Studio is still Closed

There isn’t much news to relate since the studio is closed. However, the following activities are still on the schedule:

  • Drawing for March follower coupon. So if you aren’t following this page please do so. The winner gets a $20 gift certificate.
  • Easter Workshop to be rescheduled: it will probably be after the holiday so you can choose either the Easter basket, chocolate bunny, and eggs OR you can learn to MUD on another piece. Just choose from the shelf.
  • Spring Fling Tea to be scheduled after the social distancing is revoked.  This is NOT a ceramic event but just a fun social time. All friends, family, and followers will be invited and are welcome to bring their mothers, daughters, or other ladies that are special to them. Keeping watching for the invite.

spring teacup and flowers

Carol’s Carousel Creations
Where having Fun in why we come!

Something you can do at home is search out the catalogs on this website and order what you want to make when we are open again. There is “Af-Am Kids”, “Carousel”, & “Catalog” (everything else).

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