A Vision for 2020

Happy New Year
A Vision for 2020

We have already shared the list of things to do in the studio.
Here are some of our goals for the New Year, 2020

clipart 2020 vision

clipart under constructionConstruction

complete remodeling in the “kitchen”
complete rearranging the “studio”
create packing & shipping station
finish the bathroom


  • Party Van workshops — goal is 2 to 4 every month
  • Technique Workshops — goal is one every month
  • Carousel CollectionDoc Holliday 1197 The Original Large Carousel Horse
    • make samples of small & large horses
    • update the Etsy shop & Facebook page
      to include other fantasy items.
  • AfricanAmericanKids Etsy shop & Facebook page
  • Gardening — arrange ceramic items in the gardens to promote using ceramics outdoors


  • maintain dealership status at OCS
  • establish Fashenhues dealership
  • make a profit — we have yet to be out of the red 

Carol’s Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!

How you can help us reach our goals:
bring your friends to class
share our business cards 
refer us to nursing homes
Thank You for your Support

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