June says:

    What we have lights for today .


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