IADCCT Convention 2020

logo conventioin 2020

Convention Projects

Friday Make-N-Takes

There were six projects to choose from. Laura & Sheryl did three; Jim & Carol did the other three, so we have all six to share. The mushroom jar is shown both painted and finished. Laura & Sheryl also did a bowl. Make-N-Takes are one-hour projects and two of them will be taught at the MVCT March meeting.

Saturday workshops

Mandala plate with Cricut stencils. First we learned to weed the cutout vinyl–a positive and a negative shown. Then we used transfer paper to put a design onto the plate. Finally we painted the dots using a small squeeze bottle.

In the afternoon we painted on a napkin, transferred the color to a plate, and outlined  with a liner brush. Bob had a special silkscreen made of the IADCCT logo and we learned how to use a silkscreen. Some put their design on the back of the plate rather than on the front.

Sunday workshops

Blus jay picture with Cover Coats. We masked out the bird before painting the background and sponged the edge when we were done.blue jay plate

There was a Duncan U workshop created especially for Convention. We outlined the entire picture with a colored wax resist, then filled in the sections with various paints. We will definitely be doing this workshop in the studio, especially for Alice (who was raised in Roswell, New Mexico).


Convention classes held half of the attendees in the morning and the other half in the afternoom, thus about sixty in each class.

Monday David Hoff Workshop

David always offers a special workshop the day following convention. This one is a brush-stroke workshop. We not only learned how to do things and also why we do them that way. received_203618220825615.

We had a wonderful, very, very busy time in Vegas.
Will tell you all about it another day.
ALL projects can be taught in the studio
so request your favorite.

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