Technique of the Week: get some Rest

Oh My Gosh, it’s Christmas and I’m not ready!

  • It’s already Monday and I haven’t done Sunday’s blog,unfinished-business-clipart.png
  • Didn’t clean the house and everyone’s coming tomorrow for brunch!
  • Didn’t bake the banana bread (but Walmart had some I can buy).
  • Didn’t get the tree up — but why bother now for just one day?
  • Didn’t get any decorations out this year.
  • Didn’t help Jeremy make any Christmas gifts

But let’s look on the bright side:

  • We got all the AfricanAmericanKids Etsy orders done and shipped.woohoo accomplished clipart
  • We did get students’ items fired, some yet to be picked up as everyone is busy.
  • We bought the food for tomorrow and the ham’s in the oven now.
  • We took Jeremy shopping and helped wrap all his gifts.
  • We made couple’s gifts — all are fired, painted, wrapped, and under the tree.
  • We decorated the house with the ceramic trees that were on display in the studio.
  • We hosted the Pinochle Club Christmas Party.
  • We hosted the Annual Cookie Exchange Christmas Tea (Jim made pizzelles)
  • We hosted two Party Van workshops where seniors painted mini trees.
  • We hosted the November MVCT meeting and all-day banding workshop.
  • We poured plates for the December MVCT meeting here next Sunday

So, why am I tired?

  • Maybe because I am almost seventy-five years old!clipart tired woman
  • Maybe because Jim has lots of health issues this year, leaving more tasks to me.
  • Maybe because I schedule too many things to do.
  • Maybe because we are trying to reorganize and redecorate the studio, as well as run the business.

I remember the first year I didn’t bake Christmas cookies and how that made me feel. That’s when I realized that it is actually Okay to not get everything done.

it's okay clipart 

I was reading my Facebook messages this evening and was referred to my friend’s blog. She writes so much better than I do and her topic is “Lowering My Expectations as a mom during the holidays.”

Carol’s Carousel Creations
Where having Fun is why we come!


And we will be back in the studio next year.
Sunday, January 5th, at 1:00, Let it Snow WS
Monday, January 6th, at 6:00 Open Classes 




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